The anti-squatter syndrome


Great article. The problem of illegal settlers is connected to the bigger issue in our country. Why do you think people from the rural areas are moving to the Metro? Maybe it is because of the unequal growth between the urban and rural areas in the Philippines.

Farmers have no land of their own, earning a little share from the hacienderos/ plantation owners that they are serving. To make matter worse, most of the crops that they are planting are cash crops instead of rice, which as we all know is the staple food here. Instead of planting food, they plant crops that are ‘exportable’

Then there is the mining issue which is notorious for displacing our IP’s from their ancestral domains. Not only that, the waste that they produce are sometimes mismanaged thus poisoning the river and the seas, thus killing the livelihood of the people living in the surrounding area.

So what’s the better option for them? Die in hunger in the province or try their luck in the metro, even if they live on a danger zone?

If we want to stop them from moving here, we need to start developing the provinces. We need a land reform that is genuine and not something that has a lot of loopholes. By utilizing the skills of our engineers, we should strive to form industries that fosters inclusive growth with the people that would be affected instead of these so called ‘industries’ that only cares about profit etc.

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