• Tearful Cubans pay tribute to Fidel Castro


    HAVANA: Hundreds of thousands of Cubans swarmed Havana’s Revolution Square for a tearful tribute to Fidel Castro on Monday (Tuesday in Manila) while his brother, Raul, led a private ceremony in front of the late communist icon’s ashes. A weeklong farewell to Castro began with long lines of mourners streaming past a black-and-white picture of “El Comandante” as a young, black-bearded revolutionary carrying a rifle. The crowd walked by silently, some took pictures with their phones and others sobbed uncontrollably as they looked up at the portrait flanked by white roses inside the monument to independence hero Jose Marti. Many were dressed in state uniforms — school children, soldiers, veterans, doctors and customs officers — and the line continued as night fell. “We know that our comandante has become immortal,” said 36-year-old university professor Pedro Alvarez. To the surprise of many, Castro’s ashes were not part of the public display.



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