• The challenging Year of the Wooden Horse


    horseTHIS year will be  a challenging year for the Philippines,” declared master geomancer Joseph Chau Kam Shing, who has been a primary figure in the practice of Feng Shui in many parts of the world for the last three decades.

    The Chinese New Year, specifically the Year of the Wooden Horse, commences on January 31, 2014 at 00:01 a.m., but based on the Chinese Lunar Calendar, its formal duration only begins on February 4, 2014, 6:03 a.m., and is set to end on February 3, 2015.

    The Philippines is fortunate to annually have Master Chau in the country for Chinese New Year, as he leads the celebrated Chinese New Year festivities of The Mandarin Oriental Manila in Makati City. This year, the traditional prosperity parade will begin on the eve of the Year of the Horse on January 30, and will conclude with the midnight Lauriat at the hotel ballroom.

    “There is too much fire this year, which means there will be more violence, robberies, explosions, and car accidents. Natural calamities like earthquakes, typhoons and volcanic eruptions will also happen this year,”

    Feng Shui Master Joseph Chau

    Feng Shui Master Joseph Chau

    But since Feng Shui is a practice that offers cures and remedies besides interpreting the energy and positioning of the five basic elements of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water, Master Chau assured a news conference this week that there is a very simple solution to all these dangers.

    “[You can counter them if you] just put fountains everywhere,” he directed.  “Fountains represent the water element that douses fire.”

    With several large-scale calamities already hitting the country in 2013—from frequent typhoons, the earthquake in Bohol, Super Typhoon Yolanda in Central Visayas, and just this month, the floods from Typhoon Agaton in Mindanao—Master Chau advised the government to continue improving public services and infrastructures so if and when natural catastrophes do strike, the country can better cope with the situation.

    Master Chau also suggested the use of a number of luck enhancers.

    For colors: Green, red, pink, violet, peach and maroon are generally believed to bring luck this year, although Chinese Zodiac Sign also has its specific list of lucky colors.

    For wealth: Treasure Bucket, Treasure Guard, Vivacious Prince of Wealth, and Flying Golden Pei Yau.

    For career: Jade Dragonhead Fish, and Charisma Jade Pendant.

    For safety: Jade Master Protection Pendant, Safety Medallion

    For health: Health Medallion, and Longevity Coins.

    For love and relationships: Romance Bucket, Brass Happy Couple, Mandarin Duck, and Harmony Medallion.

    For improving overall luck: Benefactor Jade.

    Guarding Malacañang
    Hong Kong-based Master Chau is particularly concerned with the fortune of President Benigno Aquino 3rd whose birthdate is February 8, 1960, which falls under the Chinese Zodiac sign of the Rat, and directly “clashing” with the Horse this year.

    “This year will be very, very difficult for President Aquino.

    Many unlucky stars are under the Rat. Those born under the Year of the Rat will face lots of problems and hindrances at work,” explained the Feng Shui practitioner.

    He lamented that Aquino’s fortune will directly affect the country, which is also predicted to endure a challenging year.

    With the Philippines’ Independence Day dated June 12, 1898—“a date that is “full of fire elements,” according to Master Chau—there is a need for Malacanang Palace to be on continued alert. The element of fire for the country is apparently intensified with the formal commencement of the Year of the Wooden Horse on Feb. 4, 2014, which is also full of fire elements.

    Chau went as far as to suggest to keep Malacanang’s fountains running 24 hours every day to douse the “fire.”

    There is a piece of good reading however, in that the Malacanang’s fountain is said to be positioned in the southwest, which is the luckiest direction in the Year of the Wooden Horse. If turned on by the President on Day One of Chinese New Year, Chau believes it will do him—and the country—a world of good.

    Romantic year
    On the brighter side, while President Aquino faces a “very, very difficult” year in his post this year, Chau happily added that “his love life should be much better.” The Year of the Wooden Horse happens to be a romantic year for the sings of the Rat, Horse, Rabbit and Rooster.

    “I recommend that he marries someone who was born in July, August or October. If the President will get married this year, then he will have enhanced luck. If he doesn’t get married this year, his luck will decline,” Chau cautioned.

    He quickly clarified, however, “I cannot certainly say that the President will have bad luck, but his luck will be very weak, it will drop to the bottom. So think about what can happen.”

    It can be recalled that in 2013, Aquino was romantically linked to lawyer Mariness Ledesma and beauty queen-turned actress Bianca Manalo. His last officially declared girlfriend was Valenzuela City Councilor Shalani Soledad who is now married to Representative Roman Romulo, while his constant dates for a time with TV host Grace Lee was also highly publicized.

    Lucky businesses
    Finally—and thankfully—Chau is positive that 2014 will be a “good year” for the Philippine economy. Lucky businesses include gasoline (fuel) electricity, education, garments and fashion, furniture, health foods, herbs, restaurants, construction and real estate, hotel and tourism and publishing.

    And as always, despite his mostly ominous predictions for the country’s fortune in the Year of the Wooden Horse, Master Chau concluded his annual forecast by stressing that ultimately, a person’s fortune will always depend on hard work and a positive attitude.
    * * *
    To usher in the Lunar New Year, Mandarin Oriental Manila is inviting guests to join its Grand Midnight Countdown.

    Happening on the eve of Chinese New Year, it includes cocktails at the MO Lounge followed by energizing rituals conducted by renowned geomancer Master Joseph Chau, the traditional eye-dotting ceremony, and majestic lion dance.

    This will lead up to a dazzling fireworks display. Capping the evening will be a sumptuous midnight Lauriat dinner at the Mandarin Ballroom. Guests will take home an exclusive copy of Master Chau’s 2014 feng shui forecast book.

    For inquiries or reservations, call (632) 750-8888 or e-mail momnl-reservations@mohg.com.


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