Thank you, Ombudsman Morales

Thelma Dumpit-Murillo

Thelma Dumpit-Murillo

What power does a woman have against a group of 25 goons led by a governor and congressman, armed at that, and with police escorts to boot? This was the backdrop which drove me to write an article back in 2011 on behalf of my sister who felt helpless and violated of her rights and dignity as a person.

I am grateful that the Ombudsman has finally given it attention. Last June 27, 2013, I received via registered mail a copy of the Order ‘indorsing’ the case to the Field Investigation Office of the Office of the Ombudsman in La Union for further evaluation and investigation. Thank you Ombudsman Conchita Carpio – Morales for giving the complaint due notice. I am sure you can relate being a woman yourself. But here’s one for Justice Secretary Leila de Lima. My sister on her own paid a visit to the Office of the Provincial Prosecutor who correct me if I am wrong, is the one deputized by the Ombudsman to handle cases filed with the Ombudsman who in this instance is La Union Provincial Prosecutor Danilo Bumacod. The visit was to make it known to the Ombudsman that my sister intends to pursue the case further. Lo and behold, Bumacod when asked how to go about it, shouted at my sister and told her to go back to Quezon city and file it there. This is clearly conduct unbecoming of a civil servant!

This Bumacod I was informed is the same prosecutor who bypassed the findings of a three-man panel who found probable cause to charge Rep. Eufranio Eriguel of the 2nd district of La Union for illegal possession of firearms during the 2010 elections and downgraded it instead to public alarm and scandal. Public alarm and scandal??? Hello?

My sister’s son and daughter were almost annihilated when Eriguel charged her home with a platoon of his armed goons and strafed her house. This Bumacod I was told suffered a stroke thus he has difficulty in speech and hearing. I am afraid it may have affected his brain too. How can he continue to serve the public in this condition?

Just one last question, Madam Morales. We noticed that the Overall Deputy Ombudsman Orlando Casimiro recommended the case for approval on Oct.7, 2011. But it took three years for it to be signed and approved. We pray that it will not take another three years before the Field Investigation Office acts on the Order. We are familiar with how and what makes the system work and how things can be derailed or bog down all of a sudden. But I truly believe madam, with you at the helm, President Aquino’s tuwid daan will not remain an empty slogan in the Office of the Ombudsman.

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On Monday, July 22, President Noy will deliver his 4th State of the Nation Address at the House of Representatives. We await with bated breath as he trumpets the accomplishments of his administration in the first half of his term and what path his administration will take in his last three years in office. If at all, this is the last chance for this government to prove that they have what it takes to make a difference in the lives of the Filipino people.

God is Great!


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  1. Rudy Fidelino, M.D. on

    Your comment about the State of the Nation address, you used the words ‘bated breath’ and it caught my eye because you spelled it correctly. You do remember your Shakespear and did not use ‘baited’. Kudos!