• The art of a warrior



    Just like any other woman, I am fascinated with clothes. My love affair with dressing up started a little late but once it did, I am always on the lookout for unique designs that can easily spice up any wardrobe.

    One of my favorites is the namesake label of world-renowned designer Pia Gladys Perey. Her breathtaking designs remind me of warrior princesses and other favorite Greek mythology characters. Putting on a dress (or two or three or maybe four) designed by her always makes me feel empowered.

    And this sense of empowerment can only reflect that of which who created it, Pia herself.

    Pia, who is a homegrown Filipina, is an example of someone who had a vision and did everything she can do to get to where she wants her to be.

    Today, her brands are recognized not just in the country but worldwide as well since she launched in 2008. Today, women worldwide including Australia, the United States, Singapore, Japan, South Africa, and United Arab Emirates celebrate PGP’s emboldening sense of style.

    Her designs have also been featured on the world’s greatest stage including the Golden Globes, Emmys, American Music Awards, and the Critics Choice Awards. In fact, the PGP label is a favorite of the ultimate goddess, Angelina Jolie.

    Her label also boast of timeless and classic silhouettes from this era that are perfect not just for the most important days in our lives but also for power meetings that women attend. Pia’s brand has gone global in such a short span of time because of her understanding that different kinds of beauty should be celebrated. Her designs go beyond the aesthetic to tell the story of an inspiring woman.

    She goes on to say, “More than anything, I am deeply fascinated with the resilience and beauty of a woman. Her ability to be strong without losing her sensibility, versatility, and grace.”

    Pia, who is a mother to four beautiful children, is engaging in a way that is both inspiring and intimidating at the same time. When asked how she is able to do it all, she answered, “There is no perfect formula but if there is one thing I can always put first, it is love.”

    The designer also emphasizes, “I think the best thing that we can do in our life is to commit to doing things that we love. It does not guarantee a life without trials but it certainly makes things easier. So I always put first what is closest to my heart—my family, fashion, and great friends.”

    Yet despite the magnitude of her success, she personally believes that is still not quite there yet. She said, “I always like to think that I am en route to something great, it does make things very exciting.”

    And it is this heart of hers that makes all the difference in the world because it is translated into every piece of clothing she creates. With this, the woman who wear Pia Gladys Perey not just feel beautiful but also powerful.

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