The 911’s 50th


91101_20131015Porsches gather for a drive to mark local celebration of an automotive icon’s anniversary

ONLY truly special cars celebrate their birthdays. And among such cars Porsche’s 911 is, without doubt, peerless. So when it comes time to celebrate its birthday, the auto planet joins in—especially when the car is blowing 50 candles on its cake.

Jumping in on the globally marked occasion is the Philippines’ 911 faithful, which found an ideal way to get a slice of the car’s birthday cake in a “fun run” organized by PGA Cars’ Porsche Phils. In the event held on the morning of October 6, a pick of “Porschephiles” partook of a leisurely drive from Manila to scenic Tagaytay Highlands aboard their. . . well, what else?

Arrayed then on the posh hilltop venue were around 50 Porsches, most of which were 911s of various vintages and specs, as well as a smattering of Cayennes, Caymans, Boxsters and the odd Panamera. For good measure, PGA Cars also lined up an example each of all seven generations of the 911, and also displayed a 356 cabriolet—the granddaddy of the 911. Porsche owners, PGA execs and other merrymakers milled about, paying proper tribute to the automotive icon that has vastly evolved through five decades while wondrously remaining unchanged in spirit.

50 never looked this fabulous.


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