• The case against Aquino


    As promised, I shall try to sum up in this column the main reasons why I believe President B. S. Aquino 3rd should go now—not in 2016, as some critic-defenders insist, but right now, without a moment’s further delay. This requires at the very least a book-length review. But having neither the time nor the space, I shall try to do what is possible within this column. So here we go.

    Aquino has committed many crimes against the Constitution, which have long deserved his stepping down. Had the nation turned him out earlier, the Mamasapano massacre and the Bangsamoro Basic Law disaster might never have happened. Now, every moment that he remains in office adds to the gravity of his unpunished crimes, and creates an incalculable risk to the security, safety and sanity of the nation.

    The good cardinal-archbishop of Manila, whose shoe laces we are not worthy to untie, has said that since PNoy is not eligible for “reelection,” (though possibly still open to “other options”), he should be allowed to “finish his term until June 30, 2016,” regardless of what he has done. And he should be succeeded by someone elected in the proposed May 2016 presidential elections.

    It is injurious to our Republic to wait for the 2016 elections
    This seems a perfectly reasonable proposition, except for three small material objections.

    First objection. An increasing number of Filipinos, beginning with some of the good Cardinal’s brother bishops, some Protestant bishops and pastors, and Muslim ulama, especially those who are members of the National Transformation Council, have come to believe that there was no valid presidential election in 2010, and that not having been legitimately elected, Aquino is merely a de facto, rather than a de jure, president. So he does not have a valid six-year term to finish in 2016.

    Now, if Smartmatic, the Venezuelan private marketing company that is the election service provider, which conducted the 2010 and 2013 elections on behalf of the Commission on Elections, in total derogation of the Constitution and in violation of the Automated Election law, were to do it all over again, using the same precinct count optical scan (PCOS) machine after it had been divested of all its security features and accuracy mechanisms, contrary to law, what chance would there be of holding a valid election to elect a legitimate (and hopefully worthy) successor to a failed de facto president? None whatsoever.

    So what 2016 elections are we talking about?

    The situation would not be helped at all, even if the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting, otherwise known as the personal NGO of former Ambassador to the Vatican Henrietta de Villa, were to gratuitously and unilaterally confer its “seal of good housekeeping” on our diseased electoral system for any reason whatsoever. The Times’ front-page editorial yesterday, (“Occupy Comelec!”), seems to anticipate the volcanic eruption that could occur if no attempt were made to overhaul the decayed electoral system. Nevertheless, obviously determined to claim that it represents the interests of the Catholic Church in cleaning up the process, the PPCRV now seems poised to give the corrupt process and players a clean bill of health, ahead of any rumor of official reform to make the next election less crooked.

    This is what PPCRV did in the last two crooked exercises. Tomorrow, the PPCRV will launch its so-called “One Good Vote” project, with Cardinal Tagle as the announced guest of honor—(I hope he cancels, at the last minute)—obviously to preempt any official Church effort to subject any claims of probity and rectitude on the part of Comelec and Smartmatic to some rigorous questioning.

    Second objection. From Plato and Aristotle to Augustine, Aquinas and John Rawls, among others, ancient philosophers and modern thinkers alike have pointed out that no society can exist that is not based on a common conception of justice. It is therefore thoroughly destructive of society for any moral or civil authority of any standing to propose that certain serious crimes against the people and the state could go or should go unpunished. The statement that less than 500 days remain before Aquino vacates the presidency, and that the nation could afford to leave him undisturbed assumes a lot that is both morally and constitutionally dangerous.

    This wrongly and irresponsibly assumes, among other things, that we can predict that nothing untoward or evil could happen to us, to Aquino or to the nation under Aquino, during those next several hundred days. It seems more prudent to draw counsel from the wise Augustine who finds it absurd for anyone to predict that nothing untoward or evil could happen to them in the next several hundred days when they could not say, with any degree of certainty, that nothing untoward or evil could happen to them in the next few minutes.

    The clearest illustration of this is what happened at Mamasapano. On the evening of Jan. 24, nobody ever imagined that Aquino would experience a mental breakdown in Zamboanga City the next day, which would lead to the massacre of the 44 PNP-SAF commandos so many kilometers away. What happened in Zamboanga, and what happened to him thereafter, have led people to believe that the President is suffering from a serious mental or psychological disorder that could recur anytime anywhere without any warning.

    But since he will not provide the public the necessary information about his state of mental health and will not submit to any psychological tests, the nation, which has the right to know, is unjustly deprived of any knowledge about his mental illness, and cannot therefore protect itself from its wretched consequences. Since he cannot comply with this basic requirement of justice, his best option is to vacate his office.

    Third objection. This antedates Mamasapano. This partially restates the first objection, with reference to Aquino’s legitimacy, but refers mostly to his crimes against the Constitution as a de facto president. Although most of his critics were initially disposed to grant that he was probably personally incorrupt, the avalanche fell when he personally decided to corrupt Congress by paying them off to enact the anti-life, anti-family, and anti-poor Reproductive Health Law, and to impeach and remove Chief Justice Renato Corona from the Supreme Court. This became crystal clear when it was revealed that 19 of the 20 senators who had voted to convict Corona had received P50 million or more from the hitherto unknown Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP).

    Not even the most venal of his predecessors had done anything like it. He became the first president to be known as the chief corruptor of Congress. Having bought Congress, and intimidated the Judiciary, he then imposed one-man rule without need of a martial law proclamation similar to what Marcos issued in 1972 to break the communist insurgency. In a rare show of courage, the Supreme Court struck down the DAP and the Priority Development Assistance Fund as unconstitutional, and directed the prosecution of all those responsible for the manipulation and misuse of the DAP and PDAF. This was roundly ignored. At the same time, the impeachment process became completely useless, as the Congress which has the exclusive power to impeach and try the President became his defense fortress.

    Aquino has moved to weaken our country’s moral and spiritual crust
    But whatever Aquino has done to weaken the nation’s constitutional foundations is nothing compared to what he has done to weaken its moral and spiritual crust. He has claimed powers he does not have in order to wage war on God-fearing Filipinos. Under the cover of darkness, he has unleashed all the powers and forces at his command to propose the legalization of same-sex “marriage,” divorce, adultery, and other devilish practices calculated to scandalize and offend innocent Filipinos.

    Indeed, his greatest crime is not that he has sought to reduce the Philippines into a failed state, but that he has done so much in so little time to try to kill the true Christian identity of so many Filipinos.



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    1. lets face it, we have loads of stupid voters who still vote to stupid people in the government. no investor who is in his right mind to do business here. philippines exist because of the OFW.

    2. Ang ka-lungkot lang is, whatever we say or point out, he doesn’t give a damn about anyone. Because he believes that the common filipino “doesn’t care” either… plus our AFP, what remains of it, were CASTRATED of it’s values and identity.
      So with the “tonggreso” and “same-nators”… not all but MOST.
      God have mercy sa Filipinas

    3. The majority of the people want justice. There will be no justice till every corrupt politician from president and government officials from senators, congressman, cabinet members, mayors, councilors tax collectors, especially people from bureau of customs are investigated and found of corruptions, their wealth sequestered and goes back to the public treasury. A leader that will be followed–obeyed–by the rank and file of PNP & AFP. A leader that is morally upright, hardworking, unforgiving and enforces the rule of law is what we need.

    4. Carlos T. Padilla on

      The big question is- what constitutional process is available that can be used to terminate or remove Aquino from office ASAP?

      The sole answer is impeachment by Congress.

      The Congress is not willing to do so.


      No way Aquino’s term as President can be shortened at this time.

      The only thing that can be done is that all journalists must be guarding the truth

    5. He is a very dangerous person.. Lahat ng kanyang mga pinaggagawa ay hindi gawa ng matinong Tao dahil halos lahat ay labag ito sa batas ng ating constitution. Tama lang talaga na may sapak sa utak itong presidente na ito. Tulad siya ng mga batang autistic na ang maipilit ay maipilit. Literally he is half cracked mad person. Mentally disorder..

    6. well said Mr.Tatad , perhaps You would like to expose additionally the extraordinary efforts the Lady CJ of the SC is exerting towards favorable decision for PCOS machine, against the will of the judges majority. She is as quoted here in these paper ‘moving heaven and earth” to the apparent dismay of her fellow judges. If we ALLOW THEM TO POISON THE ELECTORAL PROCESS – we ARE GOING BACK TO SQUARE ONE!..,,,,,,,, and these is of national significance than Pacquiao-Mayfeather fight,

      G i s i n g. N a. B a y a n……

    7. This Batang Mental should resign now at baka atakihin pa yan ng matindi at lalong magka luko luko ang bansa natin, huwag ng paabutin ng election marami pang katarantahan ang magagawa nyan pag pinagtagal pa yan dyan sa palace.

    8. Vicente Penetrante on

      We believe you must have a viable replacement before getting rid of BS Aquino 3rd.

    9. Abnoy-noyingski on

      “The good cardinal-archbishop of Manila, whose shoe laces we are not worthy to untie.” Ito ang di ko matatanggap sa sinulat mo ginoong Kit (with due respect sa iyo) at yan ay tutukoy at ang dapat lang patungkulan niyang katagang yan ay ang Panginoong Jesucristo. Lahat tayo ay creatures lamang at walang kapantay si Cristo kahit kanino mang nabuhay dito sa mundo ni ang tinatawag nilang “Pope” kahit sino pa mang Pope ay walang ipapantay sa Panginoong si Jesucristo. Please lang wag naman insultuhin ang Anak ng Dios! Please lang po! Kahit ilang kalag pa ang gawin mo sa sapatos o sandalyas ng kahit sinong Obispo, kahit pagbuluhin mo pa ang sintas ng dalawang sandalyas. Maaaring di mo o ninyo maintindihan ito pero biblical ito. Huwag mong gamiin dito ang katagang yan: NEVER again Please!

    10. Amnata Pundit on

      It is said that a problem correctly stated is a problem half solved. All these crimes did not start with this BS, if you will recall. What did the yellows do to congress when they impeached Erap? How different was that from the impeachment of Corona ? How about GMA’s THREE YEARS OF RE-ENACTED BUDGET, shouldn’t that shock every molecule in every Christian’s moral fiber more than the DAP of this BS? You do not have enough fingers and toes to count the crimes committed by the YELLOW REGIME starting with Cory – even starting with Ninoy Aquino when he was senator – against the republic and the people, all of them documented. My point is, to lay the blame on this BS alone will not solve the problem. Replace him with another yellow president and things will remain the same. The solution is not in asking this retardate to resign, short of mounting an armed revolution, it is to OCCUPY COMELEC !

    11. You should have invoked the same reasons during the time of Marcos but you did not. How can you be credible now?

      • Sana Mr. Kit Tatad mag file ka din ng kandita-tura mo para sa Presidente this coming election 2016 at kung panalo ka di siyempre malutas mo ang prolema ng ating bayan Pinas. Sa experience mo naging Minister of Information during Marcos administration at naging Senador sa Pinas ay may maraming buboto sa iyo para candidatura ng Pangulo ng Republika ng Pilipinas.

      • Leodegardo Pruna on

        Morality is involved now, before the issues were legally based and it was the court of justice which tried to resolved the issues. God bless the Philippines.

      • Leodegardo Pruna on

        Morality is very much involved in the present issues, before it was legal and the courts were mandated to resolve it. God bless our country.

      • As if Marcos will listen. Mr. Tatad is just showing how incompetent and dangerous our president based on his decisions.

      • weather-weather lang, ‘re. Matagal ng nakalipas iyong panahon ni Makoy, ang KKK’s ng Malakanyang ngayon, iba na.
        Pero itanong mo ang magiging KKK’s kapag tumuntong sa Malakanyang ay si Bise (yun ang sabi ng Konstitusyon, di ba? Biglang wala si Noyi-noy, eh di biglang pasok si Bise!)

    12. A very enlightening commentary. Aquino should really go now! Any minute he rules further is a disaster in waiting. He is not really that honest person even if he does not thieve because: 1. He coddles persons in his cabinet that are allegedly involved in graft and corruption like the three A’s Abad, Abaya and Alcala and Dinky Soliman aside from being incompetent. 2. He corrupts our dirty politicians in Congress using taxpayer’s money in the form of DAP and hidden lump sums. 3. He is lying about what he did during the time our SAF troopers were calling for artillery support, imagine, from morning to late in the afternoon, his mind was invaded by a typhoon Yolanda that he cannot decide on a matter of a principled leader or a statesman whether to save his dying soldiers or to save his peace talk with his BFFs MILF. 4. Until now, he is grieving over the loss of his other BFF Purisima and not of his fallen 44, that he is yet to name a new PNP chief. 5. He could not endorse any of his top men in the Liberal Party because all of them were drag down with him in the latest trust rating survey. Lastly, he is a selfish and a mediocre dirty politician, a totally opposite to London graduate Lee Kwan Yoo of Singapore.

    13. Nancy Bulok Cake on

      And how about the Binays? When are you going to enumerate things that you consider for them to quit their positions and most especially stop stealing the money from the taxpayers. Senator Tatad, can you please say something objective to the corruption of the Binays which is a common knowledge and open secret?

    14. Rogelio C. Lim on

      Malaking panganib si Noynoy sa bansa lalo na ngayon malapit na ang 2016 election at pinipilit niya na ipasa ang Babala. Ang nakakatakot ay ang estado ng kanyang kaisipan.

    15. Reynaldo Casayas on

      This are indeed a valid points Mr. Kit. Aquino SHOULD resign now before he causeS more damage to the Republic. Belmonte and Drillon shOULD also resign. These are the kind of government officials that serve their personal interestS fiRst instead of the Filipino people.

    16. “Indeed, his greatest crime is not that he has sought to reduce the Philippines into a failed state, but that he has done so much in so little time to try to kill the true Christian identity of so many Filipinos.” This is a most eloquent way of re-stating what Pres. Reagan himself said: “a nation that refuses to live under God is sure to be a nation that will go under”.

      Take away the Christian identity of a human being and he loses all that matters in his existence. This is indeed the principal crime of the mad dog in Malacanang. No wonder the Abnoy is devoid of any self-respect and decency as a human being. No wonder that he continually fails and up to now continues to bury the country and people into a state of almost every imaginable misery and depredation

      Having no mandate at all, and having such dysfunctional mental state, it is really high time that he STEPS DOWN. Every minute that he stays in office is much too dangerous for us..

    17. Ronaldo Valdes on

      Lets talk about economy.. Is the Economy better or worse 6 years ago.?? Do we have a better president today or during Estrada and Gloria ?? if your answer is NO .. your lying.. If your answer is yes then Let It go untill we elect a better person in which i doubt if we have one candidate who’s character is unblemished and not corrupt.

      • No. Economy is out of the question because of our growing remittances from OFWs regardless of the effort of the President. but the big question is , is the President done enough to uplift the lots of our majority poor or in other words is it the policy of the state to make the distribution of the nations wealth fair enough for all the its constituents? That’s the point were the Philippine’s economy is very far or it cannot compare to the economies of Korea , Japan, Singapore, Taiwan or the land grabbing Malaysia and China.

      • Hector David on

        What economy? Are our people better off now? Or the oligarchs? The middle class is dying ……wake up

      • what in the economy are u bragging about? u believed that it was the doing of this administration? you’re insane. kung di lang din sa mga ofws at mga programa ng previous administrations eh ewan ko lang.

    18. Tama lang na alisin na si Aquino!ngayon na! At sana wag ng maging negatibo ang tao,kung maalis man si Aquino!dahil walang masamang mangyayari sa bansa!
      Isang bagay lang na dapat tanggapin ng lahat,si binay ang legal na dapat humalili,at iyan ang nasa constitution, ke ayaw man natin,mas may moralidad at maykarapatan siyang humalili! Liban sa kanya,lahat ay magiging illegal!kaya dapat tanggapin ng sino man,dahil iyan ang tama!