The art in closing a sale is about branding


The art of a sale is not in the presentation, although many may think so. They may think the effort can be drawn out with audio video support and glitz. Some even use board room presentation techniques in an effort to convey integrity with video and audio effects.

Some believe it’s all about the personal connections and who you know. In the end, however, it is all about the ability to close the deal, regardless of strategy. Go to any bookstore and you will find books promoting all kinds of strategies, but in the real world it all comes down to branding.

And yet you may ask, “how does branding have anything to do with sales?” Simply put, “branding is the consistent delivery of the brand promise, generating the integrity that makes it the brand.” In this simple definition, we emphasize the word integrity. To sell a product or service identified with integrity should make it easy to close a sale unless, of course, the buyer is the wrong target to begin with.

How does one sell a refrigerator to an Eskimo? Believe it or not, this is the very example used in any number of sales seminar pitches. If there is a buyer, your timely presentation of a product that carries integrity should make the sale. Yet many miss out on opportunities because they have identified the wrong buyer. Imagine making a pitch for a voice log system to a party who wants to buy a house.

The sales person must first identify the right market or party. Thereafter, integrity will sell the product itself. The problem with many products and services is bogus attributes. For example, a product made in China today suffers in comparison to that made in Germany, even though the Chinese product costs a third of the German product. However, should China begin to brand as it is now doing, in no time the integrity of the country will push the brand.

Take the automobile, one originating from South Korea and the other from Germany. Even if the price is the same, the German car will win the sale. Korean cars have improved significantly, but German cars have many decades of built-up integrity. Integrity wins every time.


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