• Tech firm warns: 2% of mobile phones infected with virus


    BASED security vendor Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. said on Thursday that about 2 percent of all mobile phones are infected by a virus based on its recent research.

    Steve McWhirter, Check Point Software Technologies vice president for Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa, explained to reporters how their company reached that conclusion.

    “All of our enterprise customers or our potential customers have a gearing installed in their network, all of that gear reports into a big cloud, and that cloud becomes a knowledge base,” McWhirter said.

    “What we can do to that knowledge base is tell how many of our customers are using app and how many is being infected, and so from this, last year we found customers with that number of mobiles and that number of infections. So at the moment, the research said that about 2 percent of all mobile phones are infected. Do you think that is a small number? The obvious thing is 2 percent is a big case,” he said.

    He added: “This time last year, [it was]about 0.3 of 1 percent, so now its seven times as much, if that would still be applied, next year we are at 10 percent, so the infection is going up astronomically. I think it is very alarming because we rely so much on our phones. I have my entire business on this phone.”

    To prevent mobile phone infections, Check Point Software has launched Check Point Mobile Threat Prevention, a new mobile security solution that allows enterprises to battle today’s mobile threat environment.

    Check Point Mobile Threat Prevention delivers the most complete platform for stopping mobile threats on iOS and Android, and delivers real-time threat intelligence and visibility for extension into existing security and mobility infrastructures.

    According to Check Point’s 2015 Security Report, in an organization with more than 2,000 devices on its network, there is a 50 percent chance that there will be at least 6 infected or targeted mobile devices on their network.

    Most organizations are unprepared to deal with the threats that these devices present to their networks because of a lack of tools that provide the right visibility and actionable intelligence, it said.

    Mobile security solution

    Check Point Mobile Threat Prevention provides the best mobile security solution for enterprises that need to manage and mitigate the risks of BYOD [bring your own device]and protect their employees and corporate assets from mobile cyber threats.

    Check Point Software said that the enterprise-ready platform is the only solution that detects threats on the device, application and in-network levels and provides a transparent user experience and allows for immediate detection and removal of mobile threats, allowing users to stay securely connected without compromise.

    “Mobile devices are entering the enterprise at a faster rate than ever before, yet most organizations have failed to protect them or their users,” Dorit Dor, vice president, products, Check Point Software Technologies said.

    He explained: “Providing protection and preventing data leakage in a way that BYOD users easily accept is critical for success. With Check Point Mobile Threat Prevention, we’re not only providing enterprises with the most complete mobile security solution for stopping mobile threats on iOS and Android, but also delivering real-time threat intelligence to better understand their overall security posture.”

    “We are experiencing very high adoption rates for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets from individuals to enterprises, especially in the BYOD paradigm that is increasingly popular throughout Asia Pacific,” McWhirter said.

    “We believe the Check Point Mobile Threat Prevention will become an important part of the total security arsenal for our clients throughout this region, as mobile devices become the preferred platform of choice for a highly mobile workforce,” McWhirter added.


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