• The class bias against the INC: ‘How dare they?’


    I was surprised at the vehemence even usually sober commentators heaped upon the Iglesia ni Cristo because of its four-day protests to defend its leadership from “non-bailable” kidnapping charges.

    I couldn’t believe what I was reading when Philippine Daily Inquirer columnist Randy David, my professor in a sociology class, practically blamed a very serious crime, the shooting of broadcaster Anthony Taberna’s just-opened restaurant on the INC, as if it were some drug syndicate the journalist crossed.

    “Maybe some INC members weren’t pleased with the neutral stance he (Taberna) seemed to be taking on the issue (the INC demonstrators),” speculated David, whose brother Pablo Virgilio is the auxiliary bishop of San Fernando City.

    But even the police had declared that the shooting had nothing to do with the INC rallies, and Taberna spoke at the rally at EDSA when David’s column came out, expressing his all-out support for his Church’s protest actions.

    I was shocked as well when I read the column also in the Inquirer, of my former editor Amando Doronila, who hardly has been reactionary in his decades as a professional journalist, and who almost always saw the big, even global, picture .  Instead of discussing for instance the significance of a religious organization challenging a government, he devoted a column that ranted about “monstrous traffic gridlocks stemming from the seizure of key streets by INC fanatical followers.”

    That the Doronila was livid over the INC’s rallies is obvious when he wrote: “ The disruptions caused by the protest actions were the most virulent and disruptive street unrest encountered by the government since the Edsa People Power Revolution in 1986.”

    Has Doronila forgotten the armed protest actions – i.e., coup attempts by the RAM — from 1988 to 1989 he closely covered as Manila Chronicle editor, Cory’s huge rally at Luneta in 1991 and march to the Senate to push for the retention of the US bases, EDSA II, EDSA III, and the pathetic attempts by one Navy lieutenant to trigger uprisings against President Arroyo from 5-star hotels, whose refrigerators were mysteriously emptied of Angus steaks and aged wines? All of these make the INC actions seem like mere religious processions. (Probably Doronila had been unfamiliar with the horrendous traffic that has been going on for years now because of the incompetence and corruption of Aquino’s officials that he mistook those as the impact of the INC’s demonstrations.)

    Numbers in the streets and in the polls: INC’s only weapons

    Numbers in the streets and in the polls: INC’s only weapons

    Usually an analytical writer, Doronila even stooped to rabble-rousing by ending his column with a sarcasm: “Who runs the country – the INC? ”

    Even Rene Saguisag , a human-rights lawyer and veteran of a hundred demonstrations during martial law that created traffic in Manila at a time when daily monstrous traffic was still unheard of, even called the INC a “super bully”, and compared the 2-million strong religious sect to the superpower state of 1.3 billion people — China — which he claimed is similarly bullying us in the South China Sea.

    This Yellow Horde’s distinctive character trait of having “double standards” is clearly infectious.

    I don’t remember any column by Doronila complaining about the demonstrations at the EDSA Shrine in 2001, which paralyzed the Ortigas business area for four days and led to Estrada’s fall. I don’t remember hearing Saguisag point out that “EDSA Tres” in 2001, in which the INC provided most of the warm bodies, was a case of bullying President Arroyo by the camp of his client Joseph Estrada.

    Why such enmity?

    Why such enmity, a stance probably held by many Filipino Catholics which David, Doronila, and Saguisag merely  articulated?

    One probable reason could be the fact that Catholics’ bigotry against other religions, and virulence against schisms within it. This perhaps has become a cultural DNA of Catholics, given the bloody history of the Church: the massacre of thousands of Christians called Cathars in France in the 13th century; the pillage of the Greek Orthodox capital Constantinople by the 4TH Crusade on their way to the Middle east to fight Islam; and the numerous Catholics vs Protestants wars that ravaged Europe. This is especially so since the Catholicism we have has been of the Spanish type, traumatized by the conquest of their kingdoms by the Muslim Moors.

    However, the more important reason for the prejudice against the INC, for the outrage that a small sect could confront government is this: The INC has been largely an organization of the low- and lower-middle working-class Filipinos. How dare they cross government, and make demands?

    Its strength has been due to the fact that it is virtually a self-help organization of the working classes led by an upper middle class stratum, the biggest fraternity (lifetime as opposed to college) for those who aren’t rich.

    If you need a job, it is the INC “lokal” that looks for a job for you, even if it is just a contractual job at an SM Mall, and even if you’re prohibited from joining a union. Its members of course pay some tithe — a percentage of their earnings. But what’s a hundred pesos for somebody who otherwise won’t get a job at all? INC members see and know each other, and congregate weekly, with alternate groups assigned specific days to clean their “kapilyas.”

    In contrast, most Catholics commune with other Catholics only during the weekly mass, but Catholics celebrating (hearing?) mass in a mall are hardly a picture of a cohesive religious organization.

    Aside from a few businessmen and top lawyers (like the late Justice Serafin Cuevas), you haven’t heard of, or met members of the Philippine elite being with the INC, have you? I myself haven’t met a member of the INC who isn’t a wage worker, or a middle-class professional. Such working-class profile in fact is also that of most Christian churches in the country, such as the biggest one,  the Methodists.

    Contrast that kind of class profile to that of the Catholic Church, which has been historically, a church dominated by the elite. It has in fact amassed since the Spanish colonization tens of billions of pesos in shares of stock (in the Bank of the Philippine Islands, most prominently) and land, donated by the ruling landlord and commercial class, maybe in the belief that that can buy their way to heaven.

    Rich parents would even make sure that one of their children would become a priest or a nun. The motivation obviously was for them to have an “insider” who would get their visas to heaven. The sociological impact has been for the landlord and commercial class to have their representatives firmly entrenched in the Church hierarchy.

    The children of the country’s ruling class of course are routinely brainwashed with Catholic dogma the very first day they go to school – which are such Catholic schools as the Ateneo, La Salle, UST, Assumption, and saint-this-or-that college.

    More minutely class-stratified

    The Church itself is even more minutely class-stratified.

    The richest attend mass, get married, and have their funeral wakes mostly in such churches as Santuario de San Antonio in Forbes Park, or at the Manila Cathedral. Posh, gated villages like Greenhills and Ayala Alabang each have their own Catholic churches, and I don’t think the guards there would let you in if you tell them you would just be going to mass there. Churches like those in Quiapo, Sta. Cruz, and Baclaran are for the Catholic hoi polloi, and so are the churches in the country’s towns, where however the richest hacenderos or traders routinely sit at the first pew facing the altar. The pews often even identify the names of the donor.

    Pass by a Catholic Church after their mass, and you’ll see convoys of the most expensive cars. Pass by an INC after their service, and you’d see clearly working-class types walking home.

    There is no counterpart in the INC of a Santuario de San Antonio, or “exclusive” churches in exclusive village.

    The contrast between the two religions would be sharper if we compare the INC with a sect within the Catholic Church, the Opus Dei. As much as INC consists of the working classes, the Opus Dei consists of the crème de la crème of the country’s elite in nearly all strategic sectors, including media. The INC was even a rebellion against the Spanish hold on Philippine Catholicism. Opus Dei was founded by a Spanish priest.

    The contrast between INC and the Opus Dei should serve to put in the more proper perspective the former’s recent protest actions, and its power of bloc voting.. The Opus Dei is much, much smaller than the INC, but it doesn’t need the masses, since their people are at the centers of political, economic, and even cultural powers. In contrast, the INC — and any working-class organization for that matter — can rely only on their numbers,converted into a political force in elections.

    The Catholic Church has always interfered in the political realm, since the Spanish colonization, as was really the main beef of Jose Rizal in his two novels.

    The acquiescence of the Church then led by Cardinal Rufino Santos was an implicit approval of martial law as much as Cardinal Jaime Sin’s “go to EDSA” was its move to help end it. Other than the Vatican, we are the only state in the world that bans divorce, solely because the Catholic Church doesn’t want it.

    Talk of separation of Church and State. Opus Dei supernumerary Bernardo Villegas and a few other Catolico cerrado delegates got that Catholic “unborn-from-conception” dogma in our Constitution (Article II, Section 12) so that the Supreme Court had no choice but to rule unconstitutional the Reproductive Health law that would have undertaken a real population-control program.

    Have you ever heard of the INC espousing a stand with regards to these two issues, or others such as charter change, pork barrel, or Renato Corona’s impeachment? In contrast, the princes of the Philippine Catholic Church and the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines almost always pontificate something on some political issue.

    I’m not saying such moves are bad per se. I just want to contrast the fact that Catholic Church has always been interfering in the country’s burning issues, in contrast to the INC, which has mostly minded its own business.

    Yet when the INC wields one of the only two weapons it has – the swift mobilization of tens of thousands of its members in the streets – to defend its other weapon of bloc voting, the likes of Doronila and Saguisag blow their tops, condemning it as a virulent super-bully disrupting the nation, who want to run the country.

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    1. rosbel miranday on

      you know what guys we as an inc members and defenders are not doing this for our own good or just to fight our pride but we are defending because we know our stand.As
      far as i know thye one that really understand this issue weren’t you but we as inc members.Do you know what’s the real situation is?or your just simply bullying us in a way that you wanted too….For some who said our reason in having a bregade was LAME only,well your just showing you arec really innocent to what we called LAW.DOJ secretary can interfere to such problem only if it is in the process,but where is the process in the case that isaias filed to inc?di nga xa dumaan ng prosecutor muna o kaya sa munisipyo muna then regioinal court kung hindi maresolba sa municipal court and a many process first to do with..bago pa sa national court makarating,understand?wag puro salita di mo nga alam ano pinaglalaban namin at qng ano ang magiging epekto ng ginawa ng samson na yan…qng di kami gising sa giagawa nilang hustisya dw,bka nabaluktot na talaga ang hustisya dahil baka dinampot na nila lahat ng officer sa inc including our executive minister without claiming first our side and showing also their evidence against the case..dahi sila lang ni de lima at isias ang nagkaunawaan..sa tingin mo ba jan binabayaran ng gobyerno si De lima? ang magresolba ng small cases?sabihin mo qng totoong tumutupad siya sa tungkulin nhya asikasuhin nya ung big case ng country…wag puro siya pabango wala pa siyang napatutunayan kamo,.at ikaw lawakian mo pang-unawa mo ha…galing mo pa naman mag-englishhh……wag lkang patawa makahusga kayo wagas..kung may ebidensya sila di sana pinahuli na kami..peroi wala silang makuha kasi ng puro bluff.

    2. truth is, there was truth that INC has suffered discrimination during its early years, but in recent times (90s to present) it has enjoyed a certain level of respect and even admiration from all groups (including catholics) we have praised your unity, devotion and admired your architectural milestone (Phil arena). the government had a special holiday honoring the INC. INC members are starting to climb the middle class, and no one was against that (including catholics). when the INC Family Feud started, filipinos were in the impression that this was an internal issue, and filipinos (including catholics) left it at that, when someone (Samson) filed a case were like yeah, ok that escalated quickly. of course, DOJ has to act on it, we could not care less if it got dismissed, Filipinos (including catholics), I bet wont go to the streets if the case was dismissed. but when you went to edsa and practically put the entire metro in chokehold, that’s when everyone, not only catholics throw in their angst. please take note, we respected you, the fact that INC became a potent group in PHil social and political scene is a testament to that. it was the INC who did not respected the rest of the Filipino citizenry (including catholics). INC could not care less of the inconvenience it was going to cause anyone as long as they get what they want. and please don’t bring in the argument of fiestas and Papal visit and nazareno here. that has been answered before. bottom line is, INC regards other religion, especially the catholics in a very loc esteem, and it reflects very clearly on this article and on what happened in edsa

    3. Anuman ang gawin namin, sa mga di nakakaunawa ng aming pagkakaisa, pupuntusan at pupuntusan ninyo kami. Marami nang naghangad na bumagsak ang INC simula pa lang nang maitatag ito, pero kabaliktaran ang nangyayari.

      Noong lumitaw ang video ng mag-inang ‘Ka’Tenny at ‘Ka’ Angel, nag-piyesta ang mga non-members at inaasahan nilang simula na ito ng pagbagsak ng INC pero marami pa rin ang nagtataka bakit malakas pa rin kami sa kabila ng bumangong problema na napatunayan namin ito sa rally. Hindi mahalaga kung 15K or 20K ang bilang ng dumalo. Marami sa amin ang hindi nakarating sa rally pero iisa ang aming kalooban, ang pakikiisa sa panawagan ng aming lider. Handa kaming sumunod…Kahit ano pang kulay ang pakahulugan nyo sa aming pagsunod, para sa amin, naipakita namin muli ang aming pagkakaisa!

      Babagsak ang INC dahil sa kabi-kabila ang napupuot o bumabatikos dito??? Para sa amin, isa lang ito sa mga unos na aming pinagdaraanan. Magtataka na lang kayo bakit hindi natitinag ang marami sa amin. Magtataka na lang kayo bakit nananatili kaming malakas. Pagtawanan nyo man kami ngayon, susulong at susulong kami!

      Proud to be INC!

    4. Sana marunong umintindi yung mga bumabatikos sa rally ng Iglesia ni Cristo…
      1. Itiniwalag si Samson dahil may paglabag siyang ginawa. Isa na diyan yung humarap siya sa media at inaakusahan na na-abduct siya, illegal detention daw ang ginawa sa pamilya niya at may sampu pa raw ng mga ministro ang na-abduct, at nag paratang na may corruption sa ilang hanay ng ministro sa Iglesia, ng tinanong siya ng reporter kung corruption sa iglesia, niliwanag niya hindi sa buong iglesia at ilan lang daw.

      2. Itiniwalag siya dahil sa ginawa niyang pagsisinungaling at kinasuhan pa ng LIBEL…

      3. Walang nasabing mga pangalan sina Samson, kung sino pa ang mga ministro na kinidnap or na-abduct or ano pa…. kundi sila lang ng pamilya niya ang lumalabas na na-abduct… then later binago nila illegal detention daw…. May naunang NBI Team na nag-imbestiga, Cased Closed ang sabi… pero sabi ni De Lima hindi pa invalid daw ang imbestigasyon dahil may 2 miyembro daw ng INC sa Team na Nag-imbestiga…(Tama ba yun?… kapag katoliko ba ang iniimbestigahan dapat ba walang katoliko na nag-iimbestiga? or may prejudice na sa Iglesia si Aling De Lima)

      4. Hindi sila nakakuha ng supporta sa maraming mga kapatid, ang nakuha nila ay kapuwa mga tiwalag tulad ni yuson at nanghihingi pa ng mga pera (dollars) sa mga kapatid sa abroad, pangtulong daw sa pambayad ng abogado nila Samson…

      5. Tagilid ang bata ni Pnoy sa pagka-presidente… mababa sa survey ginawan ng paraan para may Leverage daw sa Iglesia…

      ITO ANG PINAGLALABAN NAMIN! HINDI KAMI PAPAYAG NA MAUNAHAN KAMI… Kung naperwisyo kayo sa trapik bakit hindi kayo magmura ngayon, trapik pa rin sa Edsa… kung HINDI TOTOO ANG BLOC VOTE NG IGLESIA BAKIT LUMALAPIT SA AMIN ANG MGA POLITIKO… TANDAAN NYO MGA POLITIKONG KATOLIKO PA ANG MGA IYAN… Kung sa tingin ninyo INC ang talo dun sa rally sa Edsa bakit hindi pa kayo tumitigil sa paninira sa amin… kasi alam ninyo na sumuko ang gobyerno sa mga mahihirap na INC na hinahamak ninyo na kakaunti lang… sabi nga ng mga Pabebe…” KUNG NAGKAKAISA KAMI WALA KAYONG PAKI! INGGIT LANG KAYO!”

      • Ang dami mo naman sinsabi against sa Catholics. Eh iisa lang naman ang isyu dyan sa pagra rally ng INC, wala silang karapatan sarhan ang daanan dahil lamang sa pnasariling interest ng isang sekta. Yun pinaglalaban sa EDSA ng Catholics are issues about morality and concern not just the Catholics but the Filipino people.

    5. this is the real thing… you guys are are blinded by your sinisters or i mean ministers… corruption is well within your religion, for a brgy capt candidate, 100,000 pesos just to be endorsed by your group is a proof… what more for a higher position? money talks,and for the writer of this article, PAID.

      • Do you have any proof of that? Do you think a Bgy Capt. candidate could just give 100k to one person in INC just to give him an assurance of INC Votes? Do you think a Brgy. Capt. Candidate could just give 100k just to vote by few INC members in his baranggay? I thought no one believes in INC Bloc vote? So why give such amount?

    6. I am catholic & never against to any religion,, sana ilabas na lang sa usapin ang relihiyon, we are all Filipino citizens at nasasakupan tau ng batas ng Pilipinas, kung may krimen nangyari, rule of law must prevail (hindi ang batas, utos o doktrina ng anumang relihiyon). Hndi naman kz titingnan ng batas kng ano relihiyon ang iyong kinaaaniban bagkus ito ay makikinig base sa argumento.

    7. bottomline is someone filed a case on the INC leaders and then INC invokes the separation of the church and state.

      pag may isang snatcher ba na kinasuhan pwede na mag invoke ng separation of church and state?

      we have laws to follow.

      frankly, I am seeing a group from INC pushing their members to invoke for the separation of church and state for something more important – to cover-up their corruption.

      it is not impossible for leaders there to be corrupt. and yet the INC members are turning a blind eye.

    8. Mr. Tiglao, read the article of Mr. Mahar Mangahas : SWS statistics about the INC. the Catholics are not eilitists. While many of them belong to upper class, millions of them are in the poverty level and these are the people being exploited by the politicians in the same that the INC members are being exploited by their leaders.

    9. Ang pagpapakita ng pangil ng INC ay hindi lamang dapat tingnan na isang pagtuligsa kay De Lima. Ito ay may mas malalim at nakakatakot na kahulugan sa buhay ng bawat Pilipino. Kalimutan na natin na ito ay pakikipaglaban sa kanilang makasariling interes na pagtakpan ang katiwalian at ilegal na pagbinbin sa ilang miyembro ng kanilang iglesia. Kalimutan na rin natin na ito ay pagtalikod sa kanilang dating patakaran na huwag makilahok sa anumang bagay na politikal, bagaman malinaw na ang block voting ay gawaing politikal. Ang ginawa nilang pagkilos ay isang pagpapahayag na may bagong partido na ngayon ay mas tuwirang lalahok sa dati nang maruming politika na umiiral sa ating bansang Pilipinas. Dumating na ang INC Party. Wala sanang masama dyan kung ito ay isang karaniwang Partido lamang. Ang mas nakakatakot dito ay ang pagdating ng isang malaking pwersa na pwersadong tumatalima sa udyok at desisyon ng iilan, sampu ng paghalal ayon sa kagustuhan ng kanilang pamunuan. Dahil ang sistemang ganito ay pinayagan at kinunsinti ng ating pamahalaan sa anumang kadahilanan hanggang ngayon, ito ay nagbabadya ng higit na kawalan ng bisa ng eleksyon bilang isang epektibong panukat ng karapatan ng bawat isa upang malayang pumili ng ating pamahalaan. Ito ay pananalakay sa saligan ng demokrasya na ang bawat isa ay may kalayaang bumoto ayon sa kanikaniyang konsyensya at pinalitan na ng kalayaang bumoto ayon sa kanikaniyang relihiyon.

    10. I am A I.N.C since Birth and I know our Doctrines very well. To put it simply; Im not A “fanatic” But I do believe in my “Faith”. Every I.N.C that has been baptized know well of what were doing, And we do it accordingly to our heart and soul’s desire to worship our one true God. So its wrong to call us “fanatic’s” (google it). Long Live The I.N.C!

      • Unity is not an absolute virtue nor a good disposition per se. Its meaning and use depends on a group or an individual’s use of his faculties or senses. What sense of pleasure can one get when one learns that he or she was manipulated to join a rally, unity as a thrust?

        The INC rallyists are like amputated arms that is thrown into a fire. The person who owns it does not need it! Wake up!

      • Mr. Tiglao, you forgot to mention that INC believes that God can lie if he wanted to, and his son is mere man, the opposite of Catholics. If God can lie, why can’t these INC of Manalo? If their house is owned by mere man, even that man can’t save his own house in times for example of war, what more of his body?

        What more of a 2 Million against 20 thousand who decided not to be manipulated are not ready to die in worst scenario because they cannot stomach what their 20 more or less leaders wanted nor what not you! Some of these INCs know that they are not a gangrened hand of a person ready to have it cut and thrown into a fire just to save himself.

    11. Simply, the EDSA revolutions were initiated by the Filipino People for th Filipino peolpe.
      INC protest wad initiated by the INC for the INC.

      • That doesn’t mean we don’t have the right to hold protest in public places. As far as i know, that freedom is provided by our laws. How about when the Pope came, was it also for the entire Filipino people? No! There are many Filipinos who are non-Catholics, but you didn’t hear us complain, much more rant, on the inconveniences it brought to us. We INC members fought for something we strongly believe in, the reason for which was clear to us. Each person has reasons for everything they do and everyone will have their turn. When that time comes, when other’s turn comes, to fulfill what they have to do, we should respect them. Inconvenience to others? Again, we suffered inconveniences too for some things that did not benefit us, nor was important to us. But we did not complain.

    12. i commend you Mr. Tiglao for your series about the recent INC EDSA rally. Though you are not from our side, you provide unbiased and insightful writing. I think so too, that the yellow horde has taken advantage of the situation. Mabuhay po kayo! I hope I get to meet you 1 day.

    13. sa mga negtibong komento,,, di nyo kase taglay ang pananampalataya na mayroon ang inc.. subukAn nyo pong magsaliksik sa mga aral ng I glesia at pag kayo mismo taglay nyo na ang aral at pananampalayaya na mayroon kami.. maiintindihan nyo po kung saan nanggagaling ang iisanaming pagkilos sa kahit anong bagay n aming pagkakaisahan… much has been said against us.. respect begets respect… kudos inc…

    14. These people (who think inc are disgusting religion) should research or look how inc helped our country in the past years… I think you should write an article about that Mr. Tiglao

    15. Darwin Guevarra on

      To Rainheart…. wala naman pong Iglesia ni Manalo na nagrally….at Carlos Villarmino iv….pano mo nasabi na ignorance….may alam kaba s aral ng Iglesia ni Cristo…..sadya po bang matalino kuno kayo o bully lang kayo…at ganun din sa iba na ang utak ay patubuan lamang ng munggo….gamitin din sa ayos..baka.maging taho yan na nagtutubig…. :) …

    16. Tithes?Ten percent of the salary?Why does many people mistakenly assume that we have that kind of doctrine…It is the other sect who is doing that and I don’t want to mention them.

    17. Truth prevails on

      To all the members of the IGLESIA NI CRISTO, especially those who are being irritated of all the insults and curses done obviously by anti-INC. Please remember these things.

      John 15:20-21

      “Remember the word that I said to you, ‘A servant is not greater than his master, “if they persecuted Me, they will also persecute you….

      But all these things they will do to you for My name’s sake, because they do not know Him who sent Me.

      Matthew 5:10-12
      “Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness sake, For theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are you when they revile and persecute you, and say all kinds of evil against you falsely for My sake. Rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for great is your reward in heaven, for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you.

      And last thing:

      Matthew 24:13
      “But he who endures to the end shall be saved.”

      in addition:

      Philippians 1:28 NLT
      “Don’t be intimidated in any way by your enemies. This will be a sign to them that they are going to be destroyed, but that you are going to her saved. even by God himself.


      • Blind Obedience on

        Wow. This is just pathetic. Way to go using the Bible.

        But, to douse your fanaticism, people aren’t persecuting God, so you can’t hide behind the Bible. Please read the verses that you copy-pasted. It’s because of INC members like you, who thinks they are above everybody else, that INC gets more ridicule from others.

        And to drill it through your empty head, people aren’t persecuting you for your “righteousness”. People are reacting negatively because the basis for the rally and traffic is stupid.
        A call for separation of Church and State because a member was filed a case and a judicial process is to be started? Are you immune from the Laws of the State? Get out of the Philippines then and make your own country. But as long as your members are citizens, then they are liable for their actions under the law.

        And, yes, God will prevail over Satan and his cohorts. Maybe only select Filipinos will be brought to heaven, or maybe they are just a cult. Maybe the setting in the Bible is the Philippines instead of Israel, or maybe a founder was just delusional. We’ll never know.

      • Law of the Land…. then Tackle it… well, put your intelligence on it…
        show some jurisprudence…….

    18. Too many haters and envious people here who appeared to be so brilliant and intellect. They pitch in their so-called sound opinions and valid reasons in any way and form just to make a point about how INC rules and influences the political landscape of the country and is above the law, presumably. But they do not have all the facts, credible arguments and legal legs to stand on. In other words, they simply do not like the INC by heart and by tradition (hearsay). I learned that even when I was in high school where my Religion Teacher was telling us how Manalo of INC frequented Las Vegas casinos just to gamble away the money made through the offerings by the church members which by the way has to be 10 percent of one’s income (which I found out to be completely false, misleading and should be subjected to a lawsuit for Slander..maybe). I did not quite understand those kind of accusations back then since I was a firm catholic believer, born and raised and went to catholic schools from kindergarten to high school. Standard practices of accusation and deception that were very common then and still linger nowadays. I don’t have to go way too far to a distant place to know this since my clan are 95 to 99% catholic or at least they claim to be and practice the same thing. Millions of us prior Catholic members know all these that is why it doesn’t come as a surprise at all, like a thief in the night. Know exactly what are the facts over the accusations made against the INC and the “truth behind the curtain” if you will about the issues and I can honestly tell these highly intellect individuals who are presumably very educated and continually express their self-generated information and personal opinions here “Do Not” have the knowledge and wisdom of what INC’s issues are all about and what it is fighting for. Our country’s problems are so gigantic (PDAF, Mamasapano, Rallies by unions whether by bus/jeepney operators, Kilusang Mayo Uno and other militant groups etc. and all these create gridlocks, heavy traffic congestion, problems to working and traveling public, put a pause on business transactions whether government, private or public and yet you treat them as smoke. INC did its own thing and all of a sudden it became a FIRE! You sirs and Madams, well-respected members of the community yet opinionated and (it is your right) are living in two different worlds. This double standard application by the brilliant and educated members of our society serves no one and its intended purpose is to add fuel to the fire. To address those individuals whose comments about how INC is above the law, disruptive and arrogant and did not want the government intrusion, you must be mistaken. INC follows the law of the land only if it is properly applied. In this case it was not. That is why members were out there in the street, isn’t that freedom of expression and is a right under the Constitution? and lastly to those who do not know, you must know that the Philippine Government, our government is so huge that you wouldn’t find any member of the the INC being “ELECTED” (some are assigned and selected posts) in the Executive, in The Senate and Lower level of the Congress. Even in the Governorship of the provinces and mayorship of every single town of the country and yet your bottom dollar is wager to conclude that INC is above the law.
      Thank you Mr. Tiglao for your non-biased take on the issue.
      “With an open mind, you’ll understand”

      • The basis and reason of their massive and disruptive rally was lame.

        Separation of State and Church does not necessarily mean that state has no legal jurisdiction to meddle with INC’s religious-related issue that was eventually summed as a mature crime act. As interpreted, what was happened was a crime, ergo the court ruling is constitutionally valid.

        The interference of DOJ is both a must and legal.

    19. I wish other journalist in the Philippines can expressed their views, opinions, and observation as Mr. Tiglao, but, knowing how media works in the Philippines, it will be just like wishing I am heir to the throne of the most richest monarchy ever existed

    20. Abraham Eroles Simeon on

      Yan po ang doktrina sa bawat isang nais umanib sa INC at tinanggap po bago bautismuhan ang PAGKAKAISA at lahat po ng aral na tinanggap namin ay mula sa Biblia,utos ng panginoon jesucristo namula sa Dios,na wala sa ibang relihiyon,hawak ng Dios ang iglesiang ito,at iisa ang isip at gawa ng iglesiang ito marami pa pong magaganap na lalong ikagagalit ng Diablo sa hinaharap dahil malapit na ang katapusan niya,gusto nya madami sya makasama sa apoy na paglalagyan sa kanya ng Dios,gusto nyo ba sa apoy?sa INC po tau magsamasama may pangako na may katiyakan hindi sumusuntok sa hangin,may bayang banal na inilalan sa mga magtatagumpay sa pagsubok,hindi sa lupang ito na puno ng kasamaan,kaligaligan at pagluha,sa mga pagsamba namin huebes at linggo andon ang Dios inaaliw at binibigyan ng pagasa,dyan kami ginagabayan ng pamamahala sa loob ng INC na sinasabi nyo uto-
      uto,zombie,mga bugok kami,na lalo naman nagpapasigla sa aming pananampalataya,ipinagpauna na ito sa amin at hindi kami nagagalit o nagtataka.

    21. I guess by now you folks already know kung “ano” talaga ang ipinaglalaban ng INC na “separation”? Does “bloc vote” and “black mail” ring a bell? :)

    22. Thank you author for giving some light behind INC’s movement. However, as much as you justified INC’s actions, I do not think it was necessary to include the Catholic’s “hush” elite society (though it was good that you mentioned it since I have never heard of something like that before). Perhaps you can dig into that subject deeper in another article? I’d love to hear more about it.

      Moving on, I think the main issue with the INC rally and the public’s reaction is their (the public’s) lack of self-restraint in posting in the internet. I feel like the Philippines educational system is not caught up with how young people should respond and react in the web. The internet is fast becoming a big part of our social lives, yet in terms of how the people are educated in “socializing” in the internet, they are not properly informed with “web” manners (if there is such a thing). Of course, I am not saying that the public shouldn’t voice their opinions, but how they want their opinions to come across matter’s very much since there might be people’s feelings they are affecting. I am not trying to single out the Filipino community because the rest of the world is reacting the same way, but when it comes to how “vocal” Filipinos are in the web, they (Filipinos) are the worst I have every seen.

      • Justaskingseriously on

        I personally do not trust the author of this column when it comes to information on the Catholics. It is always advisable to go directly to the source or sources. The internet is a convenient source. Just google “catholic church” and you will find reliable info. Or “catholic answers” will provide answers to common questions. But the internet might have bogus websites using the word “catholic”. Look for a trusted friend who might be a catholic known to you personally. Conversations are very helpful.

    23. Tong mga to kung maka-comment na hindi raw naiintindihan ng mga INC and pinaniniwalaan. Makahingi nga ng tulong sa REBULTONG YARI SA KAHOY at bato na nililok ng mga taga-PAETE. Tag-Paete Laguna, kayo pala ang gumagawa ng daan papuntang langit. Lilok pa more!

    24. Nice and precised Mr Tiglao. Me as a catholic, are not agree on what our co-catholics doing lambasting and critisizing the INC. I think not only me. Like what i said or comment last time here, not all catholics are doing and thinking the same. Specially those with personal/doctrine attacks. I respect the INC. I have relatives friends who are a member of that church. Actually they are former catholics also. Again not all catholics (including us) are doing and thinking the same. We understand what INCs fighting for in last rally.

    25. Am saddened at how angry to si Mr.Tiglao sa Catholics. The journalists you mentioned just express their opinions the same way you do.That’s their own and not the Church. In fact our Church advised us not to add to the fire instead asked to pray that there will be peace among the INC. This time you got your statistics wrong. There are more low and lower middle working class Catholics. It’s not the monopoly of our church to be elitist nor rich as there are also among the INC. There is nothing wrong with being rich if this was from good works and study in good Catholic schools. You may be spiritually wounded but wag mo namam isabong kami Catholico Sa INC for we do love them too.

      • tama, wala pong kinalaman ang katoliko dito, we pray for out brothers and sisters in inc. kaya, wag ng lagyan ng iba pang kulay. kung may mga nagrereact, baka ibang indibdual yun at di naman katoliko agad. may God bless us all, in Jesus name. Amen

    26. very well said Mr Tiglao with some corrections….. that INC were not giving tithings, we gave in accordance with the dictate of our hearts… voluntary contribution

    27. yung fiesta ng quiapo alam na ng tao kung kailan mangyayari, therefore may route na ang mga sasakyan, pero yung sa INC HINDE NATIN ALAM NA MAG RALLY SLA, KAYA MARAMI TAO ANG NAIIPET SA TRAFFIC, at saka yong rason nla sa pag rally ay feeling nla na pag nagkasala ang maga INC AY EXEMPTED sla SA BATAS NG PILIPINAS?

    28. Frances Nicole Manzanero on

      Hello Sir. Your article reminded me of a question I’ve had before that might address an issue about the Separation of Church and State… I used to pass by the parish in Sta. Ana, Manila and observed its undergoing renovation. I was perplexed when I learned that the renovation is funded by the NCCA using the money of the Filipinos (whi belong to all religions). If the Catholic Church and our Government firmly stand with this law (enough to ridicule how INC embrace this law with such conviction) why is it that our government is the one renovating these catholic churches? Why is the Catholic Church allowed this to happen in the first place? Shouldnt we also look at that issue? Maybe the Catholic authorities in the likes of the writers you have mentioned have something to justify that? Thank you.

    29. Of Mr. Doronila’s comment “Who is running the country?i take it as a bias for the INC for several factors that the rally showed.. Seldom that a group is given a three- day permit, the policemen were not wearing protective or attack gears on that five day, no high government officials dared speak their minds. Why, the administration frets the block voting power of the INC. thus on that five days one can comment “Who is running the ” country. I see the question as a slight to the administration. And anybody could ask that especially the commuting public who had experienced added inconvenience.

      • Sorry to say but police officers got no problems in recently held rally of INC because it was peaceful and Iglesia Ni Cristo members are disciplined..

    30. Funny that in the list of columnists, Tiglao’s picture is sandwiched between Kit Tatad (Opus Dei) and Rene Saguisag himself.

      Anyway, Tiglao just likes to make far out conclusions. Blaming the actions of David, Saguisag and Doronilla on their religion? These guys do not even seem to be very religious! Their motivations are far from based on their religion.

      Also, Bernie is not a supernumerary. #researchpamore

    31. Thank you po, Mr. Tiglao for your objective opinion about INC.

      Contrary to the statements made by other commentators, we would like to clarify that we, the INC members did not go to EDSA or go bloc-voting just because of mere obedience to our leader. Being an INC member is the central and integral part of our lives. And we make sure to humbly obey everything that pleases God (as written in the holy scriptures), one of these Godly service is unity- so in order to maintain solidarity and unity, we have to be one with our Church Leader. We have faith, just like any other religious group, that our leader is anointed by God Himself, and our Leader explains to us why we have to do this or that, every decision that he makes is supported by the verses in the Bible. We went to EDSA because we know what we were fighting for. Yes, we know what we fight for and we know what will be the implications to our beloved organization if we do not take action, and we wont let anybody or anything to cause division to INC. Yes, we want the government to hear us so we rallied in the busiest highway in the metro, just like the former groups did (remember EDSA 1 and 2). We do not expect everyone to understand INC, because this is not like any organization in the world, it takes minimum 6 months for a non-INC to understand all our doctrines. but we do really appreciate those people who respect our feelings despite the inconvenience that we’ve made. God bless us all.

    32. Magkano ba bidding sa bloc voting?. akala ko ba! ang iglesia ni manalo hindi tumatanggap ng pera sa eleksyon?. nagtatatanong lang ?…kasi kung tumangap… eh masahol pa sa nandaya… at pagsinungaling sa mga miyembro…

      • Hindi po tumatanggap ang mga kaanib sa Iglesia ni Cristo ng anumang galing sa politiko..Sinusunod lang po namin ang doktrina ukol sa pagkakaisa maging pati sa pagboto. Hindi lang po kami sa pagboto nagkakaisa kundi maging noon nagkaYolanda sa Pilipinas nagkaisa din kami sa isinagawa naming Worldwide Walk for Yolanda victims na nakapagbigay ng maaayos na pabahay at kabuhayan ng mga biktima, Iglesia man o hindi. Magsuri ka po sa doktrina ng iglesia. Salamat po.

      • Correction lang po IGLESIA NI CRISTO at di iglesia ni manalo.Sa inyo pong kalaman ang INC lamang po ang walang utang sa ano mang banko o kahit sa gobyerno maging sa America o kaya sa IMF pa.

      • Kahit kailan man hindi tumatanngap ng suhol ang INC, kung meron kang alam then prove it po, its not a block voting but we called it UNITY..sabi mo nagtatanong ka lang pero ang tono ng pananalita mo ay akosado na, kapag hindi po kapag hindi po ninyo sigurado ang mga sasabihin dapat marunong kang manimbang wag mapang husga kasi nagtatanong ka lang.

    33. maraming salamat mr. bobi tiglao
      klaruhin muna po, hindi po kami nag tithing….wala pong ganon

      at sa ibang nag comment…..nun panahon ni Kristo, kinasusuklaman siya ng napakaraming tao hanggang pinapatay siya sa krus.

      tanging INC lang, sa dinami dami ng denominasyon sa Pilipinas, ang lubos na kinasusuklaman ng napakaraming tao sa makabagong panahon, Bakit?
      malaya kayong mag isip ng kasagutan. at ang inyong kasagutan ay sumasalamin sa inyong pagkatao…..

    34. wyndee santos tantoco on

      thanks for writing this article, the discussion that we INC doesn’t understand the protest, all of you will never know or understand because none of you experienced to be one of us INC. Our respect and love for the brotherhood in the church, our unity and our faith thats the most important thing in our lives. for clarification we don’t have tithes po. We offer what our hearts desires and we know where the funds went and we have thousand of houses of worships in the Philippines and overseas. For those of you that we inconvenienced sorry, some said we don’t know why we are in the rally, we know the whole story po thats why all the brethren po went to EDSA. And for those of you that are not familiar with INC all over the world our worship service are the same po. one bible lesson wherever you attended po. We don’t need to explain ourselves and our action to each and everyone po all we know in our hearts that We are in unity with the church, that even Mr Samson filed a case that’s he’s rights as a non member now. We feel sorry for his family because they let the devil ruined their faith to God. Our church administration has due process, you don’t get expelled or asks to step down in your duty if you are righteous- they don’t just expelled you without investigation but some expelled members thinks that they are better than all of us members and officers. it is their arrogance and lack of faith to God made their hearts turned against the teaching.

    35. Vic Penetrante on

      You have classified two religious sects into types, the ‘ruling class’ and the ‘working class. Pardon me, but it looks like you’re trying to be a fight-promoter.


      • nasaan ka ba nun mr gregorio soriano…??? para ka naman wala sa pag-iisip… na sabi mali ang ginawa ng INC??? bakit maganda ba lahat ng ginagawa mo? eh kung ikaw kaya ang paratangangan ng kasinungalingan at ikukulong ka nila ng walang piyansa??? anu gagawin mo???

      • mr. soriano, ano naman po ang mali sa ginawang rally ng inc?.me permit po sila para mag rally,at peacefull naman po ang rally nila.,eh dba noon me edsa 1 at 2 y naman sa rally ng inc eh umuusok ang ilong nyo sa galit?
        talaga pong “no one is above the law”,kaya ipinapalagay po ang inaakusahan na innocent unless he/she is “proven guilty”.kaya nga po me imbestigasyon para malaman kung totoo o hindi ang paratang sa mga inerereklamong inc.,at kung totoo man po ang “illegal detention” na ito…,ilang miyembro lang po ito ng inc,hindi ang buong “iglesia” ang sisihin nyo.

      • wala pong ganyan

        ang ganyang paniniwala po ay buhat sa pag iisip ng mga tsismoso

        hindi ko po sinasabing kayo…nagtatanong po kasi kayo …..

        salamat po!

      • And what about bloc vote? Do you even have substantial knowledge why the INC does it in the first place? :)

      • To Miss Mina….was there ever a need for INC to sell? We have built our chapels ourselves, the PhilippineArena ourselves, we have maintained them ourselves…what would be the purpose of selling the votes? Further FYI, We are essentially voting for officials who will respect our religious freedom, people who will leave us alone…things that should have been included in our democracy from the get go.

      • ms/mrs. mina,anuman po ang inyong paniniwala ukol sa sinsabi nyong “bloc voting” ng inc para sa highest bidder ay wala pong katotohanan.hindi po nila pinagbibili ang kanilang boto.,kung meron man na kaanib sa inc na nagpapayad sa kanilang boto,hindi po ibig sabihin na buong iglesia na ang ganun.

    37. carlos villarmino iv on

      blind faith or plain obedience? Just another question to ponder. The INC rally last weekend is thus, mighty and strong but overflowing with ignorance. INC showed how able they are as to mobilization of the members are concerned. It also reared its head to show how strong is their influence to the country’s politics. It wants to show muscle and make us believe that their church elders are infallible , no less untouchable. I pity the folks who came there , who had a slight or no idea at all. Of course, they knew they will get the attention they want because of the horrible traffic that came with it. It is because they were all fed by massive misinformation and twisted interpretation of the law. In the process, it was casting a eerie atmosphere as if they have taken the government hostage to the crisis. I say both party had their shortcomings in this story. I pray, any day soon, some good legal columnist may explain where the Separation of Church and State meet as to enlighten our misinformed countrymen. Just remember the basic.. If you are a Filipino national (natural-born or naturalized), living in any recognized Philippine territory, be of any religion or belief, gender affiliation or status, you are covered by the Constitution,its by-law and all legal rights that it bestow. No mortal is above it.

      • Carlos,
        If you only listened to the INC’s cry and explanation. The protest was about the unfair and obviously politically motivated handling of the government. Admit it that this government’s administration is using the laws of the country to manipulate “justice”. Read Mr. Tiglao’s August 30 column titled “‘Reap the Whirlwind:’ What’s behind the INC revolt?'”

        Do you really believe that the Sec of DOJ is just doing her job without an agenda?

      • Mr. Carlos, kung matagal ka na sa Manila ay hindi ka maiinis sa trapik. Ilang taon na po na heavy trapik palagi sa manila. Ngayung tapos na ang rally ng INC, tapos na rin ba ang trapik? Youre just blaming, try to be aware, self awareness Mr. Carlos, please. Ngayun sinu naman ang sinisisi mo sa mabigat na trapik? Malamang ang gobyerno. Lumabas ka ng maaga para makarating ka ng maaga sa pupuntahan mo Mr. Carlos. Mahilig tayu mag blame, you let the INC control your emotion? Bakit ka nagagalit sa kanila? WHY? Dahil natrapik ka? Yun lang ba? Samantalangh ang mga INC ay hindi naman nagagalit sa yu. Sila masaya na at tahimik na tahimik na ang buhay samantalang ikaw ilang araw nang tapos ang rally may hatred ka pa rin. :)

      • Members of the INC received and understood BIblical teachings about Obedience, Unity, and Love for Brotherhood. These are included in the fundamental doctrines of the Church. We are not blind followers because every member, whether you born in the Church or converts undergo Bible studies before receiving the holy baptism.

        The INC is just calling the attention of the government to practice the Rule of Law. Not to short cut the process. Sec. De Lima violated Sec 2 Rule 112 of the Revised Rules of Criminal Procedures. Read the link for detailed explanation http://theiglesianicristo.blogspot.com/2015/09/nagprotesta-ang-iglesia-ni-cristo-sa.html?spref=fb

        When the INC asked for Separation of Church and State– it means let the case filed by Samson go through the right process—go through the prosecutors office as mandated by the law. Not through the office of the Secretary of Justice, who has a hidden agenda.


        Please read the links for you to understand the stand of the INC. Kaming mga Iglesia sanay kami na kinukutya at inaalipusta dahil sa aming pananampalataya. Pero hindi kami makakapayag na sirain ng ilang tao lalo na ng mga politiko na sirain ang pagkakaisa at mga doktinang aming sinasampalatayan ayon sa Banal na Kasulatan. Marunong kaming sumunod sa batas, at dapat ninyong tandaan na mayroon din kaming karapatan na iparating ang amin mga hinaing sa pamahalaan. Ang kaibahan nga lang, buo ang aming pagkakaisa at mahal na mahal namin ang aming taga-pangasiwa sapagkat alam namin na pinangangalagaan nila ang aming karapatan at higit sa lahat ang magabayan kami tungo sa kaligtasan.

      • the substance of your comment defeats the issue of the true logic of INC’s unity. by virtue of analogy, i will show your ignorance. suppose you are hit by a car on your feet while crossing the road, wouldn’t you grimace in pain and howl at the car driver who mindlessly continued to go? INC is one body-one church. and the pain brought by its former official who was sanctioned because of his erratic actions was cuddled by the government.
        Neither can you successfully defend your opinion on the issue without understanding first INC doctrines because you have to view the core issue not from the outside – but from the inside. it’s like in the medical profession: a true specialist studies the inside, and does not merely look at the outside appearance of the sick patient. because internal problem e.g. in the organ failure is the meat of the matter.
        Now, how can you judge the issue if, in the first place, you are ignorant of our doctrines & faith? You are like a moviewatcher who, after watching the trailer, commented that the movie is a flop. a waste of money.

      • From what I can see, the “ignorance” you mentioned goes both ways. The public is quick to react with what the media is saying without being properly aware and informed of the situation from both sides. Just because the majority agrees on one thing, doesn’t make it right or just. It’s funny how you mentioned Separation of Church and State because it was clearly being violated by the government. To give you some light about the INC case, Samson, who filed the complaint of illegal detention was still an INC member/minister when he was being disciplined by the church or in his words “illegally detained”. Such disciplinary action is not unique to the to the INC because the Catholic church has the same law they follow (look at Canon 2302, this is the law of the Catholic church). What this basically mean is that the head Secretary of DOJ is violating the law of Separation of Church and State by implementing charges against the church’s doctrines that even he (Samson) was a part of. As much as Samson felt entrapped with the whole situation, he was fully aware that this was the church’s doctrines.

        P.S. Samson being held hostage with guns and such is total B.S. . He should be charged with libel and defamation by the INC.

      • “If you are a Filipino national (natural-born or naturalized), living in any recognized Philippine territory, be of any religion or belief, gender affiliation or status, you are covered by the Constitution,its by-law and all legal rights that it bestow. No mortal is above it.”

        I take it that this is address to De Lima and the Yellow posse

      • Alam mo ba kung ano ang kwento ni Samson, ang nagfile ng illegal detention charges? pwede mo mapanood sa youtube kung ayaw mo maniwala, at kung akala mo “misinformed” ako, ganito ang sabi nya: na “house arrest” daw siya, nang nahouse arrest na siya, nakasimba pa daw siya, tapos eto pa yung malupit, kung paanu siya “nakatakas” daw, sabi nya lumabas lg daw sila ng pamilya nya ng maaga tapos ng makita daw siya ng mga “gumaguard” daw sa kaniya, sinabihan nya lg ang guard na “mahuhuli na siya”, at tapos, ganun lang. Hindi na daw sila sinunod. Ngayon sinong matinong tao ang maniniwala sa ganitong kwento? nahouse arrest ka tapos pasasambahin ka pa tapos palalabasin ng ganun-ganun lang?

      • Tapos ang tao na may gawa ng kwentong ito paniniwalaan ni Delima?
        Binawala ni De Lima ang sabi ng NBI na walang naganap na abduction, dahil sa taong ito? Hindi sinunod ni De Lima ang tamang proseso ng paghandle ng kaso para sa taong ito? Tapos hindi biro to na charge ha, illegal detention pa. So kung sa simula pa lg nagpapakita na ng pagkabias ang mismung DOJ secretary, ipapatuloy mo pa ba ang kasong ito?
        Kaya, hindi nag rally ang Iglesia upang maipakita na untouchable ang mga kapatid nito, hindi nag rally ang Iglesia upang maipakita ang impluwensya nito, nag rally ang INC dahil linabag ng secretary ang batas, tapos ang grounds pa ay ang kwento ni samson?
        Hindi hinihiling ng Iglesia na maimmune sa batas, ang hinihiling nga ng Iglesia ay ang sundin nga ang batas. Wala namang problema kung iimbistigahan ang Iglesia kung sa tamang paraan lang.

      • Paano naging Ignorance….may alam ka po ba sa aral ng Iglesia ni Cristo?… ang salita ay kinukuha hindi sa paratang na paraan…. o walang kaalaman sa pinag sasabihan…. :) ….utak po ay hindi patubuan lamang munggo…paki gamit nyo po… salamat ng marami :)

      • YES! “blind faith or plain obedience?” but to whom??? surely not the Cristo of the bible . . .

    38. ibig ba sabihin mr.tiglao…. kahit nasa panganib na ang buhay ng kanilang mga miyembro.. o kahit patayin pa hindi makialam ang gobyerno dahil sila ay iglesia ni manalo?. ganyan ho ba!dahil sila na ang hari sa sanlibutan na ito… dahil sila ay iglesia ni manalo… kawawa naman ang mya miyembro nila na biktima sa kamalian at naghanap lang ng hustisya… huwag ka naman sana mamulitika tapos na turno ninyo ni GMA…weird at klaro ka ha!….tsk tsk tsk….masahol pa yung administrayon ninyo kaysa ngayon…sino ba kandidato mo at takot kayo magkumento sa mga iyan… natakot kayo na hindi iboto…

      • Wow rainheart! ikaw pala ang may taglay sa buong katotohan na alam mo kung sino ang biktima and kung ano ang hustisya… ikaw pala dapat ang tanungin ng DOJ dahil ikaw ang “expert”. Wow!

      • May kaniya kaniyang paniniwala ang mga tao at dapat igalang rainheart. :) Kung naaawa ka sa mga miyembro ng INC ay that is their CHOICE. Wala kang magagawa dun. Pero para sa sarili mo ay may magagawa ka. Anu yun? Tanggapin mo na hindi lahat ng gusto mo ay maibibigay sa yu.

      • Please don’t make yourself too ignorant. There is no such thing as Iglesia Ni Manalo, only Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church of Christ). Read this links for your enlightenment. Ang tanong, May ebidensya pang kinulong or sinaktan si Samson? Sana alamin nyo muna ang buong pangyayari at totoong nangyari bago husgahan ang INC.

        Every person or organization deserves due process, we have the right to receive fair justice. The government needs to implement the Rule of Law. We must NOT TOLERATE SELECTIVE JUSTICE.



      • iglesia ni manalo… are u that stupid to call us iglesia ni manalo? san ka nag aral? what if i tell u u are as dumb as ur rebulto…. let me quote one of my Kapatid…. ” 101 years of existence in this country. We never asked money from the government nor ask them to give us special treatment. We grew from one man to millions. Built magnificent houses of worship and other edifices. None of us lived in the streets begging for food. Yes most of us are poor but we are all happily living a decent life. We take care of each other. We protect each other, our faith and our leaders. We render aid to our countrymen during calamities and even to other countries. If this is what you call stupid, uneducated, morons etc., then you geniuses should have done better things to this country”

      • Frederick Estrella on

        I think for the outsiders who keep on commenting to the controversy in the INC; Do you really know what you are talking about? You keep on saying things about your “Neighbours” but are your house very clean as well. We don’t say that our leaders are infallible but just like in any organisation we have our own way of disciplining members who made mistake and every member knows about it. Maybe because in your organisation even if you commit or violated the doctrines of your church, no disciplinary actions are being given. It is like a father who do not care whatever his children do. Thanks po and God bless

      • SilentObserver on

        sinong may sabing may nagpapatayan na? kung di niyo rin alam ang kabuuang istorya ng mga nangyayari at nagpapaniwala lang sa mga usap-usapan at chismis, manahimik na lamang po kayo.

      • saan mo nakuha ang iglesia ni manalo….wala naman nag rally na iglesia ni manalo …. maling forum po yata ang tinutukoy nyo :) ….

    39. laguatanlawzen.com on

      Yes Rene Saguisag is a true yellow bloodied animal through and through. I am not familiar with Doronila.

    40. Sarcasm has always eaten the minds of Non-INC members, all articles, except this has their writer not on their minds when they were written. No one gave INC a fair look into the publications and even social media, they were just always driven by the subjective writing all with sarcasms of describing their emotions. People needs this kind of minds to drive the society on a higher knowledge of being Objective on all their outlook on issues. Great Read! Very informative with all facts needed!

    41. to mr. tiglao i respect your opinion pero sana respetuhin mo rin ang iba hindi yang parang ikaw na lang ang tama maraming religious sect sa mundo sana mas maganda kung ang ipopromote mu na lang ay ang pagkakaisa tungo sa pag unlad ng bansa

    42. Thank you for your observation of the INC, Mr. Tiglao. It was my point exactly about the EDSA traffic. It has been days since INC concluded and the news still headlines the traffic jam problems that have been a huge problem, enough that the government is spinning trying to find a solution. It is obvious that this is a major transportation road for business. It seems that if 80 billion pesos are being lost per day because of this, they would work harder and stop trying to blame others for the losses. INC did a outreach mission there and millions were fed and received free health and dental, but what did we hear? Complaints about traffic that was already there. Would they do the same to the Catholic Church? We give our free will offerings from the heart, not from a mandated amount. The amount is in the heart of the giver. These offerings are collected from all over the world and used for many things, the outreach program being one of them. Thank you again for your time to rebuke the media. Perhaps there is a chance you will be interested in hearing the bible study to know what our beliefs are rather than hearsay.

      Tom Simpson, INC Temecula CA

    43. Malinaw naman ang dahilan kung bakit nagrally ang Iglesia Ni Cristo hindi dahil pakiramdam nila ay pinapakialaman sila ng gobyerno pero dahil natatakot sila na mag-prosper ang kasong KRIMINAL na serious illegal detention na isinampa laban sa walong lider ng INC at non-bailable un kaya they tried to show their force. at alam ng lahat ng nagrereklamo na na-mention mo dito sa article mo ang dahilan sa rally ng INC. At FYI sir, tiyuhin ni Anthony Taberna si Isaias Samson Jr, ang dating INC minister na nagsampa ng kaso. Pinsan ng nanay ni Taberna si Samson kaya konektado ang pamamaril sa coffee shop ni Taberna sa isyu ng INC. KRIMENG ginawa ng knilang mga lider ang tunay na isyu dito hindi ang traffic o separation of church and state na isinisigaw nila at ipinang-uuto sa kanilang mga miyembro. walang may ibang may karapatang magresolba ng isang krimen kundi ang ating gobyerno at sanay alam mo yun Rigoberto Tiglao. Hindi masamang maging bias, basta tanging sa KATOTOHANAN at HUSTISYA lamang tayo magiging BIAS.

      • Wow! hindi lang pala si rainheart and binigyan ng biyaya na sila pala ang nasa tama. Pagkasabi mo palang na bias ka eh… i rest my case…

      • Hindi natatakot ang INC sapagkat ang kaso ni Samson ay pawang kasinungalingan. Siya na mismo ang nagsabing pinayagan siyang sumamba. Malaya siyang nakaalis ng bahay niya kasama ng pamilya.

        Maging matalino po tayo at suriing mabuti ang mga naririnig natin. Para hindi tayo lalabas na tsismoso or maingay na latang walang laman.

        Bago isampa ang kaso kailangan munang dumaan sa preliminary investigation upang malaman kung may sapat na ebidensya para isampa ang kaso.

        The INC is just calling the attention of the government to practice the Rule of Law. Not to short cut the process. Sec. De Lima violated Sec 2 Rule 112 of the Revised Rules of Criminal Procedures. Read the link for detailed explanation


        When the INC asked for Separation of Church and State– it means let the case filed by Samson go through the right process—go through the prosecutors office as mandated by the law. Not through the office of the Secretary of Justice, who has a hidden agenda.


      • in 9 days of alleged detention… 3 times lumabas pumunta templo para magsamba…. sinong niloloko ni samson? i bet ikaw un ….. FYI… kaya nirailroad ni delima ang kaso para di na dumaan sa due process… dahil pag dumaan sa due process…. nakow… sa kangkungan pupulutin reklamo ni isaias samson. tsk…. naloko ka na brad

      • Eto na lg masasabi ko sa iyo, panoorin mo na lang ang video ni samson, na siya mismu ang may gawa, sa youtube kung paanu raw siya “nakatakas” sa kanyang “house arrest” kung convinced ka pa rin sa mga sinabi niya na pagkatapos mo panoorin ay …bahala ka na.

    44. dimpled shoulders on

      At last,there’s somebody who understands our stand as INC.you’re right with your observations with regards to our faith.we are bound with love, hope and faith.though we are poor,we are rich in faith that will lead us to eternal life.My salute to you Sir

    45. Perfecto R. Yasay,Jr. on

      The vast majority of Filipinos who are Christians dislike the fact that the INC is the only religion that commands the solid support of its members to vote as a block for aspirants for public offices, which all other churches have not or perhaps cannot even dream of achieving. Consequently, the INC wields enviable power over politicians in government in making demands for its growth, unity and survival and in addressing the mundane needs and benefits of its members. This has provoked criticism that has been suppressed for some time especially coming from bigger churches who are fast losing their hold and control over their membership in opposing government actions albeit aimed at uplifting the conditions of the poor but offending and threatening religious beliefs, teachings and practices. Indeed, the uproar resulting from the INC crisis was not so much a concern about a misunderstanding about the principle of the separation of church and state but a public outcry against INC’s perceived unfair dominant influence over our elections amidst a heightening campaign fever in preparation for 2016. The fact that all our “presidentiables” responded with compromising and conciliatory statements than with determined moral courage and political will sums up the tragedy of our time.

    46. Its obvious that people are envious of the INC bec they are able to do what other organizations cannot do, And bec of this they resort to insults and condescension. Mukang kung may maliligtas sa magkabilang panig, hindi yun mga nang iinsulto at nang lalait.

    47. “The INC was even a rebellion against the Spanish hold on Philippine Catholicism”

      If I remember right, Felix Manalo used to be a member of the Seventh Day Adventist, not the catholic church until he was removed and he put up INC

      • He was a nephew of a priest, a sakristan, became a protestant pastor. He left those religions because their doctrines contradicts the teachings of God written in the Bible. He never claimed to be the founder of Iglesia Ni Cristo. He is the last messenger of God in these last days as prophesied in the bible. He served as the first executive minister of the Church. He taught the members to have faith in God and to believe the teachings in the bible. During his time, he always tell the people not to believe in Manalo, but believe in the words of God. He preaches the pristine words of God. The present executive ministers and all the ministers of the INC maintain the same practice of teaching the pristine words of God.

    48. INC protested because of their belief that gov’t were meddling with their affair. I don’t think so. Gov’t thru DOJ just only acted on the complaint filed by one of their member against INC leadership. it’s the responsibility of any gov’t to protect the welfare of it’s citizen an act accordingly whatever or to whomever affiliations a citizen he/she have been. Gov’t action in this case is not directed in meddling the affair of INC as a religious organization but to the personalities involve. hence, I don’t understand why those get into rallies were reiterating and reminding the the gov’t to respect the separation of Church and State. Mr. Tiglao, you’ve said here that all of INC member belong to working class of the society, so meaning they have brains to comprehend the very essence of separation of Church and State. But upon hearing their reason why they made EDSA an inferno for 4 days, I’m now in doubt if they do really have brains and sense of reasoning.

      • cris, since you are an expert and know everything, do you honestly think that the Sec of DOJ obviously disproportionate attention to this matter did not have any agenda? Honestly…

      • PLEASE READ so that you will understand the INC’s reasoning. The so-called “yellow media” will never interview legal experts or dig deeper into the cause of the protest. Because their primary motive is to destroy the INC and its unity, which is one of its fundamental doctrines as written in the Bible. I just want to inform you that every member fully understand that unity is a commandment of God to his people.

        Take note also that Samson is no longer a member of the INC when he filed the case. He is already an outsider, expelled.

        The INC is just calling the attention of the government to practice the Rule of Law. Not to short cut the process. Sec. De Lima violated Sec 2 Rule 112 of the Revised Rules of Criminal Procedures. Read the link for detailed explanation


        When the INC asked for Separation of Church and State– it means let the case filed by Samson go through the right process—go through the prosecutors office as mandated by the law. Not through the office of the Secretary of Justice, who has a hidden agenda.


    49. I agree on points raised in favour of the INC, I myself have posted several comments on how most people are unfairly bullying them with incessant bashing and how it wouldn’t change the events which already happened. I even shared your article on how the protest could have started, urging my friends that maybe what you have written is the real reason behind and if the mentioned manipulations were done to me I’d surely commence a revolt too. At a time when blaming the INC’s faith and mob-like behaviour was popular and even more favourable, you were one of the few who proposed a line of thought which could somehow justify the seemingly unjustifiable.
      However, reading your article today made me sick to my stomach. I can’t believe that you have to resort to throwing stinky garbage to the Catholics to be able to justify your reasoning. The issues of the elites running almost everything in our country has nothing to do with faith and religion. As you have pointed out so many times, it’s the long standing systemic corruption and poor governance.
      How were you able to come up with the ratio that Catholics are “brainwashed”? I grew up a Catholic and the lessons I have learned through my Church are acceptance, forgiveness, compassion, and respect for each others differences. At the height of the recent events, our Church leaders even asked for intercessory prayers for the INC members and their leadership. You can’t possibly charge and attack the whole Church for the ills done by a few unenlightened members. In as much as you have seen the great things that the INC does inspite of its unpopularity, you couldn’t possibly miss the great things that the Catholic Church has imparted to the community and the country as a whole.
      We were never obliged nor required to do anything except to tap on our conscience because it’s would be so much more meaningful if people move by faith and not because they are forced to. I would like to correct as well your posited idea that INC is for the lower, poorer class and the Catholic Church is for the elites. How could you be so blind of your biases? Get out of your air-conditioned room and get off your car, walk around the metro and even the provinces and you will see that there are so many Catholics who can’t even feed themselves as much as they need to. The best that the Church can do is to organise charities for momentary relief but as far as long term solutions are concerned, the government has to step in. It’s so wrong to say that the Catholic is a choice of the elites and INC for the poor ones in the society. Maybe in your world, but it’s so far from reality.
      Yes, there is so much room for improvement with the Catholic Church as an organisation, and maybe a number of past and present mistakes that need to be rectified, but it’s not as bad as you just painted it to be.

      • gl, I commend your wisdom and spirit. You are a perfect example of someone who, in spite of the popular maligning of the INC’s protest, you remained objective and empathetic. Mr. Tiglao’s point is not to bash the catholics but to point out the hypocrisies of the other so-called “journalist”

    50. There is one more reason you missed out on: the INC is the most powerful anti-yellow entity in the country, so it is the biggest potential threat to the yellow regime. All that hostility is actually just plain FEAR. They fear the INC especially now that they know their regime has become very vulnerable because of the of the aspergergized madness of the son of their highest icons Ninoy and Cory. Watch what’s happening to the yellows closely, this is what happens to a people whose gods have been discredited badly. Do they deserve the sleepless nights. you think?

    51. Well it is not clear and will never be clear to other people. It may seem POINTLESS simply because you believe everything media wants to show you without you digging into what is the real reason why these people has gone to the rally. BE SMART and don’t close your mind to other possibilities specially if you have just heard it from the news (in any issue)

    52. It is a real shame, or perhaps pity that Mr. Tiglao’s rant against certain journalists who lambasted the INC for their chaotic and extremely disruptive demonstrations in protest against alleged anti-INC bias by the DOJ should include anti-Catholic propaganda usually resorted to only by rabid Protestants and others who see nothing good in Catholicism. But I guess it would be too much to ask him to read books or articles written from a Catholic perspective regarding the Crusades, the Inquisition, etc. for then he would be more circumspect in his judgment or pre-judgment. He would actually see the wisdom of what Alexander Pope said in An Essay on Criticism: “A little learning is a dangerous thing. Drink deep or touch not the Pierian Spring;there shallow draughts intoxicate the brain, and drinking largely sobers us again.”
      Mr. Tiglao’s piece was not much of a rebuttal to the points made by David, Doronila or Saguisag.

    53. The problem with this catholic-dominated country, if they were the ones disrupting traffic with their fiestas, rallies they call it religious and freedom of assembly but when other religious groups are the ones doing this they call it disruption. So many instances that travelling was made hellish by fiestas, processions and sagalas occupying national roads that inconvenienced passengers going home. Their usual alibi is “minsan lang naman” and “para sa diyos naman”. There should be a ban on these activities (fiestas, sagalas, processions) occupying national roads/highways that inconveniences travelers. This is religious dictatorship.

    54. Bagama’t waring may katwiran ang iyong sinasabi, hindi ako sumasang-ayon nang buo na “class bias” ang dahilan kung bakit marami ang nagagalit sa INC sa ginawa nilang 5 araw na rally sa EDSA/Shaw. Para sa akin, higit sa lahat, ang kakitiran ng pananaw at pagkamakasarili ng INC ang mga dahilan kung bakit napakaraming hindi natutuwa sa ginawa nila. After all, bahagi sila ng lipunan, pero para bang gumagalaw sila na hindi. Ngayong nakuha nila ang gusto nila, babalik sila sa pananahimik? Lahat tayo ay may katungkulang sa lipunang kinagagalawan natin, para na rin sa ikasusulong ng lipunan.

    55. kasalanan ba ng katoliko kaya nag aklas ang INC? Huwag naman sana bahiran ng relihiyon ang awayan sa INC na patungkol sa batas. Mag-ingat na huwag dumating ang gulo bilang sagupaang Katoliko vs INC.

    56. Re: “Its members of course pay some tithe — a percentage of their earnings.” <– This is not true, Sir. My family has been INC members for generations. We are part of the first 7 locales. We do not practice tithing.

      THERE IS A PERSISTENT rumor among many people from other religions that Iglesia ni Cristo practice the giving of tithes or giving 10% of a member's income to the Church. This allege practice of tithing is perpetuated by Church detractors who persistently sow rumors about tithing in the Church as a means to dissuade other people from joining the Iglesia ni Cristo.

      Iglesia ni Cristo members give their offerings on a voluntary basis, out of their faith and understanding of the biblical teaching concerning religious offerings. Thus Iglesia ni Cristo members faithfully follow God's commandment to His servants in the Christian Era that says:

      "Each of you should give as you have decided in your heart to give. You should not be sad when you give, and you should not give because you feel forced to give. God loves the person who gives happily." (II Cor. 9:7, New Century Version, emphasis ours)

      "Do not forget to do good to others, and share with them, because such sacrifices please God." (Heb. 13:16, NCV)

    57. Justaskingseriously on

      Your Ateneo upbringing comes out clear as a bell. Creme de la creme, eh? Class distinctions? Fraternities? Fight as you must against bigotry, it is in embedded in the Atenean to perceive oneself as looking at the world from Mount Olympus. I won’t go as far as to say it is in the “DNA”. That would be too scientific without the empirical evidence. Hence, hogwash. But that would, of course, be consistent with the Atenean mindset; really no different from the mindset of your fellow-atenean, BS.

      Shooting the messengers is fair game, because their message is the same as those who sent them. Dissecting the Catholic Church without really knowing that anyone in the Catholic Church whether cardinal or just plain ordinal, does not the Church make, is the relevant methodology, because it sure sounds scholarly, erudite, and sophisticated. Equating Opus Dei with a sect might as well be calling them insects from the vantage point of Mount Olympus. Showing off one’s vast historical knowledge and equating the personalities whether French or Spanish with the Catholic Church, may be excusable from the fact that Mount Olympus is way way out there in Greece, and all the gods had was their crystal ball. Occasionally the Atenean would come down to the level of the hoi polloi, and conclusions would be made based on personal observations. But then again those observations would be trumpeted from Mount Olympus and the hard of hearing would miss out. So what is the point in all this? Avoid recycled photos. Use statistics and reliable sources. Show empirical evidence in graphs. Those would be objective. Leave the subjective for heart to heart conversations. Those might just evolve into objective realities when discussed extensively enough with your former professors and other colleagues. Every member of the Catholic Church is just that: a member. A member or more does not make the Catholic Church. Every member, however, is a component of the Catholic Church just as every member is a citizen component of democracy. Earnest discussions can crystallize everyone’s point of view and make up the beauty of diversity in a democracy.

      • Justaskingseriously on

        What is a sect? The word is derived from “sectare” which is Latin for “to cut”. One can see how classes are cut into sections. Or how cutting frogs in the biology class is called “dissection”. When “Opus Dei” (Latin for Work of God) is referred to as a “sect… not as numerous as the INC” it is a misunderstanding arising from ignorance about the Catholic Church. Apparently, every “christian” sect is a cut from the Catholic Church. This is obvious from the INC practices that “mirror” some catholic rituals. But Opus Dei is not mirroring some catholic rituals; they are actually genuine catholics rigorously endeavoring to live out their faith in whatever secular endeavors they are immersed in as “salt of the earth” or as “leaven” of the dough that is the social milieu. Other christian sects mirror the catholic rituals built around biblical readings during the Mass. Unfortunately “sects” keep on “secting”, because apparently that is the thing to do when sects come to some crossroads. “Sectarian” would be the thing to avoid in any political discussions to avoid appearing bigoted. The sectarian core of Rigoberto Tiglao’s piece is hopefully clear to every reader. Whatever his motives may be is for each reader to determine. Motive is another word from Latin “movere” where “move” is obvious; motives move people like writers to write. What moves me to write is my desire to enhance understanding among people of good will.

        Martin, I am just asking: what are Jesuits most notorious about?

    58. I agree. You have been definitely observing the INC in an objective manner.
      One correction lang po Mr. Tiglao. The INC does not have “Tithing” (offering based on 10%). Any offerings of the INC is voluntary and according to the dictate of their heart with joy and with no reluctance. Based on the Bible. Anyone who says otherwise should be discredited because they are telling lies or deliberately misleading readers.

      • If your heart dictates to offer 1 peso from your wage of 10k even if you have so many offerings (say 100 offering) its not 10 % of 10k its only 1% of it. Its the way the offering out of love and faith that matter even how small or big it is as long as your happy and not being forced.

      • Still VOLUNTARY… its up to you whether U Give a little or nothing at all…

        “Each of you should give as you have decided in your heart to give. You should not be sad when you give, and you should not give because you feel forced to give. God loves the person who gives happily.” (II Cor. 9:7, New Century Version, emphasis ours)
        “Do not forget to do good to others, and share with them, because such sacrifices please God.” (Heb. 13:16, NCV)

      • Yes I agree… the measure is faith in giving offerings. A member who knows the the church very well will happily give most of his earnings to help in the expansion of the church believing that his creator will provide for the needs of his family. A member who does not have faith in giving offering and thinks that his fellow brethren can provide the all the expenses of the church will give very little or his earning. but in the end, the one who offer with a joyful heart is the one that pleases the Creator, even if the offering is just a few peso.

      • Hi Mr. Martin. What we members of INC count as blessings are not only financial or material wealth. We owe everything to God, our life, our strength, peace and tranquility, all we have in this life, you surely couldn’t get the 10% of it.

      • Martin,

        Read my post again. VOLUNTARY and according to the dictate of their heart. When you say voluntary it means you are not forced and when you say according to the dictate of your heart it means there is no set amount nor any percentage. The member gives offering because it is based in the Bible.

        I can see why you’re upset and it is as expected because you don’t see your religion having the same SUCCESS like the INC has. You may probably give alms to your religion but when you give, you give grudgingly and with a heavy heart. Why, because you don’t trust that your offerings will go anywhere. Unlike the INC, there are thousands of Church Buildings built and hundreds being built every year not only in the Philippines but all over the world.

        Just on this SUCCESS alone proves that GOD’s hand is at work. What does your religion have? If you’re a catholic – old dilapidated church buildings that has a “palenke” within the compound… Your not catholic? One building does not count really.

    59. Rizalito David on

      The economic elite in the Church appears numerous because Catholics are numerous. But to say that they hold sway on the affairs of the Faith is a misnomer as you shall soon find out. We condemn the abusive elite whether they are Catholics, INC or from other churches. This overly critical rendition on our Faith is uncalled for Mr. Bobi Tiglao​.

      • Mr. Tiglao is just making a point. The journalist from another paper made the same point about the INC with obvious bias.

    60. ” Its members of course pay some tithe — a percentage of their earnings.”

      this is a widely prevalent misconception held by nonmembers of the inc, and one that is difficult to rectify.

      inc members have never been asked to pay tithes, or percentages of earnings. the offertories are voluntary, and the amounts wholly at the discretion of the person giving them.

    61. Well inquirer as expected never been partial with regards to INC, not surprisingly,one of those yellow media. Thank you sir for such an enlightening explanation.

    62. Bullseye! Thanks Mr. Tiglao for this eye-popping and incisive article. Indeed, the double standard of Doronilla, Saguisag and the yellow catholic horde were stinking. These self-righteous critics and ruling class truly deserve their self-righteous political leaders especially their messianic and myopic president. It seems that their “tuwid na daan” is already leading them to perdition. Speaking of eyes that cannot see and ears that could not hear. No wonder this particular working class has been enticed to bond together through religion, The ruling elite has always been abandoning them, the hoi polloi, conveniently using them only during elections. And when they cry foul, they are cursed to the highest heavens by the intelligentsia. OMG!

    63. Johnny Agustin on

      Magiingat ka Mr. Bobi tandaan mo kung sino ang nagpapatay kay Gat Dr. Jose Rizal dahilan sa mga nilalaman ng Noli Me Tangere at El Filibusterismo! Mahirap maunawaan ng kahit may pinag-aralan ang sinasabi mo dahil sila ay “cerrado” at patuloy na nakakulong sa idelohiyang banyaga. Ayaw nila sa idelohiyang Pilipino due to crab mentality. Suriin natin na ang INC ang ibinbando sa buong mundo ay INC Pilipino ito.

      • Ang katotohanan ay hindi nakabase sa nasyonalidad. Kahit Filipino pa ‘yan basta mali hindi dapat aniban.

        Itinatanggi nyo ba na aral nyo ito:

        “Ang mamatay at pumatay para sa sugo ay ligtas”?
        “Ang hindi kaanib sa INC ay lulutong ang gulogod sa impyerno.”

      • Mr: “Felix Matalo”, gusto mong malaman ang itinuturo ng INC? Bumisita ka sa isa sa mga kapilya namin at humingi ka ng schedule ng doktrina. Kapag narinig mo sa doktrina namin ang mga sinsabi mo ay doon ka mag-decide kung sino ang tama. Kung ayaw mo namn, then, i rest my case…

    64. Totally disagree. The protests (no matter how peaceful) were disruptive because it was POINTLESS. Even the interviewed protesters did not know what it was for. “Separation of church and state” has everyone scratching their heads because it’s the Iglesia flexing its muscles to influence the government. The DOJ hasn’t done anything on the case against their ministers yet (at the time of the protests). It was disruptive because the INC was showing how willing their members are to the whims of their leaders to block and inconvenience Metro Manila motorists.
      It’s annoying because the Iglesia is hiding behind “separation of church and state.” It leaves out what it really wants. INC wants the case to be junked. INC wants to be left alone no matter what crimes it may do to its members. The Iglesia thinks that they are above the rule of the law and shouldn’t be meddled with. The government must not intrude in the Iglesia no matter what crimes it may commit, because that is “separation of church and state.” That’s why the Iglesia is arrogant and disruptive. Now you know, Mr. Tiglao. Other churches are completely irrelevant in this matter. IRRELEVANT.

      • The point of a protest rally is to be disruptive to get attention to some grievance. Just like all the Edsa Rallies. They were disruptive.

        What is the point Quiapo fiesta that happens yearly, it is not a rally but its very disruptive and the people don’t even clean-up after themselves. At least the INC are caring enough that they clean-up after themselves.

        Also other Churches are relevant because, as I point out above, they also do disrupt.

      • I agree with you that “The protests (no matter how peaceful) were disruptive because it was POINTLESS.” A complaint was filed. That complaint was taken seriously. Sec de Lima saw an opportunity to shine (she wants to be Senator of the Republic), and personally took action. INC saw this action as ‘inappropriate’ since Mamasapano seemed to take a backstage. INC used this argument. Meron pa. Separation of Church and State daw. Various lokals mobilized perhaps on dictates of the INC leadership. Let’s flex our muscle as early as now. Tutal the election season is just around the corner, at totoo namang nadidiktahan namin ang mga miyembro namin na ihalal ang kandidatong makatutulong sa aming sekta. The protest action backfired as INC and its followers got unceasing FB flak also from working class Metro Manilans who had to bear the brunt of the horrendous traffic resulting from the blockade of parked INC vehicles in an important artery that is EDSA. Sabi ko nga, if Duterte were the President, he wouldn’t have allowed that kind of action where a small minority disrupts the peace and free-movement of a very large majority. Ito namang Abnoy at presuming to be another Abnoy if he wins (hinding hindi ka mananalo, promise) refused to take action until INC’s leaders called the protest action off kasi naman nakita ng karamihan ang katotohanang lumalabas sa social media. Thank you Top Gear for taking the lead. Sec. de Lima: hasten the process 300 kph to the point of indicting, if the evidence warrants it, whoever is responsible for the kidnapping/abduction of an INC leader and his family. Let’s see them try and flex their muscle again. Antayin niyo lang si Duterte, yari kayo!

      • You are out of context of what the INC tried to convey, The INC made action in the street because DOJ esp Delima directly assisted the expelled minister in filing a case against some top ministers when its investigating body the NBI had already issued a report that there is no illegal detention or kidnapping occurred. FYI, the expelled minister was still an active member of the INC when sanctioned about his wrongdoing, thereby restricting him to do his work as minister and just have to stay home. The INC or any organization for that matter, has the right to disciplinary action to its erring members, and in this case, the NBI discounted kidnapping or illegal detention here. The NBI declared so, but why did DOJ still came so eagerly to file a case?
        You are annoyed in your mind because the INC is hiding behind the Separation of the Church and State, and the protesters doesn’t even know what it is? They may not entirely know about that but in simple understanding, what the DOJ is doing is elementary. You should just accept this is an internal issue of the INC, and so there’s no place for the DOJ to come into the scene. If you don’t recognize that law or can’t accept the fact surrounding the INC issue, it is you who carries the vain anyway
        One more thing that you mentioned with incorrect impression is about INCs coming out of the street is putting itself above the law, or is irrelevant and pointless. To you it’s irrelevant and pointless because you are not a part of the organization involved, but to us INC members, or whoever entities or organization that wants to be heard, it is our constitutional right, and it ended with a very relevant and positive result!

      • No whims here just faith. Discipleship & discomfort are always connected.Obedience in the highest form is what was only revealed to you. Involvement is the fastest way to understand. What is pointless is making intellectual comments in the comforts of your home, it’s just an excuse for not really doing anything to help. The muscles you see being flexed are physical, warm bodies all wanting to be counted despite their own inconvenience. INC knows why they were there. We were denied proper attention. And it took them 4 days to take notice. So next time we wished for the government to be more civil & listen to us when we have something to say.

      • it’s pointless to those who REFUSE to understand the deeper cause. it’s pointless to those who REFUSE to open their minds and look beyond with what the government has been plotting.

        to those who still think up until now, we did what we did to prevent the case being filed to our ministers, then clearly you still aren’t doin enough readings. you only understand what u want to understand. they can file whatever case they want to file… investigate aas much as they want. but there should be a DUE PROCESS. the government can’t take that away. they can’t use their power to manipulate ANYONE just for their own gains. pls know the rule of law.

        it’s a sectoral issue, not a NATIONAL one. as a filipino, aren’t you insulted by these greedy manipulative officials giving special attention to cases like ours instead of those really big ones?

      • How do I reply to replies?

        It is right that rallies are disruptive but this particular one was disruptive only for the sake of being disruptive. It was senseless because it was an overreaction to a case that was merely filed. The DOJ is mandated to act upon the case that was filed. DeLima is not acting by herself to “persecute” INC. She is doing her job. The INC protests were trying to block her from doing that.

        This is NOT an internal matter where the government should not interfere because the complaint was filed and by a Filipino citizen. It is the height of arrogance to tell the government not to interfere even when possible human rights are abused. Let us be reminded that the case was filed against 8 Iglesia ministers, not the whole church, and they are not above the law, no matter how many members they may want to use as a human shield in a “protest.”

        INC members love to think that they are persecuted and it gives them some sense of solidarity. They can’t see that they’re the ones bullying the government to submit to their will, which is exactly what they do to their members.

    65. Agree as well….just one correction, there is no tithe – a percentage of their earnings for our offerings, rather it’s a voluntary contribution, whatever your heart dictates as it was written in the holy scriptures, 2 Corinthians 9:7 Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.

      Thank you.

      • Mr. Tiglao, the corrections you are receiving are all coming form the members of the INC :-) which just proves to you that we regard this part of our duty as holy– it is an important part of our worship service that when offered ceases to become a legal tender or a negotiable instrument for business–it becomes an instrument for the purpose of propagation of faith, building houses of worship & edification of faith. Count the number of worship buildings we have from 1914 up to present, have them appraised & estimated–you’ll see for yourself that corruption would be the least of anybody’s suspicion. Building these permanent landmarks is our strongest evidence that we stand firm for what we believe is the truth. No fool would ever spend this much if he is just gonna lie & steal. if we ever offended somebody, you can always know where we stay. we don’t pull off the air and vanish. Hindi namin kayo tatakbuhan, hindi namin kayo tatakasan. Napakagastos na lokohan ito kung lokohan lang ang iisipin ninyo sa amin. We are for real…the living proof of what we stand for.

    66. Rafael G. Rosario on

      Thanks. You only prove that, still their are mediamen who pursue fair broadcasting and media practice…. we owe you. We are formerly catholic, in fact my grandma who used to be as a nun,first convert. Their are many reasons,to mention

    67. Napaka-ganda ng article ni Mr. Tiglao ngayong araw. Ibinok-mark ko para basahin muli kapag may sapat na panahon.

    68. Felimon A. Soria on

      Your reasoning Mr. Tiglao is not only twisted but condoning lawlessness and mob rule of a religious sect. Had they not stopped, it will be a tremendous burden on the residents of Metro Manila. The president should have mobilized the Army or the Police There should have been arrest. Instead they had a pat on the back. Congratutlations to them. They made a lot of people miserable.

      • You should read the article again…The writer also mentioned the other disruptive demonstrations of the past…only difference was,the INC cleaned the places they occupied.

      • so everytime there is a quiapo fiesta there should also deploy police or the military to arrest those on the streets because “they made a lot of people miserable?”

    69. Agree po….ang alam ko po human rights lawyer si Rene Saguisag and matalino. But now, he sounds like the opposite.

      • Ngayon si Saguisag ay tagapagtanggol nina Ferrer at Deles, ano kaya ang pinaglalaban ni Mang Rene, ang BBL na unconstitutional? Anyare.

      • I agree. You have been definitely observing the INC in an objective manner.

        One correction lang po Mr. Tiglao. The INC does not have “Tithing” (offering based on 10%). Any offerings of the INC is voluntary and according to the dictate of their heart with joy and with no reluctance. Based on the Bible. Anyone who says otherwise should be discredited because they are telling lies or deliberately misleading readers.

      • tama po si sir glen h. wala pong 10% na tithe. kung ano lang po napag pasyahan ng puso na i handog.