The anti-squatter syndrome


I don’t want to sound antagonistic but your article offers no clear solution. What do you propose we do about the squatters who are illegally occupying the areas? They can’t stay where they are, that much is certain. They can’t be talked to peacefully relocate (we’ve tried it, they’ve violently reacted against it). So the only logical course left is to force them out through demolition. They are citizens, I understand that, but that means they also have to respect our laws which say it’s wrong to take or use something that doesn’t belong to you, i.e. the land they’re living on. This is a really sensitive issue and I agree that people shouldn’t ride on it to gain popularity, but the problem remains and we can’t stop the only logical solution. It’s not nice to drive them out like animals, I also agree to that, but it must be done and it must be done now.



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