Thank God for the challenges


We thank the Lord for all the experiences and challenges He brought us in the past 365 days. Good or bad, these challenges allowed us to prove once again the resilience of the Filipino people and our oneness as a nation.

At the Senate, we faced controversies that tested our integrity as an institution. Fulfilling the mandate vested in us, we proposed and passed bills that will impact on the people’s general welfare, such as the Freedom of Information bill, the First 1,000 Days bill, among others.

Through our meticulous and impartial probing, we tried to look for answers to a myriad of issues raised by the public before the committees at the Senate, such as the MRT 3 deal and Mamasapano encounter.

We emerge from the year 2015 with more courage, more solid faith, more concern for our fellowmen, and with greater resolve to achieve more. The Filipinos–here or abroad– deserve more than the promise of good governance. It is time that this be translated into actual good service. It is time for their promised share of the social payback from the much-vaunted economic reforms.

In 2016, we shall have the national elections that would allow the people to choose the leaders who will steer this nation. We greet this unfolding future with optimism.

The New Year is always a hopeful time, as we celebrate the conclusion of one year and the beginning of another. In this spirit, let us cast away the things that keep us apart from each other. Let us continue to hope, pray and work for glad tidings, good health and abundant graces for our family and the nation.

Happy New Year to everyone!


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