Thailand to hire more Pinoy nurses, teachers


The Thai government will hire more Filipino workers this year as part of its efforts to boost bilateral relations between Thailand and the Philippines.

Thailand Ambassador to the Philippines Thanatip Upatising said Filipino workers are given preference because of their good communication skills.

“What we can see is that the Philippines is very strong in language especially English so you have advantage on this one,” Upatising told reporters.

He said Thailand will hire more Filipino nurses and at least 200 Filipino English teachers.

He said the embassy already submitted a proposal to the Department of Education (DepEd) about this.

“We will have a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Department of Education here for 200 Filipino teachers to go to Thailand to teach English in high school,” he said, adding that Thailand’s deputy prime minister is coming set to visit the country this week.

During the visit, Upatising said, at least six pending issues will be tackled with the Philippines including education.

The Thai ambassador also said his country is interested in beefing up agricultural cooperation between the two countries.

He said Thailand is keen on exporting some of its agricultural products to the Philippines.

“We have an abundance of fruits that we are interested in exporting to the Philippines. We have longkong (lanzones), mangosteen, and so many things,” he said.

Thailand imports from the Philippines copper, tobacco, plastic, seafood, and aluminum.


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