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To say that the millenial employee is an unconventional one is an understatement. To begin with, millenials (myself included) are different creatures all together. If our parents and their parents thrived in confined, structured, hierarchical structures, millenials, with everything in the world offered to them, choose to create their own workspaces and have their measurements for success.

A couple, who embodies all this, have embarked on the road less traveled. They are old friends Charles Torres and Kris Delos Reyes, the every bit of the #relationshippeg. Charles quit his corporate job and Kris quit her pre-school teaching position to focus on opening their own joint business, Circuit Box PH in the South of Metro Manila.

Circuit Box PH is a functional rehabilitation training gym that offers high intensity training, boxing, and muay thai. It prides itself in educating people on proper fitness techniques through “different and unique programs” as opposed to traditional ways. There, there is always a new and better way of improving one’s self.

As long-time fitness enthusiasts, Charles and Kris shared, “Fitness is important because it allows us to function well in our everyday activities.”

In fact, the two are quick to admit that unlike other couples who bond over movie and dinner dates, majority of the time they spent together have been in the gym while trying out new work outs.

Kris recalls, “It has always been the way we dated each other. And one day, we just realized that since we spent most of our time together and at the gym, why not make something out of it and start our own business?”

The goal of the business was to inspire and help people who wanted to achieve their fitness goals by propelling the fitness industry in the country. Charles notes, “The reality is that most Filipinos are still not aware that fitness is an important part of life. Despite the rising popularity of the fitness industry, there are still a lot to be learned, especially in creating specific programs for clients.”

The two are committed to give the best to their clients by constantly studying the field as much as they can. For them, fitness is not just a hobby but something one can invest in through various trainings, continuous study, and commitment.

And while they may have embarked on a road that wasn’t initially what they set out for, Charles and Kris both believe that success is measured by a simple “thank you” from happy clients and the fact that they get to live the life they’re passionate about.

Kris explains, “The best thing really is waking up every morning excited to meet new people, exchange thoughts, and being able to help those who ask us to achieve their fitness goals. This inspires us to continue to be better.”

And while some may think creating a business with your significant other is difficult, Kris and Charles, who have been together for almost five years, debunks that myth.

“It’s easy working together because we know each other and we don’t have to adjust with each other,” was what they have to say.

Because ultimately, just like any millenial, their goal is simple: to create a better world and for that, there is no bae-tter initiative.

For more, follow Circuit Box on Instagram @circuitboxph.

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