• Thai junta under fire from allies over Yingluck escape


    BANGKOK: Thailand’s junta has come under fire from conservative allies following ousted prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra’s escape overseas, with many questioning how the military could have let her flee given she was heavily monitored. Yingluck pulled a dramatic disappearing act before a scheduled court judgment on Friday in a criminal negligence trial. Analysts say Yingluck most likely cut a secret deal with the junta to exit the country—a charge the military has denied. The junta says it does not yet know how the country’s first female prime minister managed to slip the net. “It was clear that security officials followed her closely and took photographs of her everywhere she went, all the time. But she still was able to escape,” Panthep Puapongpan, one of the leaders of 2014 protests against Yingluck’s government, told reporters. “With Yingluck now escaped, the government, the security forces and the NCPO has to take responsibility,” he added, using the official acronym for the junta.



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