Tension mounts in HK over oath taking of new lawmakers


HONG KONG: The Legislative Council of Hong Kong again descended into chaos on Wednesday as the pro-Beijing camp blocked the swearing in of two new lawmakers who want the city to split from China.

The oath taking of two pro-independence lawmakers, Yau Wai-ching and Baggio Leung, was suspended last week when they came draped themselves in “Hong Kong is not China” flags.

The oath states that Hong Kong is a special administrative region of China.

Both Yau and Leung refused to pronounce China properly, and Yau was heard to replace the words “the People’s Republic of China” with “the People’s refucking of Zeena”.

They were given permission to retake their oaths this week, but when it came time to do so on Wednesday, pro-Beijing lawmakers walked out, forcing the meeting to be suspended due to an insufficient number of legislators in the chamber.

That led to a shouting match between furious pro-Beijing and pro-democracy legislators outside the chamber.

Tensions are high in the semi-autonomous city as fears grow that Beijing is tightening its grip, fuelling an independence movement in Hong Kong.

A new wave of lawmakers advocating independence and self-determination were voted into the Legislative Council — Hong Kong’s lawmaking body — in citywide polls last month.



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