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    Writing down important points can help kids ace their tests

    Writing down important points can help kids ace their tests

    The very term ‘test’ makes many children, nervous. Sometimes even parents get `nervous’ just before examinations. As a school principal, I have developed a few practically effective strategies, as follows, for children to follow so that they can face tests with confidence.

    Before writing a test let the kids:
    •    Use a lesson material review timetable that is convenient to them.

    •    Revise the lesson material using aids to memory or underlining key words by using color sketch pens.

    •    Discuss important points with classmates.

    •    Discuss difficulty areas with the teacher.

    •    Practice important points by writing as writing any thing once is equal to reading it thrice.

    •    Take mock tests using past question papers.

    Let them not prepare anything at the 11th hour. They should have completed all revision work the day before the test so that they can relax before the test.

    When writing the test let the kids:

    •    Take all the necessary materials such as good ball pen, a spare refill, pencil, ruler, eraser, mathematical instrument box, and the likes.

    •    Reach the venue on time.

    •    Keep their mind relaxed once they are inside the test room.

    •    Pray the Almighty with complete devotion.

    •    Read the instructions carefully, preferably by running their fingers on the words. This will ensure that they don’t skip any word by oversight. Oversight can be very expensive.

    •    Read the questions twice.

    •    Select the questions wisely.

    •    Put a tick [Ö] mark near the questions that they have decided to answer.

    •    Write the important points for each question in the space provided for rough work, before attempting to answer in the main space for the answer.

    •    After beginning to answer each question, let them put a cross tick [on the tick mark which they have already put]to make sure that they have not left it without answering

    •    Write legibly and neatly. Unlike MCQs, open ended questions are assessed by human professionals. Untidy answers to open-ended questions, puts the assessor off

    •    Draw diagrams with a well-sharpened pencil.

    •    Answer to the point. Precision is very important. How they write is more important than how much they write.

    •    Write the page numbers.

    Not spend too much time on any one question. Let them attempt easy questions first and then go to difficult ones. If they think that they have not answered any question completely, let them leave some blank space, so that they can get back to it, later if they have time.

    Sometimes, kids may forget the answer for any question suddenly as they write the test. If they let their mind `go’ to different places in the school such as the science lab, computer lab or their regular classroom, they may be able to recall the teacher’s teaching that lesson concept.

    After writing the test, let the kids revise their answers and correct any mistakes.

    About the author: Panamalai Guruprasad is a featured writer of ArticlesFactory.com. She is a Cyber Content Developer for Physics in a Chennai based academic multimedia content development company. Visit her website at www.writerinthecyberspace.blogspot.com.


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