That’s incredible!


MALACAÑANG’S breast-thumpers claim that the reported “increase” in the net satisfaction rating of BS Aquino The Last in the second quarter of 2015 was due to his “firm” stand on the Law on the Bangsa Moro (LBM), aka Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL).

That’s incredible! How can this be true when an earlier survey showed that 48 percent of the respondents were against the LBM and only 23 percent approved of it? If more people are against the LBM, then his insistence on its passage should lower his net satisfaction rating. Incidentally, whatever happened to BS Aquino’s claim that he would always listen to his “bosses?”

A survey conducted by the Social Weather Stations (SWS) in Q2 of 2015 purported to show that the net satisfaction rating of the administration was a “good” +31 percent, a 12-point increase from the “moderate” +19 in March 2015. And what caused the administration to “rebound” from its lowest-ever rating the previous quarter? Search me for I see nothing spectacular that the President had done in a quarter — unless you call flag-waving against China such.

Bongbong’s incredible leap
Sen. Bongbong Marcos’s improved image is also incredible in the sense that it’s a mega jump.

In 1992, I believed that the Marcos name resonated only in the Ilocos region. That was the year Mrs. Imelda R. Marcos ran for president. I was in a Cagayan town when Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile, then campaigning for a House seat, told a congregation that he was endorsing the candidacy of Speaker Ramon V. Mitra. An elderly man who looked like a farmer said he preferred Mrs. Marcos and a great applause greeted that declaration. I asked JPE why he didn’t press for Mitra further and he answered with a sigh of resignation: “There’s only so much that we could do!”

Mrs. Marcos went on to win in Cagayan and other provinces dominated by Ilocanos. Nationwide, she placed fourth in a field of seven presidential candidates, pooling more votes than Mitra, Jovito R. Salonga and Salvador Laurel. While she lost, her only son Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos 2nd won as Ilocos Norte congressman, handily defeating reelectionist Rep. Mariano Nalupta Jr.

In the Ninth Congress (1992-1995), many privilege speeches were delivered on the floor excoriating martial law. Nevertheless, Bongbong might have believed that this had eased in 1995 for he decided to run for senator that year under the umbrella of the Nationalist People’s Coalition (NPC). Unfortunately for him, he didn’t fare well. The name “Marcos” was still anathema to many voters. How can one campaign effectively while being on the defensive?

There could be another reason for his defeat in 1995. Some NPC sources told me that he was junked for campaigning all alone most of the time. Among the NPC senatorial candidates, only he had a helicopter at his complete disposal and he reportedly rarely allowed others to hitch a ride on his chopper.

With his defeat, Bongbong went back to Ilocos Norte where the Marcoses are invincible. He made a new bid for the Senate in 2010, when anti-martial law sentiments had eased. In fact, he shared smoothly the campaign stage with a former martial law prisoner, Satur Ocampo. I noted that at the campaign, he didn’t dwell on his family name. Rather, he concentrated on his accomplishments as governor and congressman of Ilocos Norte, and they were not only many but also impressive.

His victory in 2010 proved that the Marcos name could no longer weigh him down. His “no” vote on the impeachment of Chief Justice Renato Corona showed to all and sundry that he couldn’t be ordered around by Malacañang. He’s again on the right path in seeking amendments to the LBM to make it compliant with the Constitution and more acceptable to the sectors that were ignored in the peace talks between the government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front.

He’s been making the right moves such that many are now saying he should try for a higher office in 2016. Will this mark the second coming of a Marcos? A recent post on Facebook comparing Macoy with the late Sen. Ninoy Aquino drew thousands of comments, mostly favorable to Marcos.

The evident resurgence of a second look at the late strongman could only be due to the failure of post-EDSA administrations, especially the incumbent one, to bring the country to a higher level. Extra-judicial killings, the murder of more newsmen, the resurgence of pork barrel, selective justice and uncontrolled corruption under Aquino can’t be blamed on previous administrations.


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  1. I squirm reading this article. The BBL (and Moro Filipinos aspirations for peace and justice) languishes under Marcos bottom as he pontificates, swaggers and takes every opportunity to throw monkey wrenches at the Peace process just because it is a breakthrough under Aquino.

    • That’s flattering Aquino too much thinking Marcos will do things only to go against Aquino. Marcos doesn’t even consider what aquino thinks; he just does what he thinks is right. Some people seem to believe that what came after Marcos in ’86 was heaven on earth. In fact its been 30 years of deterioration, more corruption, more poverty, worse insurgency, less jobs, and the list goes on.

  2. @tony those who continue to vote for Aquinos and movie stars are truly illiterate and dumb ! What performance does Aquino have except for detention of 3 opposition senators accused of plunder! Nothing ! He protects his corrupt friends and he is incompetent!

  3. I Remember... on

    Well after EDSA, it was total failure until now. Why not bring back an intelligent person, even is the name is Marcos, so that will bring a positive change.
    By the way, Marcos will have to clean up the MESS done by yellows…

  4. adam_d_langgam on

    scary …….. imelda once again roaming the grounds of the palace? i shudder at the thought.

    let the marcoses “rule” the north and leave the rest of us in peace.

  5. Pinoys continuing to vote for the Marcoses – what can one say that Pinoys truly are illiterate and dumb voters

  6. P.Akialamiro on

    BBM is the man to beat!

    He’s the most qualified, track recordwise; a Congressman and Senator (legislative) and Governor (executive). He evinces far more prudent moves like the precautionary measures regarding the approval of the BBL, which BS Aquino insists on being approved “just like that’, despite the glaring unconstitutional provisions, his acquiescense to the invitation of China to talk over the sea row, for which he may be the preferred candidate, his wont to decide based on the common good and not on party lines, etc.

    VP Binay has a lot to explain, as there are a lot of truths to the accusations against him and he is old; GLP doesn’t have the proper background and inexperienced at that, indecisive as shown with her shelving of the investigation of the Mamasapano tragedy, not to mention that she might even be disqualified from office because she lied about her citizenship and residency before running for senator. Mr. Roxas is never a threat, his chances are gone….forever! He’s only good as a ‘second fiddle’, no delicadeza and cannot lead. Some say, he should remain a ‘driver’ and a ‘pick up boy’.

    It’s just too bad, BBM has no choice of parents. However, as he confirmed, his name is a blessing, which is true under the current circumstances. Let’s not forget that the ‘solid’ north is for real. Also, half of his person has many roots in the Visayas and political leaders at that. Finally, he has his own personality, achievements and genes of a good leader. He’s ‘young’, good-looking and he will be the only candidate with the “it”.