• Thank you, Holy Father, for strengthening our faith and hope


    YOU have enriched our hearts and our minds so much, dear Holy Father Francis.

    You have strengthened our faith and hope. We pray that we now grow in charity—which is loving God, with all our heart and all our mind—and loving our neighbor, our brother and sister, as we love ourselves.

    These are thoughts that we hope all the Filipino readers of The Times, whatever their religion and philosophical orientation, have come to feel after Pope Francis’ visit to the Philippines, which ends this morning.

    Pope Francis pointed out specifically the things that need to be done in our country to make us Filipinos better Christians, more effective human beings in solving our problems of corruption in government, massive poverty, scandalous inequality, the abuse of the children of the poor, desperate, cruel and immoral parents.

    He addressed officials—including President Aquino himself.

    But President Aquino is incorrigible. He is a compulsive liar. He only wants to do things that he feels like doing. He does not lead his Cabinet to do what is good. They dare not tell him that the administration must stop its wrong ways of doing things.

    Joblessness has not been solved, massive poverty has hardly been reduced in the more-than four years of the Aquino presidency because of criminal incompetence, negligence and corruption. And because it is Mr. Aquino’s will to hoard all the available billions and use it in election-year 2016. He and his closest associates, who make the decisions in the Palace, do not feel mercy and compassion for the scores of millions who would have been rescued from grinding poverty if Mr. Aquino had decided to spend the government funds he had for the projects these funds were allotted for.

    Instead of feeling sorry for his and his men’s hypocrisy in shamelessly using their Daang Matuwid slogan, for their lies about achieving high GDP growth and about the ills of the country these past four years being the fault of the previous administration, President Aquino untruthfully claims that the Church and the bishops were silent about the corruption and wrongdoings under Gloria Arroyo.

    He doesn’t not feel any remorse about having been made president by the Smartmatic PCOS machines. And now he and his men and allies will again use the manipulated Smartmatic/PCOS-machine automated election system to guarantee their party’s victory in the 2016 presidential elections.

    He doesn’t blame himself for the bad peace and order problem that has made our cities child abuse destinations for foreign pedophiles, where children are turned into prostitutes and can only cry about it. He does not feel responsible for the resurgence during his term as President of jueteng and other forms of illegal gambling. He doesn’t feel guilty that smuggling has increased six-fold.

    He feels no remorse that it is because of him that we now have a Reproductive Health Act that devalues the family and goes against the culture and religious conviction of the majority of Filipinos who are Christian, and whose influence, if the experience of the Western countries happens here, will lead to us becoming the kind of Godless, materialistic, self-indulgent and cruel society found in the West.

    In his homily at the Quirino Grandstand on Sundayafternoon, Pope Francis called on us to protect the family. He said: “Sadly, in our day, the family all too often needs to be protected against insidious attacks and programs contrary to all that we hold true and sacred, all that is most beautiful and noble in our culture.” We are sure he had President Aquino and his allies in mind.

    Some priests and bishops have already called for the resignation of President Aquino. They see that his presence as a power in our nation and society will cause more harm, corruption and attacks against the family and the people. Religious leaders of other faiths are in solidarity with these Catholic priests and bishops in seeking Mr. Aquino’s resignation.

    We hope the CBCP takes a united stand against our PCOS-machine-made and anti-family, anti-poor and anti-electoral democracy President.

    One of Pope Francis’ messages to the youth—which we should all heed—is “To think. To feel. To do. And all in harmony.”


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    1. Vicente Penetrante on

      Summing up the Editorial, the opinions of Tatad and Tiglao, news about Pope Francis, and the weeping girl: The Aquino government is good at ‘passing blame and hiding shame.’

      The passing of blame on the past administration has been echoed and re-echoed by PNoy. And it seems, he wants to be continually praised for his ‘fight against corruption in daang-matuwid’, to which his “bosses” have plugged their ears, tired of hearing about it for more than five years, with only the past president and three senators under trial and none of his KKK.
      The government is good at hiding shame. Not mentioned too much is the pattern of gathering and jailing of street children before the arrival of foreign dignitaries, like the visits of
      US President Obama and Pope Francis.
      It is not enough for the government to deny the maltreatment of street children. It is the job of the government to seek and jail those who are responsible – the uncaring parents and syndicates.
      It is truly the job of the government to clean the street, not only of street children, but of all beggars. “There is no problem in DSWD’s poverty alleviation programs,” said Secretary Soliman upon COA’s questions.

    2. As a serious churchgoing Catholic, I pray that the CBCP members respond positively to Pope Francis’ call to help END scandalous inequality and corruption in the Philippines–NOW.

    3. Is this an editorial? You mentioned about your faith and the homily of the Holy Father. Then at the same time you mentioned how awful president Aquino is. You specified that he is a liar.
      You want to be a true christian, then you attack someone with accusations and vile language.
      Bottom line you are but a HYPOCRITE. Idiot annoy me