• That huggable, perfect fit


    With 30 years of experience with M&S, Mercer shares that it is important to find perfect bra fit to get the right support

    Are you are a “balcony,” “plunge” or “full cup?” Unless they get an expert opinion, many women are actually unaware of their appropriate bra size.

    Having the “perfect fit” when it comes to women’s undergarments is extremely important. Daily tasks and demands require women to feel comfortable and confident inside and out. From bearing a child and maintaining a household, to having a career, women already have their “cups” filled up so to speak. And then again, they also have to worry about that “cup” to stay comfortable throughout the day.

    Marks & Spencer (M&S), a major British multinational retailer, introduced this week an convenient service for women who want that perfect fit when it comes to their brassieres.

    Based on an up to date study, M&S found that 70 percent of women are still wearing the wrong bra size. Since different shapes, sizes, styles and brands of bras are made available in the market, women are often confused and mistaken on their right fit.


    Julia Mercer, Marks & Spencer technical manager for lingerie, recommends plunge bra shape for Asian women with smaller frames to accentuate their breast shape

    After carrying this burden for so long, Filipinas can now have their “perfect fit” assessment just by visiting Marks & Spencer retail shops all over the country.

    As this service is said to be the first in the Philippines, Julia Mercer, M&S UK technical manager for lingerie, spent more than a week in the country to train “bra-fitting specialists” who can determine a woman’s perfect fit by measuring her right bra size when they visit any of its branches.

    “We need people to understand the bigger range. It’s not about others or attracting men, it’s about being comfortable and feeling sexy,” Mercer said, as she explained why M&S has made the service available in the country.

    She emphasized that not only does a perfect fit bra make a woman’s outfit look better, but it also improves her posture and makes her feel comfortable.

    Mercer said it only takes a simple test to determine if a woman is wearing the right bra: “Lift your arms and ensure your bra stays in place. Lean forward and make sure your breasts stay in the bra.”

    An unexplained back pain, chafing on the rib cage or armpit area, and pressure on the mammary glands on the sides of the breasts are just some of the health conditions that can be attributed to wearing the wrong bra.


    To cap off the event, lingerie collections from Marks & Spencer were showcased in a fashion show

    The only way to get that perfect fit, according to Mercer, is to be honest.

    “Increasing or decreasing a cup size may be difficult for women who have body issues, but getting fitted will help women avoid unsightly lumps and bumps, and they will get their hourglass figure back.” she promised.

    As Mercer rightly pointed out, “It is always best to take care your breasts, because you only get one pair!”


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