• The burgis as bastos


    SINCE 2011 I have not found the energy to make patol Jim Paredes at length. One can ignore him, I realized. Even when he screams from the top of his lungs via social media, even when he goes out on the streets to implore us all to stick to the President’s matuwid na daan. Life’s been good so far. The world is a more intelligent place if I don’t listen to the Jim Paredeses of this world.

    Loyalty award
    And yes, I was able to keep it this way even throughout this PNoy Presidency, when Paredes revealed himself to be nothing but loyal to this President, for reasons that are beyond me. No wait, it is not beyond me. It is actually quite easy to explain: when it comes to PNoy, Paredes has become irrational and unthinking, an enamored fan, who thinks the world of this president, who cannot do any wrong. PNoy is also the best President EVER. And yes, that’s a direct quote from Paredes.

    And this would be fine — blind loyalty and fanaticism after all exists everywhere in the world — except that Paredes also reveals a bias against those who refuse to see PNoy with yellow colored glasses, and who would rather speak of nation beyond matuwid na daan and the numbers of SONA 2015.

    Ah, but in Paredes’s world, it’s either you’re for PNoy or for <insert PNoy’s enemy here>. It’s either you’re yellow or you’re <insert any other color here>. There are no gray areas, not even different shades or hues of yellow. Just PNoy yellow. It’s the color of his heart.

    And you’d respect that were Paredes not one to think that he had a moral high ground over everybody else who decides to be critical of this government. You’d respect Paredes if he at least admitted to the faults of this President: from trusting a suspended police official on Mamasapano, to failing to appear at the Fallen 44’s arrival honors; from the dangers of public transport to the removal of benefits for teachers; from the insistence on the K to 12 program without thinking about how it would affect teachers and students and parents, to the refusal to take a stand for all OFWs who are on deathrow, from the failure in Haiyan preparedness to the the failure in post-Haiyan rescue and relief operations. One could go on and on.

    But we have not heard Paredes speak against this President, NOT ONCE. And even during the beginnings of the anti-pork barrel campaign, when I had the “honor” to be with Paredes during the Scrap Pork Network meetings, it became clear that he was protective of the President, insisting that those at fault were in Congress and the Senate. Once, in a discussion about the amounts listed for certain Congress

    Representatives, when it was pointed out that one of the provinces with the biggest allocation is Abad-run Batanes, Paredes insisted that we do not look at those lump sums. Malay naman daw natin nagpagawa ng powerplant ang mga Abad sa Batanes.

    Oo nga naman. Benefit of the daw.

    The problem with fanaticism
    And yet two years since the anti-pork barrel campaign, and with the disbursement acceleration program already declared unconstitutional, all we’ve got are lump sums and still no real accounting, no real breakdown of funds. We’re still faced with a lot of discretionary funds, all of which are in the hands of this President and his trusted team, including Butch Abad himself.

    But Paredes is still in love with this President and his daang matuwid, never mind that it has proven ineffective in actually delivering the most basic of services, from efficient public transport to quality public education, better textbooks to decent wages, real universal health care to safe roads.

    All of which the President spoke of at the SONA by giving us a list of numbers and by handpicking Filipinos who have good things to say about his government. It was all too contrived. It surprises that in this day and age of social media and spin, people still believe in numbers and AVPs.

    Ah, but Paredes BELIEVES! Like a true fanatic he declared: Best President EVER!

    And like a true fanatic who only sees black and white, and then sees red when his idol is questioned or critiqued, he screamed on Facebook about his disgust over the Makabayan Bloc of Congress standing up after the President’s speech to hold up banners in silent protest against this fairytale of a SONA. Paredes shouted from his moral high ground: Mga bastos!

    And then he rants, in his own unique way, based on the notion that: if you’re not for PNoy, then you’re for Binay. If you’re not anti-China the way PNoy so superficially is, then you’re pro-China — never mind that in fact you have leveled up the discussion about China to demand for our sovereignty in a way that PNoy has not.

    And then because fanaticism works this way, Paredes does not care that he is spreading lies about the Makabayan Bloc, who have made Congress more decent than it’s ever been, because they refuse to sit quietly while bills and laws are created and passed not because these are needed by the majority of the people, but because it will serve the interests of the ruling class.

    Paredes the PNoy fanatic cannot see that of course. He has gotten away after all with being ill-informed, blind, deaf, dumb to the ills of this government, and declaring it for all the world to see. Anyone who tells him otherwise he declares an enemy of matuwid na daan, an enemy of what is righteous and correct. And he screams that from whatever armchair he’s sitting on, typing away on Facebook and putting up a Tweet or two.

    Paredes does not miss the chance to call critics names, does not miss the opportunity to speak from his bourgeois perch about change and nation. Yet he does not take the time to actually understand what it’s like to live below minimum wage, with unsafe and horrid public transport, with barely enough energy to care for self and family, and even less money to fend for family’s survival; without real healthcare, no quality education, and with every sense of hunger and need and poverty.

    And then he dares scream at partylist representatives who are actually working to change all that, not by making laws, but by changing the crooked way laws are being made, and engaging with the system as much as they can. And Paredes screams as if he is even on the same level as these Congressmen, as if he has even done a smidgen of what they have already done for nation.

    Paredes screams: Mga bastos! from his perch while he wears his yellow colored glasses, his I heart PNoy shirt, and as he enjoys matuwid na daan, believing that this is the best government we’ve ever had. He does this while around him is hunger and need. He celebrates: best President EVER! While the majority of the poor and the so-called “unpoor” continue to live below and on the poverty line.

    One realizes the worst kind of bastos. It’s the burgis fanatic like Paredes. Because even Noranians and Vilmanians are more mature than Paredes when it comes to their idolatry of Ate Guy and Ate Vi. Then again, that might be because the Superstar and the Star of All Seasons have also matured through the years, and brought their fans with them.

    Paredes meanwhile is a PNoy fanatic. That says a lot about the level of maturity that they share, doesn’t it?

    We become the idols we worship, or we actually are them to begin with. For Paredes and PNoy, that’s kaburgisan and kabastusan all at once.


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    1. Ver Wijangco on

      APO Hiking Society forever…… open your eyes and see the difference between Pnoy’s term compare to Gloria and Erap……..

    2. Jim Paredes has a very close relative who resorted to terrorism by plotting to bomb Metro Manila, cause panic and disorder, and destabilize the Marcos government. ewan lang kung at that time ay alam ng the rest of APO members na sina Danny Javier at Buboy Garovillo kung ano ba ang totoong dahilan at nakakulong ang close relative ni Jim Paredes. kaya pala anti-Marcos si Jim.

    3. Ay naku if he believes in his idol na may matuwid na daan dito sa Pinas eh bakit nasa Australia siya? If I remembered siya at mga yellow grupo Nya ang nanigaw kina Corona sa Luneta. Ayala mo Kung Sino sila malinis.

    4. all of Abnoy minions,admirers and big fans are all retard. I have high respect with Jim Paredes before i like their music. But since i read an article in facebook yesterday and Katrina article today about Jim supporting Abnoy, only thing i can tell him, go home to autralia your home country. Ikaw ang bastos Jim. Kiss Abnoy down under lol.

    5. primer pagunuran on

      A dyed-in-the-wool fanatic like Jim, as the author says, really has no place in our realpolitik for it is rather obscene to assume that he even enjoys the highest intellectual ascendancy since this is something that he is yet to acquire if he even thought to have as much as acquired it already.

      I guess, birds of the same feather flock together. Am not sure, am not even referring to him being Ateneo [in case he is, but i dunno] but with no offense to those who are. But come to think of it, a bit of an Ateneo problem seems to have been subsumed in his KKK as another form of fanaticism altogether. Please don’t get me wrong but many keen observers have already repeatedly talked about this ‘student council advisers’ of PNoy as being, to say the least, a bunch of nincompoops. That is just my uncolored view of the scene.

    6. If you are living abroad, it doesn’t automatically make you a citizen of that country. Jim Paredes is a Filipino, he might be a permanent resident in Australia but he remains his Filipino citizenship.

    7. From the comments I have read I have come to the conclusion that a lot of Filipinos don’t like Jim Paredes. Will someone please e-mail this article to Paredes or somehow get his attention to read it? Maybe it will make him shut up for once.

    8. Eileen Miciano on

      I am a fan of the Apo Hiking society. Love their music, even had a teenage crush with Paredes… But when I heard and read his opinion (via newspaper, magazines & recently the social media) about the Philippines political scenes and especially regarding our President Pinoy, I didn’t like the taste of it. Mukhang di tama sa tingin ko, parang biased. Sa tingin ko di sincere considering na nasa Australia na sya nakatira. Feel nya ba talaga ang kahirapan ng Pilipinas? Ang mga Pinoy. Ang kalsadang forever lubak at inaayos lang kung keylan tag-ulan at dahil hindi di kaledad ang gamit nalulubak din pag dating ng tag-ulan. At yes etchetera! Dahil bakit ba di natin magaya ang Singapore or Hongkong! Nasabi ko sa sarili ko, sana manatili nalang sya sa music kung saan nabibigyan nya ng hustisya dahil don sya magaling. Wala na syang dapat pang patunayan…. Three (3) years ko pa ito napansin pero di ko akalain na di lang pala ako ang nakapansin.

    9. I remember when Apo Hiking Society was the hottest concert ticket during the last years of Marcos regime and they were having so much fun picking on the government.
      But after almost 30 years of “democracy”, we are in an even worse state than ever before and this time, Jim Paredes and company can not pick on this government or they will look like fools, so they have to make it look like we are under the best government ever, meanwhile, he and his family have already migrated to Australia.

    10. Mam isa lang ang maayos na presidente,si marcos. Khit pagsama-samhin ang lahat ng nging presidente, mas marami pa ring nagawa si marcos.kahit corrupt. Ngayon mas masahol pa puro corrupt walang gawa.Human rights mas talamak din ngayon,dati dinudukot lang,ngayon khit mraming nkkita harapan binbaril. DEMOKRASYA KASI.

    11. victor m. hernandez on

      Being poor, indigent, and almost destitute, I suffer the agony of very slow moving traffic that assault me at least three times a week as I accompany and bring my ailing wife to the first and oldest hospital in the country. The experience is compounded by limited public health support considering that senior citizens, the both of us, have scant means to sustain this situation. P-Noy did his best, well almost, but not quite. Mareng Winnie and her movement of good governance rated P-Noy 6.5 out of 10. Someone more generous gave him 7 out of 10. If that is the best, the standard is definitely very low and very poor. Can P-Noy catch up during the remaining months of of his term? We hope, and he should.

    12. Ganyan lang si Jim Paredes, laos na kasi ang APO e… at saka may edad na rin po si Manong Jim medyo ulyanin na ng konti, a precursor to Parkinson’s, hopefully not…

    13. Faustino Reyes on

      I have observed that those living abroad (some are no longer Filipinos) are Pnoy fanatics and think that he can do no wrong. Maybe they are guilty of leaving the Philippines or they are victims of discrimination in their new country and take out their frustrations on the poor fellows living in pinas.

      • Phoenix Paterson on


        Living abroad will not change the fact that we Filipinos, even if one becomes a naturalized citizen of that country. Personally, I had seen flaws of Pnoy but we had gotten a long way from the corrupt regime that plagued our dear country. I was never guilty of leaving the Philippines, most of my hard earned money made it back to you as an OFW in USA. It went back to the economy of the Philippines does making you an indirect beneficiary. The frustrations that we have was never directed to the poor but rather why they remain poor. The frustrations that we have is that corruption still exists and when a Jim Paredes speaks about it a Katrina Stuart makes him ineligible citing of his “social status” and some people buy into it. Even Tiglao cited that Jim is not qualified to comment on Philippine political agenda because of his dual citizenship. Jim could be a Martian for all I care. Jim can not cure hunger, in fact it is all over the Philippines and we see it everyday that we forget it is there. Jim’s voice reminds you that it is there. It encourages us to talk and have this discourse about it. What have you done? I’ll give you something to do! look into the human trafficking in the Metro Manila alone and figure out a way to solve it…This will be my lifelong challenge to you…Go ahead and ask Katrina for assistance…Maybe you will understand me….

      • Tama ka … They are just 2nd class citizen in their adopted country ….. Pedro pay umuwi parang dining ciGa sa mga relatives Nila …., this guy paredes … Wayang nakakilala sa kanYa in oz except maybe for small immigrant piNoy community … KsYa ditto na cya magPasikat Pero Bastos naman … Calling immigration …… Persona non Grata ata Ito si Australian boy …… Go home Jim to oz…… We don’t want you here .. You and your Bad manners

    14. P-noy may not be the best President ever, but certainly did everything to improve the lives of the Filipinos. He may have committed errors in implementing some of the government projects and programs, however, he had accomplished a lot during his short term in the office, i.e, the continuous campaign to eliminate graft and corruption, increased tourist visitors, and promoting foreign investment, to name a few.
      P-noy is not super man capable of solving the Philippines problems in 5 years, most of these were inherited from the previous, previous, governments. He has his limitations and he can only do much. For me, I give him 7 out of 10!

      • increased tourist visitor? kulelat tayo sa ASEAN. foreign investment? almost at the bottom rung din tayo sa neighbors natin at graft and corruption? according to pnoy gov’t, tatlo lang ang corrupt!!! how’s that for accomplishment?

      • Bago pa dumating si pnoy, nakalatag na lahat. Economy was good, in spite of the world’s economic problems, foreign investments are coming, transport system has no problem, boom ang tourism, we wer called Asia’s Tiger then…. to name the few. Look back, wag magbulagbulagan. Mag research ka. Naihanda n lahat ni GMA para sa kanya, itinutuloy lang nya and he is getting all the credits now. He is blaming GMA for all the problems now…thàt is one of his styles to claim the credit. Marami syàng dapat ipagpasalamat kay GMA, and he is not doing it, grabe ang pride! Even his salary naitaas ni GMA… GMA increased the salary of the president bfore she stepped down, and she didnt benefit from it…si pnoy ang unang nabiyayaan. Did he say thank you? LP has good propaganda mechanism, bago pa bumaba si GMA nasira na nila, but let us do our part. I am not pro GMA, but I am looking back para hindi maligaw sa tuwid na daan! Mag saliksik tayo, para hindi tayo madala ng mga sinungaling!

      • he has limitations yeah but going on topic paredes seems to think that his god Pnoy has none

    15. Amnata Pundit on

      The yellows are not yellows if they are not zealots. They are yellow to the bone, yellow as in kulay —, o di ba?

    16. Baka dahil pareho silang Atenista. Mga anak mayaman. Kaya ngayon siya ay Australian Citizen. Dapat di na siya nakikialam sa Pilipinas.


    18. Batanes has windmills to provide its 17 thousand or so population . What do they need a powerplant for?

    19. You are right Katrina … This guy Jim is not even a Filipino citizen ….he obviously ditch the hardship of the piNoy Life for what was his reason ? Good life of Australia and its medical system ba yun ………… Yet he comes here ranting and trying to show he is a Rabid loyal yellow fan ……he is as confused w himself as his belief … He can’t even decide Australian ba cya or PiNoy ba Ang gUsto Nya …..just ask sen. Gringo honasan when they had twitter War……he insulted this guy paredes and implied he was a coward when he can’t endure the life here n pinas and migrated to Oz… And by the way Di ba official ni pReS . Cory si Ducky Paredes na kahawig ni Jim ……. Maybe there’s a connection there to his being a Rabid yellow .. This Australian boY

    20. Katrina, I can assure you your arguments and opinions are applicable to you as well. It’s just that you are rarely for something, but always against something. And that makes a whole world of difference when you involve yourself in governance.

      • R Dos Santos on

        Such a tiring writer, this one. She launches into vindictive campaigns against people when she feels slighted, then very loudly accuses other people of the very things she’s guilty of. Here she’s railing against Jim Paredes for being blindly loyal to PNoy, but at the same time she makes it out that if you’re pro-PNoy you must be anti-Filipino.

        At least Paredes is honest about his political colors and where he throws his support. For years, this columnist has been writing these weak defenses of Binay and hiding it as kunyari being open-minded. Halata naman yung totoo. But maybe you’re right—maybe being FOR something would be off-brand for her. Better to just keep being against everything na lang.

      • wrong, Katrina is speaking the truth, of course you can’t see that, you’re a Jim Paredes loyalist. Pathetic.

      • You believe too much the yellow media – just like what they did to GMA, painting her as the most corrupt President ever. As for Binay, i know he is corrupt, but i’d vote for him coz of the HOPE that he will do to the whole philippines what he did to makati. Mar Roxas, the same banana as pnoy – not corrupt, BUT, his people are the corrupt ones. So, with everything being equal ( binay corrupt, mar’s people corrupt ) i’d go for binay who has done something concrete during his stint as mayor in Makati, than for Mar who will just let the oligarchs earn more money ( lopezes, ayala, mvp, etc ) at the expense of us all.

      • R Dos Santos on

        arty, you give yourself away naman as a Katrina Stuart Santiago blind loyalist. May love letter ka pa earlier in the thread. “You make my breakfast more delectable”. Uyyyy.

        Very nice, you parrot the methods of your beloved columnist. I.e., If you’re not with Katrina, you must be for Jim Paredes. Walang proof, walang totoong logic, basta galit lang. Now I understand why this is your favorite columnist.

      • Paredes is an alien trying to o a grace poe here…. enough of these opportunists masquerading as patriotic when in fact they are just like vultures waiting for some dead meat to feast on….

    21. Great insight! In addition, I would never trust anyone who believes that “Conversations with God” is Bible truth. Jim Paredes imported the author to speak in Manila several years ago. He was and still is so enamored of the author, a New Ageist, who hoodwinked millions into believing his crap that God spoke to him via automatic writing.

    22. I’m so happy we have the same impression of Jim Paredes…Cynthia Patag is same as him.

    23. adam_d_langgam on

      ugh … that stings. unfortunately, the “boys” will not get it.

      katrina, you again proved that the “weaker” sex’s “balls” are bigger.

    24. Noynoy and Jim Paredes share the same feeling of frustration. Noynoy the frustration of not getting to avenge his father’s assassination, and Paredes the frustration of losing the popularity he once had and knows he will never regain. In Australia where Paredes has taken up citizenship, people would rather listen to aboriginal music than Apo Hiking Society junk.