Teen slain in Pasig City


A 17-year-old boy, allegedly involved in the illegal drug trade, was killed by unknown assailant in Pasig City (Metro Manila) past midnight on Tuesday. Emmanuel Lorica of Barangay Rosario was sleeping in a makeshift shelter beside a basketball court when a lone gunman barged in and fired shots at him. Lorica sustained multiple gunshot wounds on the head and body which caused his death. The suspect immediately fled after the incident. Police recovered several empty shells of unknown firearm caliber at the crime scene.


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    • mistaken identity. he killed a 17 yr old boy who hasnt even tried drugs. that gunman wasted a life of an innocent man. A boy who was only on that place to help her gf recover from thefire incident that happened on that place… it was such a dismay that this people still have the guts to kill and take innocent lives in just a blink with the kind of gov’t that we have…