Telpad is the new home of Disney Interactive

PLDT Home’s Patrick Tan, Gary Dujali and Danica Sotto-Pingris and her kids enjoy a moment with Cinderella (top photo); the new Telpad

PLDT Home’s Patrick Tan, Gary Dujali and Danica Sotto-Pingris and her kids enjoy a moment with Cinderella (top photo); the new Telpad

PLDT Home Telpad, the world’s first and only landline, tablet and broadband in one, puts kids at the forefront of their new campaign that centers on a ground-breaking partnership with Disney Interactive, the digital arm of one of the most beloved brands in the world.

“We only not provide strongest connections at home with connectivity, but we also want to strengthen relationships, build connections amongst family members,” said Gary Dujali, PLDT head of Home Marketing, at the launch of the partnership, which featured fun activities for kids and an afternoon screening of Disney’s live action movie Cinderella for the whole family.

“And when the kids are happy, the family is happy. We’ve devoted a campaign just for them; we want to give kids reason to love the Telpad,” he added.

Recognizing the power of kids in the age of connectivity and their endless appetite for interactive content, PLDT Home has become the digital hub for them to enjoy an amazing array of content not just from Disney; soon, it will also carry content from its subsidiaries like Pixar, home to such beloved titles as Toy Story, Cars and many others; Marvel, the universe that brought us The Avengers and other superhero favorites; and Lucas Arts, the video games developer best known for the Star Wars franchise.

“Disney’s suite of interactive and family-friendly content is an ideal fit for PLDT Home Telpad, which is the centerpiece of the digitally connected Filipino home,” noted Ariel Fermin, PLDT executive vide president and head of Home business. “The activities provided by the PLDT Home Telpad would serve as a common ground for a bonding experience between parents and their children.”

The launch introduced the Disney Kiddie Package for Telpad subscribers. “It is priced at P199 a month and includes the limited edition Disney Telpad skin; two premium games per month you can download for free; access to thousands of games available on website; and a seven-day speed boost on your DSL plan every month,” PLDT vice president of Home Voice Solutions Patrick Tan explained.

For now, Telpad subscribers who upgrade to a Disney package can enjoy movie spin-off games like Frozen Free Fall and Toy Story Smash It that can be accessed on the PLDT Home Telpad’s Disney widget.

Nighttime also becomes a bonding moment with a bit of story time before parents tuck their kids to bed, with hundreds of Disney electronic and interactive e-books on the Telpad.

And as a personalized bonus, the Telpad comes with limited edition Disney-themed skins subscribers can regularly update. It features Disney’s beloved and iconic character Mickey Mouse and, soon, Cinderella and The Avengers.

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