• ‘Thanks to Dingdong, Jericho and John Lloyd’



    Real-life friends Edgar Allan Guzman and Joross Gamboa can only thank Dingdong Dantes, Jericho Rosales and John Lloyd Cruz for their busy schedules as the much-coveted roles of Mark and John in the gay-themed movie “Deadma Walking” landed on their laps.

    The above-mentioned top leading men of Philippine movies were likewise considered for the lead roles in this film about friendship between two gays.

    The script by Eric Cabahug which won second prize in the Screenplay Division of the 2016 Carlos Palanca Awards for Literature is the first feature film of Julius Alfonso who had worked as assistant director to Joel Lamangan, Mac Alejandre and Chris Martinez.

    This is the first time Joross and Edgar Allan are doing a movie together, but their last time playing gay roles.

    “We might get typecast,” said Edgar Allan at the story conference for the movie held Monday night at Limbaga 77 restaurant owned by Rex Tiri, (who produces the film under his T-Rex Entertainment Productions).

    “Both of us have been doing several gay roles in our past movies and drama guest stints. This is going to be last so we are going all out in here,” he added.

    The story revolves around gay BFFs (best friends for life) John and Mark whose friendship is put to the test when one of them has a terminal illness and asks the other to help him stage his fake death, wake, and funeral as his dying wish. The result is a comedy of deadly proportions.

    Edgar Allan was last seen in the gay-themed film “Working Beks” where he played a closet gay. In “Deadma Walking,” he plays the flamboyant fag while Joross is the closet gay.

    Fans of a popular loveteam in a network are mad with the female star paired with their favorite actor.

    The female star, according to the fans, disrespects her partner even in the presence of many people.

    “She shouts at him (referring to the actor) even if he is not doing anything wrong. It seems she no longer wants to be paired with him,” said a fan who witnessed said incident.

    The fans of the tandem are saddened with the awful behavior of the female star and if they can have their way, they would want their favorite actor to be paired with someone else. After all, the young actor is equally talented and goodlooking. Any young female star would love to be paired with him.

    But the young actor, who is every inch a gentleman, is still very respectful of his partner even if she acts like a brat.

    Unknown to him, a company wants them together for endorsement deal. But when the female star was told about it, she told the company to get another actor, not her “kalabtim,” to work with her. That’s how bad her attitude is. Oh, if only the actor knew that his partner is willing to drop him like a hot potato!


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