• The Agusan Monologues


    “Please open yourself to another way a few horizontal
    Metallic strips slightly bind a people here,” she said.
    “Your body’s not going to give fruits,
    Wild boar, and clear mushrooms.”
    “He was a mannequin to stop progressives, and they had a hard past
    When I started it, was gone in three months,” the history forest
    Resembling “festering, controlled by learning to listen.”
    “I go for lace and the stripper coal, and Face Oils,
    And sores on the back of five people to hug them.”
    “They’ve been ending,”
    Suggests the inspirations behind the “deeply
    Objectifying St. of Small Bombs
    And if I’m really lucky, I find people’s schools.”

    * * *

    Iqāmah Staircase

    “Why did they leave, fearless
    When exposing the fragility of the first place?”
    “This is not the time for Why am I mining dead
    A massive stockpile in the area,” said beast, he said
    Mother, I am Teeth. These first- and second-waves,
    Created by a dolphin (estimated earthly lead,
    Mercury, cadmium, arsenic, as well as downsizing chats,
    Statuses, myths about love, family, betrayal, and satin
    Textures in water), rehearsed and wholly resonated with me.
    “We’re in very violent fumes emitted by tweets of being free.”
    Happyland dust contains heavy stylized, wet finger-
    Called “tent moment,” says Jacob,
    “But the truth is, it took my breath around the
    Burmese elephant as a horse being to
    Dancing. An older mix of the animals (i.e., that
    They live and breathe in coal no longer available)
    Seemed to pretty new ways of being cities.”

    * * *

    The Vapor Rub Installation

    “When these attempts made in the light of the library around the village
    Act as a direct transmission from brain to plantations.
    We hold the hunger seized from the family on the platform.
    Gasoline contained in plastic breasts.
    This was a short-era walled village that was scenic
    Enough to warrant prayer and vigilance. Meanwhile,
    They are tightening one of the houses made
    Accountable at 2 a.m.,” she said.
    The Justice, acting as the Interim of injuries,
    Neglect, once said in an interview: “If I were twenty-four,
    Lured away from the ocean, migrating to a life on watercolor,
    Gouache, silkscreen, and mixed people,
    But I know the textbooks they give my keepers
    And then the older one becomes a pickpocket.”

    “We lost the house because they fueled our quiet.
    I trace the Greek severe-curtain before I could see any more.
    Never mind that the investigators and wisdom-TVs, aiming to offer
    A unique lithograph, burned down. In both houses,
    I found mail not even sated,” the pastoral letter read.

    “I know I should probably have this sleeping in makeshift houses
    When fire broke, and the place was a brilliant white,
    Except for the tight, gray ink. The Chief shrugs and says alleged”
    Donors of the roused “Bungalow which I have never seen?”
    Never mind that elders on land walk on the bottom of the ocean.


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