• Tesda to train Saudi Arabian tech-voc experts


    RECOGNIZING the Philippines as the prime hub for technical-vocational (tech-voc) education and training (TVET), the Technical and Vocational Training Corp. (TVTC) of Saudi Arabia has sent the first batch composed of 38 from a total delegation of 78 trainers to undergo a two-week training on various technical and vocational courses at the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (Tesda).

    The TVTC trainers will take up training on the TAG and Gas Welding and Plasma Cutting; Maintaining Mobile and Smart Cell Phones; and Hygienic Food from September 8 to 19. The training of the remaining 40 participants on Optical Fibre Installation; and Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Controlling Systems will be on October 13 to 24.

    The training aims to level-off to global developments and technological advancement the competencies of the TVTC trainers. The programs include study tours to related companies and institutions.

    The participants will also be given a glimpse of the country’s beautiful scenery and appreciation of socio-cultural practices and traditions.

    Lectures, group activities and practical exercises will be among the methodologies that will be used to carry out the training.

    Except for those in Hygienic Food, the TVTC trainers would be assessed vis-a-vis the Philippine competency standards at the end of the program.

    “We intend to give the trainees a unique training opportunity by exposing them to tech-voc Tesda style,” Joel Villanueva, Tesda director general, said.

    “The Philippines is a training hub in the region where quality can be trusted,” Villanueva added.

    Tesda has been extending training services to the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) since 2006 under a technical cooperation agreement.

    Among its past projects included the training programs for 473 trainers, deans and principals/administrators.

    In May 2014, the KSA through the TVTC again invited Tesda to submit a proposal for training of trainers in different technology areas. The agency submitted its proposal in June, and was favored over other proponents.


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