The teen villainess everyone is talking about



She’s bad. She’s mean. She’s bratty. She’s the type of girl no young man will want to ask out to the prom because the night will surely end in chaos.

The girl Showbuzz is talking about is Cheska, the teener whose only aim in life it seems is to make life like hell for Crisanta in the hit GMA primetime series “Kambal, Karibal.”

Cheska is portrayed by newest Kapuso star Kyline Alcantara, while Bianca Umali is Crisanta. In the story, Cheska is an adopted child who detests the good-natured Crisanta. Cheska becomes eviler when she dies with her body possessed by the soul Crisanta’s twin sister of Criselda. Like Cheska, Criselda hated Crisanta for being the object of affection of Diego (Miguel Tanfelix) with whom she was obsessed.

Kyline has gotten so much attention since she started appearing in Kambal Karibal. She emanates such a commanding presence on screen that many viewers keep asking who she is, even on social media. In fact, her catfight with Bianca has garnered 1.7 million views the first few days after its upload. She even earned the monicker “La Nueva Kontrabida.”

Kyline Alcantara

Kyline feels so thrilled with all the attention she’s getting. She admits she is very surprised over the public’s reaction.

“I’m really surprised and at the same time happy to be getting this kind of attention. I feel I am doing the right thing with my acting,” she expressed.

It is of course expected that part of the tweets about Kyline are of the nasty kind, especially from fans of Bianca and Miguel. There are those who even accuse her of hurting Bianca for real for the scenes.

“They say that I intentionally hurt Bianca. Tinototoo ko raw po yung pananakit. Some are even threatening to hurt me back when they see me,” said a pretty bothered Kylie.

All the same, she is learning that all this is part of the territory.

“Getting bashed is part of my job as kontrabida. When I accepted my role as Cheska and Crisel, I knew that a lot of people will hate me. I prepared myself for the kind of reaction I’m getting now. I knew there will be people who will find it hard to separate reel from real. Akala nila talagang salbahe ako. And of course, there are also the fans of Bianca who love her so much and they hate to see her getting hurt.”

But with the kind of threats she’s getting, Kyline further admits there are times when she’s scared to go out of the house. “You can never tell, baka bigla na lang may sumabunot o manakit sa akin. I know I really have to be careful. There are even those who tell me they know where I live!”

But how really is Kyline’s relationship with Bianca behind the camera? “We’re good and we’re very comfortable with each other,” Kyline replied. “The fight scenes we do, pinag-uusapan namin before the take. Kaming dalawa mismo, we agree on what to do. What I like about Bianca is she’s a sport. She wants our scene to look very realistic. Siya pa nagsasabi na maganda ‘yung totoo. Siyempre after our fight on camera, umuulan ng sorry from both of us kasi baka may nasaktan.”

“No hard feelings kami ni Kyline,” Bianca volunteered when Showbuzz caught up with her. “We discuss what will happen before the take and I tell her, totohanin natin. Ayoko kasi ‘yung memorized na movement sa catfight because it will not look natural. But I assure everyone that no matter how she appears to be hurting me in our very physical scenes, we remain friends. Walang personalan. I like her attitude because I can always come to her especially when it in work-related things.”

Viewers may hate her. Netizens may bash her. Biguel fans may abhor her but one fact remains, Kyline is very good at what she does. It’s no wonder that people are talking about this young villainess because she isn’t La Nueva Kontrabida for nothing.

Derrick Monasterio with movie producer Baby Go

When BG Productions International showed some scenes from the movie “Almost a Love Story,” which Derrick Monasterio and Barbie Forteza shot in Salento, Italy, the press viewers certainly got excited about the project. The chemistry between Derrick and Barbie was so strong that even BG Films producer Baby Go commented she can feel the electricity between her two stars.

“Malakas ang chemistry nila and very natural. Bagay na bagay sila. Two beautiful people na masarap tingnan,” Baby exclaimed.

Derrick remarked he started to miss Salento after watching their scenes. Shooting there was a very pleasant experience for the Kapuso actor. “I fell in love with Salento. If ever I visit Europe again, I’ll go back to Salento. I love the place and the people. It’s so peaceful, it’s so beautiful and you feel so good just staying there,” he explained.

Their one week stay in Salento for their shoot was enough for Derrick to really appreciate the beauty of the place. “We were able to explore Salento even for a bit. What Barbie and I would do whenever we finish shooting early was to go around, visit different places and try the food whose names we couldn’t even pronounce! We would also go meet our friends na mga Italian na nakilala namin doon and they would tour us to different places. Sobrang memorable para sa akin ang Salento.”

There is one other thing that Almost a Love Story did for Derrick and that is to stir his passion for another art form in painting. He portrays the role of a young painter, and explained, “Yung mga pine-paint ko kunwari, si Direk Louie (Ignacio) ang nag-i-sketch. Inuumpisahan niya and as I watched him, naisip ko that I should also try painting. So, when I got back to the Philippines and had no schedules yet, nag-paint ako. I did my own version of Van Goh’s ‘The Starry Night’—mukhang OK naman lumabas. I was satisfied with my work.”

Derrick showed his work to Direk Louie who is also known as a hood painter and who has exhibited his works several times before.

“Tiningnan ko ‘yung ginawa niya, aba, may texture! Vuma-Van Goh! Seriously, Derrick is good in painting. For a first timer, maganda ang ginawa niya. He should paint more,” said Direk Louie in approval.

With what he heard from Direk Louie, Derrick became more inspired in his new endeavor. He even plans to enroll in an art school.

And by the way, the young actor already sold his first art work. “Five minutes after I posted my work in my Instagram, I already got a buyer. The following day, the buyer picked up my art work and paid me. I can’t believe I was able to make money from something na sinubukan ko lang,” he ended.

Matt Evans

SHORTS… Matt Evans is happy that even before 2017 ended, he already started with his regular show with GMA, “Sherlock, Jr.” When he joined the network, he did not expect to be given a regular immediately. He is thankful he gets to work again with AiAi delas Alas with whom he has worked before in the other channel.

… Besides her new series “Contessa,” which will soon air on GMA, Glaiza de Castro will be starring in a new project. She is headlining a gigantic new series which has a movie version. The project set in the Spanish colonial era and will require her to do action scenes in which Glaiza is known to be very good. It’s definitely a pretty exciting year for the actress because she is also planning for her major concert this 2018.


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