Tesda to issue tamper-proof certificates to tech-voc grads


TECHNICAL Education and Skills Development Authority (Tesda) Director-General Joel Villanueva on Friday said the next batch of technical-vocational training graduates and skilled workers will receive ATM-sized plastic cards that would serve as their National Certificate (NC) and/or Certifi–cate of Competency (CoC).

The new cards, which would be available starting August 1, according to Villanueva, would be the new badge to show one’s expertise in a certain skill or set of skills when applying for a job.

He said the issuance of the new cards aims to continuously strengthen the certification program “to ensure the integrity, reliability and validity of the National Certificate and/or Certificate of Competency issued to competent skilled workers.”

Currently, Tesda issues paper-based certificates.

Graduates of technical-voca–tional, or tech-voc, courses are required to undergo com–petency assessment to be a certified graduate.

In 2013, there were a total of 1,055,576 tech-voc graduates and skilled workers who underwent assessment, and 936.007 of them were certified.

“The recognition of the paper-based NC or CoC has gained ground through the years. The document is one of the require–ments being sought by recruit–ment agencies, private companies and foreign employers for Filipinos wishing to work here or abroad,” Villanueva said.

“We will begin introducing the plastic card that is more handy and durable. The issuance of high-quality, tamper-proof certificates made of polyvinyl material will address this con–cern,” he added.

The card will contain the photo and name of the graduate, the certificate number, the date of issue and the date of validity.

It will also have the logo of the issuing authority to prevent alteration or duplication.

At the back, it will have information such as basic com–petencies and core compe–tencies of the graduate.

Each card will cost P100.

All Tesda regional and provincial offices nationwide are authorized to issue the cards.

The card will not replace the paper-based NC and CoC pre–viously issued to all graduates.

Interested certified workers, however, may avail of it in addition to the regular paper-based certificate.


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  1. dapat linisin muna ang recto university kc walang di nagagawa dun lalo na kung ganyan lang