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    1. Arch. Angelito Lingan Mallonga on

      Nora Aunor has done so much to our country in the movie, yet she
      was denied and being ignored by the Philippine Government. She
      has gone to a lot of trials and hardship on her life and regardless
      if those peoplewho are one way or the other who took advantage of
      her including herown money. If you are in her situation think about it.

      She has already serve her time on Drugs in USA. No one is perfect .
      I ask you all. We are not God Almighty. Sabi nang mahal nating si
      Jesus Christ tignan mo muna ang ating sarili bago mo ibato ang hawak
      mong bato sa kapwa mo.

      How about those in the Movie industry , who are even worst than her
      who up to now are so dependent on Drugs including those said
      honorable leaders and advisers now serving the People of the
      Shame on you !!!!

      Ms. Nora Aunor will play a major role in what I will do in the Philippines
      and two other Movie Actors that I highly respect. It is more important
      than the award they have denied her by the Philippine Government

      Yes, I have been monitoring her life since she started making her
      first movie at Sampaguita Picture ( AWAG NG TANGHALAN) when my
      best friend the late Rey Manansala of Crystal Combo
      were involved on the filming of the Movie 9 Teeners with both
      Ms Young and Rick Belmonte at Sampaguita Pictures in the early 70’s.
      I was with them at that time when Ms Aunor is also filming Tawag Ng
      Tanghalan her first movie.