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    auto-focus20161115We’re halfway through November now. Christmas is almost here. Which means many of us are looking to gift ourselves or our families with a much-deserved brand-new car. We have many choices, so we begin shopping.

    As always, when we can’t decide between two or more car choices, we try to break the tie by actually driving said vehicles—as opposed to just checking their specs on some website. Problem is, how do we find the time to step out of our busy schedules and visit at least two dealerships just to drive a couple of cars on our wish list? And with the horrendous traffic situation now, the task just seems more intimidating than ever.

    Thankfully, there’s the “Auto Focus Test Drive Festival” happening this weekend (November 17 to 20) at the SM Mall of Asia concert grounds. Hopefully, with its roster of participating car brands, your dream models will be present here. These brands are BMW, Ford, Honda, Isuzu, Lexus, Mahindra, Mazda, Mitsubishi, SsangYong, Suzuki and Toyota.

    If you haven’t been to any of these events, know that you can drive any of the cars you like within the test-drive area. Sure, there’s a rather slow speed limit to be enforced, but just getting behind the wheel of the car and having a feel for how it rides should be infinitely better than the armchair car-shopping you’ve been doing.

    Sunshine Television, the event’s organizer, says that the AFTDF is “a veritable one-stop shop for prospective car buyers and outright car buffs. A wide range of competing luxury and standard car brands and models will be on exhibit and made available for test drives.”

    “We have been holding events of this type since 2005 not only for the benefit of local manufacturers and distributors, but even more so the general motoring and car-buying public,” shares STV chairman and CEO Ray Butch Gamboa. “The decision to buy a car can actually be a long-winded process. This can require multiple visits to various dealerships at different locations, which can’t be done in a day, or even two, especially considering the present state of traffic in the metropolis. However, if the idea is to go to one single location, see and test-drive a wide range of competing brands and models, then the best place to go to would be this festival.”

    This test-drive event will be open from 11am to 8pm throughout its four-day run. Those who will test-drive cars will even get the chance to win special prizes. Admission is free (and so are the test drives).


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