Testing lover’s loyalty the Eula Valdez way



Not every woman her age will certainly agree with the way Eula Valdez thinks about having a relationship with a younger man.

Now in her late 40s, the in-demand character actress has been a quiet partner to former model and part-time actor Rocky Salumbides for nine years now.

Eula is well aware of the fact that she and Rocky have a yawning age gap, and that—to say the least—the latter has a more intense biological need to satisfy.

But the villainess in ABS-CBN’s “The Good Son” is the type of a partner who’d even be willing to literally drag Rocky to a younger woman he may wish to spend a night with.

Says Eula, “I always tell him that my love transcends the physical [aspect]. It’s even I who egg him on to date younger women as I very well know his needs.”

Eula Valdez

But before women partners are quick to jump the gun on her, Eula hastens to add that allowing Rocky to go look for dates is actually a measure of the latter’s loyalty to her.

Nine years of living in together, don’t they have plans of getting hitched?

FYI, Eula’s marriage to Australia-based Richard Litonjua—who’s the father of her second child Julianna (now 15)—has yet to be annulled. Her firstborn Miguel’s dad is former actor Ronnie Quizon.


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