Teachers oppose performance bonus scheme


WHILE the Department of Education (DepEd) defends bonuses given by the government to state employees since 2012, the Teachers’ Dignity Coalition (TDC) has reiterated its opposition to the performance-based bonus scheme decreed by Executive Order (EO) 80 signed in 2012 by President Benigno Aquino 3rd.

Under EO 80, teachers and government employees will be entitled to an across-the-board productivity enhancement incentive of P5,000 and a performance-based bonus ranging from P5,000 to P35,000 depending on the employees’ performance.

The teachers, however, said they were deceived because the maximum P35,000 performance-based bonus will only be given to the “best” one percent of all the employees in the government.

They instead called for the President and the Budget department to increase the performance-based incentive to P15,000 per employee or just retain the previous amount of P10,000, which, according to them, would be more practical, fair and reasonable.

Implementation of the 2012 bonus became controversial because the Education department measured the performance of the teachers based on school record in the National Achievement Test, drop-out rate and financial reports.

This measurement, the teachers said, put majority of them, especially in secondary and major elementary schools, at a disadvantage because most of them were only receiving the minimum P5,000.

The TDC said the supposed performance-based bonus for 2012 was only released in July 2013, and, worse, it added, the DepEd has not come up with guidelines on how to distribute such bonus for 2013.

On Monday, President Aquino will deliver his fifth State of the Nation Address and the teachers said they want to hear him announce support for the P10,000 across-the-board increase, the deferment of the performance-based bonus scheme and the suspension of the K-to-12 program.


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