The best job prospects in the near future


DESPITE its impressive growth rates and investment grade ratings, unemployment in the country still soared in the first quarter of the year, thus it can be said that the government failed to achieve the “inclusive growth” that President Benigno Aquino 3rd is eyeing.

Inclusive growth means generation of more jobs in different sectors and industries that will have a “trickle down” effect.

Jose Luis Yulo Jr., president of the Chamber of Commerce of the Philippine Islands (CCPI), said that the hot jobs in the future in need of a trained labor force will be focused more on technology, manufacturing and recycling.

These in-demand jobs of the future, as Yulo said, are in the field of biotechnology, food manufacturing, environment, recycling of resources, energy, transport, education and robotics.

“Filipinos have to be re-educated to meet the demands of the future,” Yulo said.

For her part, Sheryll Tiburcio, country manager of online jobs portal, told The Manila Times that in-demand jobs on the rise are in the information technology (IT) field such as game developers and programmers, graphic artists and web developers.

Tiburcio said that IT-related jobs on the rise are still “connected to the business processing management (BPM) industry” as the industry does not dwell only in the contact center or voice sector, but also in software development, data analytics, gaming and animation, as well as the health management sector.

“Actually it [jobs in-demand in the future]is still related to BPM industry. Locally, [in-demand jobs in the future] are jobs in tourism and sales section,” Tiburcio said.

Last year, the BPM industry attained more than 700,000 total jobs that yielded a total of $13.2 billion in revenues.

Citing the influx of “hundreds of thousands job requirements of employers,” Tiburcio added that most of the employers “are really looking for job seekers in tourism and sales,” second to the BPM industry.

Meanwhile, according to recent records of government online job portal, the top 10 jobs at present with the most vacancies are: Call centers with 6,028 vacancies; factory workers, 5,390; sales clerks, 3,712; service crew, 3,469; cashier, 2,902; customer service assistant, 2,018; enumerator, 2,000; production machine operator, 1,904; domestic helpers, 1,510; and salesman, 1,372.

Under the BPM segment, Trade Undersecretary Ponciano Manalo said that manufacturing and IT-related jobs on the rise, which are showing much potential, particularly data analytics, data science and data processing—which are more focused on business solutions.

Earlier, Manalo also said that the government is looking into data analytics and data science as the next sunshine industry.

“It could be the next generation of BPM in the country,” Manalo said.

Earlier, Manalo said that the sector will need more workers in the future as the trade and industry department discreetly seeks ways on to support analytics and how “to make the Philippines as data analytics hub of the world,” even to the extent of surpassing the BPM voice and non-voice sector which are the most in-demand jobs at present.

Data analytics is the task of filtering, analyzing and organizing information—may it be numbers, presentations or any data—and eventually drawing sense and conclusions to problems.

“When it comes to analytics, we [government]have to invest on what we call ‘data scientists.’ We have to invest on the higher learning, of how to train people to be able to interpret information”

On the other hand, the National Economic and Development Authority lists the jobs in demand in the near future as manufacturing, agriculture, tourism, IT-BPM, agri-business and housing.

Clearly, jobs concerning the manufacturing and BPM—especially data analytics—will be in-demand in the future and will also be a way to achieve the inclusive growth that the government is aiming for.


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