The bumper-to-bumper ‘tuwid na daan’


PRESIDENT BS Aquino The Last has asked the people bearing the burden of the worsening traffic to be “more patient and understanding.”

Former Speaker Prospero “Boy Nogie” Nograles Jr. may have heard it differently but definitely, what he thought he had heard was more truthful. “Ano raw? Be a patient?” he asked.

The Malacañang think tank must be working overtime trying to find ways to untangle the horrific traffic in Metro Manila. One of the ideas of BS Aquino’s bright boys is to implement a “number coding scheme” where vehicles with plates ending in odd and even numbers will alternate in using key roads. These bright boys should have been congratulated until some spoilsport pointed out that this scheme was originally an idea of former Transportations Secretary Oscar “Oca” Orbos.

Oca’s stewardship of the Department of Transportation and Communication was marked with innovative ideas, such that then President Cory Aquino promoted him to Executive Secretary, or “The Little President.” Now, Malacañang bright boys are resurrecting his brain child with the hope of having only half of motor vehicles on the road on any given day.

On second thought, why should the Aquino administration be suddenly concerned about the bumper-to-bumper traffic in Metro Manila? Traffic now really raises one’s blood pressure. Under the tuwid na daan of the Yellow president, there’s huge traffic even when it’s not even drizzling. And yet, the President and his anointed one, DILG Secretary Mar Roxas, are selling the idea that the horrendous traffic is a sign of economic progress. If it is, why then is the administration proposing schemes like the odd-even one to ease the traffic?

Let’s say this odd-even scheme will now work. Where do you suppose those who couldn’t use their cars would take a ride? At the Light Rail Transit/Metro Rail Transit trains? Sure, traffic might ease but there will be longer lines at the MRT/LRT stations. I can almost hear Malacañang mouthpieces defending the longer queues as “a sign that the people really love our LRT/MRT.”

Oh, but making, I mean forcing the car-owning public to join the Great Unwashed in queuing for an MRT/LRT ride could be Malacañang’s way of enhancing social equality.
Sometime back, LRT/MRT stopped selling tickets with stored value, which could enable buyers to use them a number of times. This has undoubtedly resulted in longer lines of people trying to buy tickets. Hey, did I say “social equality?” “Democratizing misery” is more like it.  As far as comforts and luxuries are concerned, these are earmarked only for the KKKs.

Secretary Mar Roxas has vowed to continue with the “tuwid na daan” of his boss the BS. He has been playing this to the hilt by now wearing a yellow ribbon pin every day and by mouthing every pronouncement of BS Aquino The Last. He may be well-intentioned but if he’ll be the evangelist of the tuwid na daan, very few will be joining him.

And as long as traffic under this administration remains bumper-to-bumper, many will be damning this kind of road and try to get out of it at the earliest possible time. This is the road to hell, not to salvation.


In my dream, President BS Aquino The Last was bent on showing to all and sundry, especially his incurable critics, that he’s a man of his word, that he always meant what he had said.

In the next scene of my dream, a number of Yellows were wailing loudly. BS Aquino had just thrown himself under an MRT train. Now, that’s a man of his words indeed!
FB: Efren Limos Danao


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  1. Always funny and witty! And……hitting the bulls eye as usual. pinoy and his group are a sympathetic bunch but….there are still those who cannot see the truth. That is a wonderful dream but my dream is weirder than yours. I saw pinoy with his whole group tied up together walking on a straight line towards the bureau of customs building. Inside is lina holding a hand grenade because he cannot take the rants and threats of the ofws and he couldnt find the weapons of mass destruction that he wanted to commit suicide, but not alone…..with pinoy of course and the rest of the group! What a happy united family, together until the end!

  2. Certainly, BS Aquino and mar roxas and their urban planning director has mentally disability and mentally disorder. Anong progress ng economy, sinabi na nga sa inyo na ng Japan experts for traffic congeston, na nalulugi ang pilipinas ng higit 48 billion pesos a year because of the traffic congestion. Late arrival of worker at their respective job will cause the productivity of the workers will be less . magsisilayas na ang mga may direct investment sa ating bansa..The companies input production will be in trouble if certain quota will not meet.

  3. What a tragic and prophetic ‘dream’ you had, Mr. Danao. I remember Pres. BS Aquino saying that: “dalawa na kami (refering to the head of the agency) na magpapasagasa sa tren”, if the MRT problem is not solved at a certain time. But, do dreams really come true?