The BBL cannot be passed–even if amended because of the CAB


WE are for peace in Mindanao.  And we can see that SOME of the leaders of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front — Peace Panel Chairman Mohagher Iqbal, we believe, for one–are sincere when they say they do consider themselves Filipinos, citizens of the Philippines and want their desired Bangsamoro substate or autonomous region to remain a member of the Republic of the Philippines.

But we cannot urge Congress to pass the pending Bangsamoro Basic Law (the future constitution of the Bangsamoro substate) in its present form as written by the MILF Central Committee (or whoever) and then slightly amended and certified to Congress for urgent approval by the de facto, Smartmatic-PCOS-machine produced President of the Philippines B. S. Aquino.

Many erudite, legal experts and constitutionalists in and outside both houses of Congress have pointed out the many unconstitutional provisions of the BBL draft now pending and being discussed in the House of Representatives and the Senate — until hearings were suspended because of the Mamasapano Massacre.  Congressmen and senators have prepared and submitted changes to correct or remove those unconstitutional provisions, as well as those provisions that run against existing laws of our Republic.

Not only is the Palace-MILF draft of the BBL full of unconstitutional provisions, it also rests on the premise that it is, in effect, the enabling law that will carry out the Comprehensive Agreement on Bangsamoro (CAB) and an earlier document, the Framework Agreement on Bangsamoro (FAB), both which were signed by representatives of the Philippine government and the MILF.

These two documents contain explicit rejections of the foundational principles of the Philippine Republic and the Philippine Constitution.  So even if the BBL were amended and passed, as long as it is contains a reference to being based on the CAB as its source and organic principle, it cannot be passed.

Yesterday, at the Balitaan sa Rembrandt Forum, Abraham Idjirani spokesman of the Sultanate of Sulu and North Borneo voiced the thinking of most Muslim Filipinos who are not of the Maguindanao ethnic community or MILF camp followers.  He reminded Filipinos that in pushing for the BBL, the Aquino peace process people and their MILF counterparts have not bothered to consult other Mindanao stakeholders, including Muslims who are not allied or sympathetic to the MILF. He urged all Filipino people’s organizations espousing change and peace to bat for the active participation of the Sultanate and other Muslim and non-Muslim Mindanao stakeholders in the peace process.  Or else, he warned, nothing will be achieved, just as what’s happening now to the Bangsamoro deal.

Also yesterday, two Mindanao congressmen and congresswoman, interviewed in ABSCBN’s  Beyond Politics program, all said they want the BBL passed but only after their amendments have been included.  The two congressmen them voiced worries about the fundamental basis of the BBL, the anti-Philippine Republic CAB, as a big problem that must be solved.  But solving the CAB problem means the whole peace treaty has to be renegotiated.

The dark shadow looming above all of this is the unretracted statement of policy made by the Chairman of the MILF Central Committee in a letter to the House of Representatives. This statement says that the MILF has been dealing with the entire Philippine government embodied by the President of the Philippines who as commander in chief has the power to bind all branches of government.  Therefore there is no reason or need for Chairman Al-Hajj Murad Ebrahim to appear in the congressional hearings about the BBL.

If this is the position of the MILF chairman and of the entire central Committee, which is the ruling body of this rebel separatist organization, then there is no reason for Congress to waste time and money holding hearings about the BBL and debating about amendments to make it conform to our Constitution and to particular laws of our Republic.

Until he repudiates his policy statement, Chairman Murad stands on record as willing to only the BBL that they have written. Therefore they will insist that the anti-Philippine Republic contents of the CAB are carried out.

De facto President BS Aquino, his co-workers Sec. Teresita Deles and Peace Panel Chairwoman Miriam Coronel-Ferrer have committed treason in agreeing to the terms of the CAB. They also committed criminal negligence in proceeding with the peace process to reach this point — of pressuring our Congress to pass a Bangsamoro substate mini-constitution–without ascertaining that the MILF central committee fully understood and accepted what the Philippine Republic and Constitution stand for, how our government works and that the MILF’s desired Bagsamoro substate would just be a part of the Philippines and not an independent country whose leadership can opt to secede.


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  1. Just because of a NOBEL PEACE PRIZE the sovereignty of the Republic is being compromised by this Pres,.where are the brave men and women in uniform they were sworned to defend not the President ,but the people…I dont want to believed that the Philippines is inhabited ny 100 million Morons..

  2. Why do the Senate and House of Representatives
    NOT impeach Aquino ASAP?

    Activities other than the impeachment process, are political grandstanding and treating the Filipino People with contempt.

  3. danilo de leon on

    but of course they would want to remain part of the republic. otherwise who will subsidize their sub state. the bbl is one huge scam

  4. how and why did this version of the BBL even pass the scrutiny of Malacañang? obviously the president and his advisers have their own version of the constitution, like the PDAF and DAP, both unconstitutional. Or maybe they’re in possession of a different constitution.

  5. Crisostomo Ibarra on

    Hypothetical question? Lets say everybody got really pissed with the deteriorating conditions in Mindanao. Can we march to Mindanao without violating any international law?

  6. justice feliciano testified before the senate and that pretty much wraps it up for me as far as the bangsamoro basic law is concerned.
    this master of public international law (of whom even my international law professors in cambridge fawned over) essentially agreed with justice vicente mendoza’s opinion (unconstitutional due to creation of another state).
    justice feliciano, though also gave some added interesting points:
    – the cab, signed by the government and the milf, is “between two (2) juridical entities, each presumably claiming the capacity to enter into agreements”;
    – “the structures and processes set up by the existing administrative law of the [Republic of the Philippines] may be modified or swept away by acts of the Bangsamoro Government. This is not something that can be authorized to be done by statute enacted by the Philippine Congress.”;
    – finally, he notes that the philippine government “will have more limited functions and duties than the Bangsamoro Government touching the daily lives of people.”

  7. What do you expect from a Stupid President? He will choose stupid people as secretaries and head of government entity.

  8. The MILF- Aquino negotiations have proceeded through every stage with the government giving the MILF everything it wanted. The President was recognized as having the power over all of Government and the MILF was recognized as representing all people of the south. The MILF does not represent the people of the south, other than maybe 4%. The President is not a dictator and must follow the Constitution and our laws. We now have to go back to this very first step and start over. All agreements thus far signed are null and void. The BBL is dead.

  9. How come the Noynoy government talks to only one of the rebel groups. There are many rebel leaders now who are not consulted and are very busy doing lawless activities and to think that MILF group who are seeking peace with Aquino regime cannot convince or appease other leaders to talk peace is just unacceptable and Aquino and his advisers seems are not aware of this scenario. Are we wasting billions of taxpayer’s money just to force a peace pact with only one group and then waste another billions of money waging wars against other factions like the group of Misuari, Kato, Abu Sayyaf and other private armies just because other countries are supporting this peace pact? Of course Malaysia and the US are supportive because they have vested interests to the place like building US base while the other country wants to explore the oil prospects in the region while Aquino wants his legacy and the Nobel Peace Prize nomination.

    • You are right, there are many groups of Muslim rebels. One lived in Mindanao doing sales work for 10 years and indeed there are different ethnic groups who consider themselves rebels. If PNoy will gather all of them, which will include the MNLF, BIFF, Abu SAyaf, he cannot do it and if he can, just in case, there will be confusion all over because all of them have separate leaders and demands. This will add to the danger of talking only to the MILF. If he will succeed, how sure is PNoy and his group that the rest of the rebel groups will agree and not create trouble instead? Shall PNoy make a peace agreement with each rebel group? Is this not a clear stupidity?

  10. Murad, Iqbal and entire MILF central must make a public declaration that they will accept that the future Bangsamoro autonomous region is a part of the Philippine Republic and its various government departments, agencies and police and any other arned forces are under the Philippine Republic and all acts within the autonomous region must comply with the provisions of the Philippine Consitution and any law now existing. Otherwise forget it!