The $30-million extort try fact or fiction?


A fanciful and legendary extortion tales of Ballsy and Hubby do come true in the mythical and magical kingdom of “Tuwid Na Daan”

I have not read your previous article on this issue but to me your piece creates more questions than answers. For one, unless the Czech Ambassador voluntarily testify in a full blown investigation, we will never learn the truth. Here are my questions:

1. Why is it that the administration did not deny that the trip to Prague, Czech Republic by the couple Ballsy and Eldon Cruz sometime in 2011 took place? In fact, the quick absolution made by Lacierda of Ballsy that she is “incorruptible” only lends credence that the “social meeting” took place. I can only surmised that such trip was a follow up to that initial meeting between Vitangcol and company with the Czech ambassador where the deal did not push through.

2. If it was a “social gathering” attended by Ballsy and Eldon Cruz, why was it attended by top businessmen of the Czech Republic? Does this mean that Ballsy is specifically authorized to speak for and in behalf of the Philippines? Why not send government officials concerned with trade and business in the Philippines and not civilian people like Ballsy and Eldon Cruz?

3. Why was Inekon specifically mentioned in this alleged “:extortion try?”

4. If Vitangcol is the main suspect in this botched extortion try with the Czech Republic Ambassador, do you think Vitangcol will attempt to extort money on his own without a higher official instructing him to do so? Remember that he can’t hide it from the higher ups since he is negotiating with an ambassador of the Czech Republic.

5. Since the Ambassador has made it clear that he would not be part of any corruption, was the Ambassador authorized to negotiate for a specific Czech company like Inekon? How come?

The preceding are just samples of questions which I have for the moment but it would seem that this corruption issue will just be swept under the rags since it involves the administration.



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