• The best place to visit this Holy Week? Ask CBCP


    What’s the best place to visit this Holy Week?

    It’s not the beach. It’s not your hometown. It’s not even a church.

    It’s your conscience, according to the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP).

    CBCP President and Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Socrates Villegas said most people are no longer attached to their consciences, thus the need for a visit especially at this time when the entire Christendom observes the agony and death of Jesus Christ.

    Villegas noted that when it comes to making a pilgrimage, the conscience should come ahead of churches.

    “The best place to go to is your conscience because people are no longer in touch with their consciences. The best place to make a pilgrimage is not even a church, the best place to go to is your conscience and allow the voice of right to prevail,” the bishop said.

    Many people take a break during Holy Week by going to beaches or resorts along with their families. The more devout Catholics would visit several churches.

    But Villegas said people should also find the time to examine themselves.

    “By solitude, by being alone, and then asking yourself how does God look at me? How God looks at you is how you really are because what you do when one sees you is how you really are,” he explained.

    The prelate urged the faithful to continue praying, also noting that the Christian life is lived through prayers, sacrifices and charities “before Lent, after Lent and during Lent.”

    “Lent just gives the spotlight on these three Lents, but outside Lent during Easter, or during Christmas, we should still be praying, sacrificing and doing charity for others. That’s the mark of the real discipleship of Christ,” Villegas said.


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    1. When you have to visit your conscience, you must really be in deep trouble. Usually it’s your conscience that visits you. When you have not had this encounter for quite some time (the recommended dose is daily), you may have almost succeeded in killing it by now. That’s tough. You can’t buy a new one.