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Quick costume party looks for the woman on the go

In the words of the now-classic teen romantic comedy, Mean Girls, “Halloween is that one night a year when a girl can dress like a complete slut and no other girl can say anything about it.”

Ariana Grande

Good point! But we dare say it’s that one night a year when one can fully exercise his or her creativity. Picking a unique costume may seem like a tall order but it can be done—and it should be fun! You can go all in, without making it seem like a Herculean feat.

But wait, Halloween is done and over, you say. That is true, but there are always events to dress up for. One of which is the increasingly popular costume party. For the woman on the go, preparing for a costume party may seem a bit too taxing. The idea of pulling off a complete look may seem like such an ordeal—the hair, the makeup, the clothes. And the biggest question is, “Where do I get my costume?!” But making a statement this season does not necessarily mean you have to come up with the most elaborate of costumes. All you need is to muster a little inspiration, a little imagination, and a little help from your friendly neighborhood retail store.

For one, you can enjoy a wealth of inspiration from pop culture by making clever references to just about anything from music, television, films, and even current events. The key is to “study” and pick a reference you believe in, stick with it and embody the character you’ve chosen. Here are some looks we’ve picked for you in case you are running out of ideas.

Blair Waldorf

1) Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande’s signature look is not hard to pull off. The most important accessory to make it an unmistakably Ariana Grande ensemble is the high ponytail. For your makeup, make sure you get that signature wingtip to make your eyes pop and lool extra flirty.

This look: Bustier top, To order from Avel Bacudio. High-waist shorts, Aeron at Tryst Studio SM Aura.

2) Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl
If there’s one thing that the tangled web of who-goes-out-with-who and all that Upper East Side high school drama in the world of Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen have taught us, it’s that whatever they do, they do it fashionably. In Gossip Girl, high school uniforms are translated to designer labels mixed and matched perfectly to make a look that is distinctly theirs.

This look: Embellished jacket and skirt, Zara. Top, Aeron at Tryst Studio SM Aura. Shoes from Complex Lifestyle Store.


3) Elle/Eleven from Stranger Things
Stranger Things charmed viewers all over the world not only with its gripping narrative but also with ‘80s influences from music to fashion. Take your cue from one of its main characters to make your look interesting and timely.

This look: Dress, To Order from Jinggay Serag. Denim Jacket, Penshoppe.

4) Wednesday Addams
She’s pale, generally emotionless, and commonly attributed to her twin braids. Wednesday Addams may very well be one of the most iconic characters to come out of the popular series, The Addams Family. Get this look and be sure to be a conversation starter.

This look: Dress, To Order from Jinggay Serag

Wednesday Addams

5) The Countess from American Horror Story
Lady Gaga’s first crossover to acting has turned heads as the villainess in the long-running Hollywood television franchise, American Horror Story. The blood-sucking Countess was made famous by her well put together ensembles that are seemingly plucked from the pages of a fashion magazine, not to mention her piercing eyes and well, that throat slashing finger.

This look: Long dress, To order from Avel Bacudio. Jacket with fur lining, Zara. Accessories, stylist’s own.

Photography by Calvin Cardenas
Styling by Leo Balante
Makeup by Elle Lubigan
Model Patty at Rouge Models


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