• Thai troops likely shot Italian journalist: inquest


    Elisabetta Polenghi (left), younger sister of Fabio Polenghi, an Italian photographer who was killed during 2010 protests, talks with her mother Laura Chiorri after an inquest at the Criminal Court in Bangkok on Wednesday. AFP PHOTO

    BANGKOK: Thai soldiers are believed to have shot an Italian photographer who was killed during mass opposition street protests in Bangkok in 2010, an official inquest found on Wednesday.

    The probe by a criminal court in the Thai capital, however, was unable to identify the individual who fired the bullet that struck Fabio Polenghi, a freelance photographer who was covering the two-month-long demonstrations.

    “During the inquest, experts testified that the victim died of a wound from a high velocity bullet like those used by security forces and there was no evidence of any other group in the area,” according to a criminal court judge.

    “The court ruled that Fabio Polenghi died from a wound from a gunshot which came from the direction where security forces were working to regain control of the area but could not identify the shooter,” she added.

    Polenghi was killed on May 19, 2010, the day when soldiers firing live ammunition stormed the “Red Shirt” protest movement’s sprawling rally base in the center of Bangkok.

    His sister Elisabetta Polenghi said the ruling was “positive but it is not the solution.”

    “Now I’m expecting that something really happens and the ones who are responsible have to get a kind of penalty,” she told reporters.

    Her lawyer said that he would file a criminal complaint with the Justice Ministry’s Department of Special Investigation against Abhisit Vejjajiva, who was prime minister at the time.


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