wot 0620130820Toyota PH mounts gearhead spectacle that features classic, current and concept models

IT’S the biggest exclusive motor show yet, a spectacle not just for the brand’s faithful but for all gearheads as well.

Toyota Motor Phils. (TMP) from August 10 to 18 held the World of Toyota (WOT) motor show at a Pasay City exhibitions hall where the company displayed its full product lineup and offered a glimpse of its upcoming models. It was a time-travel experience too as it featured past, present and future Toyota vehicles.

Car aficionados feasted their eyes on 30 classic Toyotas that helped shape the local auto industry for more than four decades. Arrayed at the show were iconic Toyota models such as the 2000GT, which was first seen at the 1965 Tokyo Motor Show and was hailed as the first supercar from Japan. Accompanying this James Bond star was a fleet of “hachi-roku” Truenos and FJ40 Land Cruisers.

Providing a contemporary contrast to these classics were their modern-day counterparts—a Lexus LFA for the 2000GT, a litter of 86s for the hachi-rokus, and the FJ Cruiser for the legendary FJ40s. Incidentally, WOT was also the venue where the FJ Cruiser finally made its Philippine debut. Yes, the SUV is now officially included in TMP’s product range, priced at P1.798 million.

Another present model highlighted at the show was the new Vios, with one displayed as a racecar to show TMP’s intention that it will soon be coming back to the motor sports scene. TMP is lining up a one-make race series for the latest Vios.

Show visitors also had a chance to check out Toyota’s future models like the FCV-R, a concept hybrid vehicle that’s eyed to be mass-produced in 2015. The FCV-R runs on hydrogen, emitting only water vapor. Along with the FCV-R, another concept model displayed was the Lexus LF-LC, a front-engine/rear-wheel drive sports car powered by the Advanced Lexus Hybrid Drive system.

TMP President Michinobu Sugata said WOT was held to celebrate TMP’s 25th anniversary. “Through this event, Toyota thanks its customers for their support and loyalty throughout the years. It is our way of sharing this momentous occasion with everyone,” he said.

“The World of Toyota is a rare opportunity for customers to experience Toyota on a whole new level,” added TMP Vice President lawyer Rommel Gutierrez.

If you missed the show, experience it through these photos.


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