Thank you Lord for the miracle


NEVER has the nation been more united in prayer than today to spare the life of Mary Jane Veloso. At least for now. We were one with the nation that stood vigil waiting for some good news to come before the midnight schedule for execution. Indeed, God works in mysterious ways. He is great! He is good all the time.

We must also give credit where credit is due to the mortals the Lord used as instruments to spare Mary Jane’s life and so we give credit to President Noy, President Widodo, Vice President Binay, our Foreign Affairs Department, Migrante whose noise was heard all the way to Indonesia, and Mary Jane’s lawyer Attorney Rolando Olalia.

But this positive development is not only good news for Mary Jane and her family but may also buoy up the sagging popularity of PNoy and his administration. We can already expect that this victory will be used by the spinmasters. And that is okay but let us not forget that Mary Jane no longer speaks for herself alone but she symbolizes the millions of OFWs we have all over the world who sacrifice being apart from their families just to be able to earn a decent living because there are no opportunities in our own shores.

She may only be one life compared to the more than two thousand that died from the powerful earthquake in Nepal but Mary Jane represents our more than twelve million OFWs.

So called unsung heroes for keeping our economy afloat through their remittances, it is utterly disgusting when we hear reports of the shabby treatment they receive in our own embassies abroad. This is an account made by someone we know who used to be an OFW. According to our source, some labor officials in our embassies even act as pimps. And mind you, it is not only the women who are pimped but even the men. Apparently, in some Middle Eastern countries, they prefer men who are clean cut than the women for what reason I still have to investigate.

But can you imagine how these government officials who are supposed to be the protectors of our people are the same people who are ready to sell them for a few pieces of silver. Terribly disgusting!

Going back to Mary Jane Veloso, why was it only in March that the DFA submitted a petition for judicial review? This is so close a time to her scheduled day of execution. I was surprised to learn that Mary Jane has been in jail since 2010 at the start of the PNoy administration. She could have been spared all the agony in the last four years in jail. For now, we will be happy to see her recruiter Kristina in jail.

God is Great!


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  1. I hope you have contacted SFA del Rosario to identify the offices with pimps. It will be up to SFA del Rosario to separate rumors from facts, but that is his job. Pls print in your next article the offices with pimps.

  2. aimee inocente on

    You are partially right in the case of Indonesia. MJ is lucky we now have a good lady Ambassador who replaced just recently one who thinks she was the greatest lady Ambassador ever and who, because she is related to SFA del Rosario, flaunted her power and showed utter disdain to the efforts of our OFWs in Indonesia. Glad she is now retired and doing less harm now than when she sowed terror in the Philippine community there as well as in the Embassy itself. SFA del Rosario better have second thoughts about re-appointing her!