• The Aquino Administration gets some international criticism it deserves


    LAST Friday, in a move that was possibly in violation of election laws and was certainly lacking in sensitivity or any obvious awareness of the concerns or even the existence of the Filipino public, President BS Aquino 3rd and his Liberal Party in a tearfully joyous (and expensive) celebration at Club Filipino “anointed” Interior Secretary Mar Roxas as the party’s candidate to continue Aquino’s “Tuwid na daan.”

    All of which meant that the country’s leadership was too busy to share the frustration and deep embarrassment of being formally castigated by the international community for failing to “meet necessary minimum standards for the provision of basic needs and services” for the majority of families who were displaced by Typhoon Yolanda in November 2013 – 21 months ago – and remain so today.

    That was the observation of Chaloka Beyani, UN special rapporteur on the human rights of internally displaced persons, in a news conference in Manila at the end of a fact-finding visit to Leyte and Samar. Beyani added, “I was concerned to learn that funding shortfalls and political challenges, including inadequate cooperation between national and local governments, are delaying processes towards achieving durable solutions.”

    Only 500 houses constructed
    The government’s own figures provide strong support for Beyani’s conclusions. As of June, according to a government report obtained by Reuters, only 2.5 percent of the targeted 21,012 units of permanent housing in the Eastern Visayas region were ready for use. That is about 525 houses; National Housing Authority records report a similar figure of 542. Of the remainder, only about 4,900 houses are in some stage of construction.

    In at least two towns in Samar and six towns in Leyte, not a single house has been built in 20 months since the typhoon struck.

    Apart from the shame of allowing through sheer inaction tens of thousands of our countrymen to live in desperate conditions, the economic harm being done by the government’s dysfunctional recovery program also does not seem to make much of an impression on the President or his “anointed” successor Roxas – who, we should be reminded, in his capacity as DILG Secretary bears a large measure of responsibility for the success or failure of disaster recovery efforts.

    As long as a significant part of the population in the Leyte and Samar provinces remains at a bare subsistence level, there will be no economic growth whatsoever in that part of the country; at best, the region will continue to slowly progress towards recovering its economic state before the storm – which is not encouraging at all, since the Leyte and Samar provinces were already among the country’s poorest up to that time.

    True unemployment data hidden
    Since the storm hit 21 months ago, unemployment data from Leyte has not been included in calculations of the national unemployment rate. While prior data has been adjusted to allow fair comparisons, for nearly two years the Philippines’ true employment picture has been kept hidden, and at some point, is going to have to be corrected in official data – which is exactly the sort of drastic change in a key indicator governments try to avoid, if they like things like keeping the country’s sovereign credit ratings, or keeping bond yields from spiking upwards, or not having money flee the local financial markets by the truckload.

    The negative assessment by the UN representative will have an impact on future financial aid the Philippines will inevitably need. A massive amount of funds from both government and public sources flowed into the Philippines in the wake of Yolanda; the UN, which for most countries is the next best thing to making their own individual assessments of how their money has been spent, has just basically said much of the funding has been wasted.

    That won’t mean that financial aid will be withheld from the Philippines the next time disaster strikes, but it will mean that aid is very likely to come with many strings attached. The Philippines, which should because of its vast experience be a world leader in disaster mitigation and recovery, will instead be obliged to follow instructions.

    If this is where “Tuwid na daan” leads us, then we are not surprised a growing number of people want the country to find a different path.


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    1. Even they use the most expensive perfume to deodorize themselves, still their true odor will come out. The whole world is watching our country..where corruption is at its worst. This is the most corrupt government the Philippines ever had. Pagpalain sana tayo ng maykapal na mapalitan na ang adminstration na ito. Ibig na namin ang umuwi sa ating bansa, sanay magkaroon ng panibagong liwanag.

    2. Guillermo Hernandez on

      Filipinos should BOYCOTT the 2016 elections !

      If the Comelec insists in using Smarmatic, the whole country knows the
      will of the people SHALL be negated. We do not want electronically-voted
      national government officials.

      Or does it really matter…….whoever wins the 2016 elections will result to the
      Filipino people being the big LOSERS. As of now,the two known presidential candidates,
      are not the right leaders we need…….a certified inutile and a big time crook !

      Poor Filipinos !

    3. Here is a man proud of his achievements Taxes have tripled under his watch the wealthy have become extremely wealthy . His pRykates are untouchable inspire of their corruption and ineptness .. He has handled the budget and the government as if this was his Hacienda with no obiedience to acceptable practices , no accountability and no national priority or direction. The poor have become desperate and the middle class are squeezed by high prices and utilities cost he has let his father. The co try and every decent nationalistic Filipino down …

    4. Imelda country yan eh What do you expect. Tarlac nga na bayan ni PNOT eh tinambakan ng imported na basura eh Leyte-Samar pa.

    5. Rogelio C. Lim on

      Paano magkakaroon ng cooperation ang national at local governments, sa umpisa pa lang pagkatapos ng bagyo, gusto ni Noynoy at Roxas na i-take over ang local government ng Tacloban City.

    6. This is all too familiar. Aquino puts a person in charge who does not accomplish the task. Roxas with Tacloban and Purisima with trying to capture criminals. Roxas and Purisima have proven they are incompetent. Aquino surrounds himself with incompetent friends.

    7. After looking at the different candidates for the upcoming elections in the Philippines, I would NOT vote for ANY of them! Why? MOST of them have been (in some way) implicated or indicted in the porkbarrel scam. Accusations, counter-accusations and lots of mud-slinging abound!! One critical election law (that is missing) is…NO political dynasties should be allowed in the Philippines (Aquinos, Marcos, etc.) . This is not a hierarchy…its a democracy and hierarchies should be forbidden. The current administration “talks a good story”, but comes-up damn short on political promises (re: housing for YOLANDA victims & their families.). Additionally, MOST (if not ALL) the aid sent in after the typhoon…has been put into provincial government warehouses, and the goods are being sold-off by the leaders of those provinces, and they pocket the cash. NOTHING went to the families as was designated by the shipping agreements! Two years with no supplies, housing or electricity!! Is the palace THAT naive’ that they can’t SEE this and do something about it?? (or are they just turning a “blind-eye” to the entire situation?? Either way…lets get a TOTAL independent with no political hierarchy or family connections to politicians, into the head office! iT WILL BE TOUGH…BUT someone out there, MUST have the qualifications and leadership to steer the Philippines back on track, to become the great country it really IS! The way this is done…is you MUST VOTE!!! The apathetic voter is the one who allows these corrupt politicians back into office! They just don’t vote! Do yourself a favor. Develop some self-pride, and pride for your country, by participating in the voting process. THAT way you can say that YOU had a direct hand in helping this or that person, get into office!…and NOT get into office by default! GO VOTE!!!!


      But first ban the infernal Smartmatic PCOS machines which makes a mockery of our elections.

      • Who will we vote for if there is no deserving candidate? I agree that we need to clean up the COMELEC. Comelec Commissioners should also be voted and not be appointed by the President. The qualifications of public officials should likewise be reviewed and revisited. If in the private sector, we are very strict with qualifications, more so for public officials. The ones charged with crimes, etc. should not be allowed to run. The ones without any technical knowledge at all as far as governance is concerned should be disqualified…etc…etc…etc…

    8. jun laurista on

      ang totoong objective ng Pnot administration ay ang pag hihiganti sa mga suspetsado niyang responsible sa pagkamatay ng kanyang ama at sa mga taong sumusuporta..at idagdag na rin natin ang nakaugalian o pangako ng ng pamilya nila na ipamigay ang pilipinas sa sino mang gustong umangkin(malaysia at china) nakapagtataka lang kung bakit maraming mga pilipino ang ayaw magbukas ng mata at isipan…

    9. Mar Padilla, Jr. on

      He thought that he could cover this up from the eyes of the outside world. You could see his Tuwid na Daan program is full of politics. Typhoon Yolanda victim are located in Leyte, where the Ex-First Lady Imelda Romualdez Marcos came from. Well, you could understand the reason why. The TUWID NA DAAN IS NOT REALLY A GOOD PROGRAM OF PRES.BS PANOT AQUINO. IT’S FULL OF POLITICS and political propaganda, and nothing more.