Teen celebrity given the fat memo



Showbiz can be very cruel and demanding—especially when you’re being groomed to be one of the prime stars of a network.

Sadly for this teen celebrity (TC), her rise to stardom has been derailed for the longest time because of her weight.

This year, though, her home studio is finally giving her a lead in a soap once again with a big but of course—that is to lose 11 pounds by the end of April!

Moreover, she’s being asked to put an end to her “pa-cute” ways because she’s already at the doorstep of adulthood and needs to learn to stop talking in a high pitched voice, pronto. The network is also teaming her up with a hot parent in the project, they’re scared she might look like the mother instead of the daughter in the show!

Well, best of luck to teen celebrity because 11 pounds in less

than a month is no joke, and there’s no certainty if that kind of weight loss is healthy.


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