• The Constitution and the SC are dead, thanks to Sereno and company


    The news from Baguio
    IF the news reports from Baguio are correct, then the Constitution and the Supreme Court have just died in the hands of our Justices. Lawlessness now runs the law. Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno and her colleagues may wish to celebrate their “victory” with Sen. Grace Poe Llamanzares and her powerful financiers and patrons, but not many are cheering the nation’s descent into a new Dark Age.

    Baguio, with its temperate climate, is where the Court now presides over its summer sessions. On its first en banc session on Tuesday, it tackled the Motions for Reconsideration of the Commission on Elections and private respondents Estrella Elamparo, Francisco Tatad, Antonio Contreras and Amado Valdez on the High Court’s March 8, ruling voiding the Comelec’s disqualification of Sen. Grace Poe Llamanzares as a presidential candidate.

    Nine Justices had ruled, in a ponencia written by Justice Jose Perez, that the Comelec committed a grave abuse of discretion when it decided that Mrs. Llamanzares, a foundling of no known parentage, and a former American citizen to boot, made false material representations when she claimed in her Certificate of Candidacy that she is a natural-born Filipino, and a resident of the Philippines for 10 years and 11 months immediately preceding the May 9 election.

    There was, however, no majority vote in support of her alleged citizenship and residency status, so many expected the Justices to reverse themselves. This did not happen, despite the patent errors of the ponencia and reports of stormy exchanges during the closed door session.

    Details of the Baguio ruling, including the vote, have been withheld until tomorrow, despite the press leak about the magistrates throwing out the MRs. This is a sharp departure from the Court practice of announcing the results of its voting on important cases without releasing the necessary text, apparently to get the public to accept the ruling even before anyone has read it. This happened in the highly divisive Reproductive Health Law, in the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement with the US, and in the ponencia on the present case.

    Flawed ponencia
    Nobody took kindly to the announcement by instalment of the decision in the present case, especially after it became known that there was no majority vote on the two core issues, which should have formed the basis of the nine to six votes of the Justices. On Mrs. Llamanzares’s claim that she is a natural-born citizen, seven supported, and five opposed, while three others did not vote. On her claim that she is a resident of the country for 10 years and 11 months immediately prior to May 9, seven supported, and six opposed, while two others did not vote.

    Since abstention is not a recusal but also a vote, the vote, in the view of some, should have been read as seven in favor, and eight against, on both issues. There would have been no basis for the nine to six vote on the final document, since three Justices—-Francis Jardeleza, Benjamin Caguioa and Diosdado Peralta—-did not share the position of the six others that the Comelec has no authority to pass upon Mrs. Llamanzares’s qualifications as a presidential candidate. At least eight votes are needed to make a majority ruling, as Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio has pointed out, and former Justice Dante Tinga echoes in a letter appearing in another newspaper.

    The lawyers are against
    This has prompted the Integrated Bar of the Philippines and the Philippine Bar Association, which habitually support every decision of the High Court, to issue strong statements on the ponencia in this case. Not since the Court decision on the ratification of the 1973 Constitution during martial law, in Javellana v. the Executive Secretary, has the nation’s organization of lawyers criticized a ruling of the highest Court. Aside from one rabidly pro-Llamanzares former magistrate and one dean of a university school of government, no legal luminary or scholar of note has said anything in support of the widely assailed ponencia. Most of the commentaries in the press have been critical and adverse.

    Apparently chastened by the strong negative reaction, but unprepared to correct their most egregious mistake, the magistrates refrained from announcing their final vote. Thus, at this writing, we have no legal text to parse or dissect. But as the offending Justices have reportedly thrown out all the MRs, one conclusion remains: they have killed the Constitution and the Supreme Court. In my column on Wednesday, I asked: “Will you die for the Constitution, if it’s the least that’s needed?” Clearly, they would rather kill the Constitution than bleed for it.

    A prayerful Court
    These are men and women whose first oath is to the Constitution, after God. Thus, before every proceeding, they recite this ecumenical prayer: “Almighty God, we stand in Your Holy Presence as our Supreme Judge. We humbly beseech You to bless and inspire us so that what we think, say and do will be in accordance with Your will. Enlighten our minds, strengthen our spirit and fill our hearts with fraternal love, wisdom and understanding so that we can become effective channels of truth, justice and peace. In our proceedings today, guide us in the path of righteousness for the fulfilment of Your greater glory. Amen.”

    But not all of them seem prepared to pay any price for it. This is the exact opposite of a fictional episode in, say, “London has Fallen,” a recent American thriller, in which the Constitution is raised to the heights. In this film, Benjamin Asher, the fictional President of the United States, is captured by the Pakistani terrorist Aamir Barkawi during a terrorist attack on the world’s most important leaders while attending the funeral of the assassinated British prime minister James Wilson.

    The Canadian prime minister and his wife are blown off by a car bomb near Trafalgar Square; the Japanese prime minister drowns in the River Thames after the Chelsea bridge collapses and his car falls; the French president perishes after his yacht explodes also in the Thames; the Italian prime minister and his wife are crushed after one of the towers of Westminster Abbey crumbles; the German Chancellor is murdered by terrorists disguised as the Queen’s Guardsmen at Buckingham Palace. And after a long chase, Asher is captured, and tied to a chair at the terrorist’s underground hideout, to be executed before a live Internet audience of one billion people.

    Dying for the Constitution
    As the machete-wielding executioner prepares to cut off Asher’s head before the cameras, he asks his victim to say his last words to the American people and the rest of the world. And very calmly he starts reciting these words: “I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of the President of the United States, and to the best of my ability preserve, protect and defend the Constitution.” But at the precise moment, deus ex machina intervenes, his secret service aide Mike Banning bursts in, and terminates the executioner and his thugs.

    I found this scene so edifying and electrifying that I hoped and prayed the Justices would have a chance to watch it before they voted on the MRs. They didn’t. And they did not have the chance to consult deeply with their consciences, it seems. So they decided to amend the Constitution as though they had the power to do so, just to satisfy the ambition of Mrs. Llamanzares to run for President.

    Amending the Constitution
    Under the 1935 Constitution, which was in force when she was found, with no known parents, inside the parish church in Jaro, Iloilo on Sept. 3, 1968, Filipino citizens are those whose fathers are Filipinos. The enumeration has now been amended by the offending Justices to include “foundlings of no known parentage.”

    They argue that someone had intended to include foundlings in the enumeration of citizens in the 1935 Constitution, so although that was voted down, and there is no mention of foundlings in the Constitution, Mrs. Llamanzares is now a Filipino citizen by disputable presumption.

    Under the 1987 Constitution, “No person may be elected President unless he is a natural-born citizen of the Philippines,” etc. And “natural-born citizens are those who are citizens of the `Philippines from birth without having to perform any act to acquire or perfect their Philippine citizenship.”

    The offending Justices have now amended these two provisions by inserting a foundling of no known parentage, and a former American citizen to boot, as someone eligible to run for President, and by ignoring altogether the legal processes which she had gone through to “acquire or perfect” her citizenship as the very processes that cancel her claim to “natural-born” status.

    Worse than the Japanese militarists
    Thus, the offending Justices have now imposed an alien upon the conduct of our politics, like a foreign occupying force. But not even the Japanese occupation army did that to us during the last Pacific war. Though they were conquerors, they had the sensitivity to install a true Filipino, Jose P. Laurel, as President of the Japanese puppet republic.

    Not the offending Justices. Mrs. Llamanzares is a former American who has an American husband and American children, whom she encourages to actively campaign for her, together with other young American citizens who have joined her campaign, in gross disrespect and violation of Philippine laws.

    What should we do?
    So after the Justices have destroyed the Constitution, what is there left for ordinary citizens to respect? The magistrates have implanted a gross evil into the heart of the Constitution; have they not made it our duty to extract it? How then do we go through a general election, if the Constitution and the rule of law no longer exist?

    By tomorrow, we should know what Court majority supports Mrs. Llamanzares’s persistence to run and her powerful patrons’ demand that she be allowed to run. But this is not just a game of numbers.

    Majorities not always right
    Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, in the exercise of a universally recognized teaching authority that antedates all the Supreme Courts of the world by hundreds of years, has long pointed out that there are certain things that are always wrong and which no majority can make right; things which are always right and which every majority must respect.

    In trying to understand the Gospel or the Constitution or the plainest speech, we are not to interpret what needs no interpretation but must simply understand its clear language; nor are we to expunge what is written and replace it with its opposite. Whenever this rule is perverted, it matters not what kind of majority is behind it.

    As the scholar Cormac Burke points out, it is not majorities that make the law valid; it is justice. A just law must be obeyed whether it is enacted by many or by one; an unjust law must be resisted, even if supported by a landslide. A just law binds in an authoritarian society as much as it does in a democracy; an unjust law binds in neither.

    The people’s revolt
    This is the problem we face now. What will our people do in the face of a Court ruling which they in their honest judgment believe is fundamentally wrong? Benedict XVI has warned that “people will revolt against the law, whenever it is perceived, no longer as the expression of a justice that is at the service of all, but rather as a product of despotism, of an arrogance that is clothed in the garments of law by those who have he power to do so.”

    Do we sense any sign of popular revolt building up? Maybe not. But Alexis de Tocqueville reminds us that on the eve of the French Revolution, there were not 10 people in all of France who could start an association. And yet they soon stormed the Bastille.



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    1. Fred Barraca on

      for ordinary citizen of this country, like me, i found this news, so discouraging and embarrassing in the sense of bias, unfair and unjust to every people in this republic, when money talks even SC judges really keenly listened (lessen)….don’t blame ordinary people in committing crimes against hunger and strive to live life which was corrupted from them, because most of you justices of high court (SC JUstices) have abused your authority, now explain how can ordinary people, citizen of this republic follow simple law that you are upholding or defending where in fact you have tainted it……good luck to my beloved country the Philippines

    2. If only Grace Poe is not driven by her personal ambitions but instead recognize that she is not yet ready for the presidency and that love of country comes first, she can gracefully exit or withdraw her candidacy. If only Mr. Llamanzares would willingly recognize the flaws and the circus committed as a result of the flawed Supreme Court decision, he as head of the family ( if he indeed is), knowing that he is an American and having served the US Military, and also not driven by ambition and personal gains knowing for sure that his wife is not qualified and not ready for the position, he should exercise his role and decide to have his wife withdraw. I think that is the most noble thing to do to not cause more harm to the country and to the constitution that it stands for. Indeed, what ambition, personal motives, patronage and disregard for what is right can do just to fulfill personal selfishness and interests and make it as a guise of serving one’s country and correcting all its ills when in the first place you caused the break down of the very institution that should have stood for what is true,righteous and lawful!

    3. What’s Mr. Tatad’s whole point of going to the supreme court — if all he wants is to dictate the outcome of the court’s decision?

      • Zosimo Malaza on

        You are wrong my friend, Mr. Tatad is not dictating the outcome of the court’s decision. He is only asserting what is written in the Constitution and am thankful that there is Tatad who stand firm of what he knows. I know there’s a lot of people especially lawyers who are in full support of Mr. Tatad’s view. I am with him (Tatad).

    4. salim c, sanihin on

      What will happen to the Philippines when that American Family will sit in Malacanang Palace and lead the our country ? How do we feel if we still have a feeling, if that happens ? although that decision give no assurance that the american Family will make it in the May election ! and finally, what are those Justices worthy of for CULPABLE VIOLATION OF THE CONSTITUTION ? Bahala na ang mga magagaling na Abogado jan kung ano ang susunod na gagawin nila sa mga iyun ?

      • Poe is not a citizen of either the Philippines or the U.S.

        The biggest problem with her getting elected is she is a fraud. Her resume is a pack of lies, she could not pass the exam to become a teacher in the U.S and was only a teachers assistant. Her other jobs that she claims are non existent. Her entire life is a lie.

        She is not smart enough to even be a children’s teacher in the U.S but she is smart enough to be president of the Philippines ?

        Poe if elected will be a puppet for the dynasty families same as Aquino, She will also pardon Aquino from all his scandals. That is the deal.

        The people get the government they deserve.
        Enjoy another 6 years of the dynasty’s sucking the life and money out of the country.

    5. Richard Suban on

      I can’t see why Grace Poe has to prove she is a natural born citizen. The burden of proof rests on the complainant that she is not a natural born citizen and they have not done that. Therefore, she is a natural born citizen until proven otherwise.

    6. juandelacruz on

      Si Digong na lang ang pag-asa ng Pilipinas lahat nababayaran.Go GO GO Duterte for real change.Change is coming dont worry Kit Tatad Digong para sa tunay na pagbabago.

    7. Wag kayong mag alala mga kababayan, marami na tayong tiniis na administration, kung manalo si Llamanzares sa election, anim na taon lang naman ang pagtitiisan natin muli. Sadyang marami lang talaga ang bobotante.

    8. Domingo Arong on

      On page 35 (first and second paragraph) of the Poe v. COMELEC decision, Associate Justice Perez opined:

      “COMELEC’s position that natural-born status must be
      continuous was already rejected in Bengson Ill v. HRET
      where the phrase ‘from birth’ was clarified to mean at the
      time of birth: ‘A person who at the time of his birth, is a
      citizen of a particular country, is a natural-born citizen

      Take note of the prepositional phrase “at the time of birth” or “at … birth” in the judicial definition above and compare this with the constitutional definition of “natural-born citizens” in Art. IV, Sec.2:

      “Natural-born citizens [plural] are those who are citizens
      of the Philippines from birth without having to perform any
      act to acquire or perfect their Philippine citizenship …”

      This time around, take careful note of the prepositional phrase “from birth” in the constitutional definition above. Evidently, this seemingly innocuous preposition of time “from” is actually the determinant factor in constitutionally defining who is “natural-born.”

      But, strangely enough, the Supreme Court in the Poe case, citing Bengson III v HRET (2001), read the preposition “at” in the phrase “at birth” to be exactly the same as, or synonymous to, the preposition “from” in the phrase “from birth.”

      Filipino grammarians should intervene and lecture the Supreme Court that prepositions “at” and “from” do not have the same meaning.

    9. John Paul Bicerra on

      A candidate for presidency that breaks the constitution of the country she will govern?!? How can she expect the people of the Philippines to follow the law if SHE,HERSELF, broke the very heart of governance, THE CONSTITUTION?!?

      • Kaya nga gisingin natin ang mga tulog nating kababayan! Kailangan natin silang paliwanagan para maintindihan nila ang nangyayari sa bayan dahil sa mga ganid at walang pagpapahalaga sa constitution na mga alagad ni pnoy.

    10. AH Basta NO TO a candidate who abandoned being Filipino! The OFWs that Poe cited in her defense do not want to become president! Sya lang ang OFW-immigrant who wanted to be president! Gamitin pa ang OWFs! Di naman sya hirap sa Pinas kaya nya nilisan ito and naging Americano.

      • That’s right. We are bitter dahil sinira nila ang Saligang Batas. We might as well throw the Constitution down the drain and to the garbage bin including the offending justices. They are useless. Hindi na Constitution ang basehan ngayon kundi physical features ng tao at saka statistical data. Ibasura na lang yang mga rocket scientist na justices. Hindi yan mga abogado. Hindi nila naiintindihan ang nakasulat sa ating Saligang Batas.

        Under the 1987 Constitution, “No person may be elected President unless he is a natural-born citizen of the Philippines,” etc. And “natural-born citizens are those who are citizens of the `Philippines from birth without having to perform any act to acquire or perfect their Philippine citizenship.”

        Which part of that can you not understand? Are you really lawyers?

    11. visualize ko nalang susan roces saying…”not twice but thrice!!!”…after election 2016.

    12. para sa isang broadsheet… limitado lang ang makakabasa nito… sana inilalathala din ito sa mga masang dyaryo. para maintindihan ng mga masa

    13. Wala nang maggagawa pa ang Bayan kundi ang sentencia-han na iyan’g ipinipilit at iginigiit na’ng obvious na pag involve at sawsaw ng SC sa “patronaged politics” sa kandidatura ng Grace Lllamanzares na iyan.

      Your last line of defense is DO NOT CAST YOUR VOTE for this impostor candidate.
      Impostor na kandidato nang 2010 ang isang hacendero’ng walang qualifications at credentials na Simeon III – ngayon ganyan na naman ang style nang lantararang PANG-GAGO sa inyong mga Votante. Kung gusto ninyong binaboy na sistema uli ang 2016-2022 era ang inyong pamumuhay dito sa binusabos na Pilipinas na ito – GO AHEAD AND MAKE YOUR DAY AND SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES.
      2010-2016 IS A TOTAL FAILURE OF GOVERNANCE SA ABNOY NA MONGOLOID, 1986-1992 ni Mama Cory ni Mongoloid ay ang era ng binusabos na GALUNGGONG Governance.
      Kayo’ng mga Votante ang mag dedecide kung favor kayo na alipustain at pamunuan ng isang impostor na pamahalaan.
      Ako, HINDI’ng HINDI ko isu- surrender ang voto ko sa isang Grace Llamanzares.

    14. ernie del rosario on

      Let us not lose hope yet. Who knows ? Maybe the storming of the SC facility in Baguio, the Palacio del Gobernador in Intramuros and the Palace in Mendiola will simultaneously happen within an hour after a SC favorable decision for that American nuisance Presidential candidate is announced tomorrow. Sereno, Bautista and Ngoy should better have standing by helicopters with engines running and propellers spinning at their doorsteps. How will we call that action then ? Take your “Pick”. The DQ P(r)o(e)test, the Anti “3-day President” Movement or the VVPAT-tearing Cry of Intramuros (as that of the cedula-tearing action in Balintawak) ?

      • Samuel Santos on

        Wala naman sanang mga “trouble-makers” ang dumayo dito sa Baguio. Ayaw namin ng gulo.

      • for what? you need lots of money to lead anyone for that rally. oh there;s no money ha? of course. who will bankroll this endeavor? if you can sell this to the common ‘tao’ which will never back you up because we hate your kind. Arrogant all-knowing trash.

    15. There is no end to this case of poe. You are attacking her on a personal level and this is not the essence of an impartial and balance journalism but an envelopmental one favoring a choice candidate.

      • Poe is NOT a Filipino citizen for lack of clear indisputable proof in accordance with the Constitution. Get that through your delusional heads!!

      • IF you disagree with Sen Kit Tatad’s analysis – then you have no right to exist under a morally governed Constitution. Mr. Tatad’s essence in presenting Poe’s case is valid within the scheme of the Constitution. Ano ba mahirap intindihin duon??? Matagalaog o maingles – yun din ang pinupunto. Hindi siya Natural Born . Walang personalan – not only Sen. Tatad is voicing and expressing what the Constitution interprets even the 50K strong IBP condems SC decision.

      • Zosimo Malaza on

        I disagree, it is not against POE but for Justices who are suppose to defend and impose the Constitution to the fullest. Puede na rin dahil nag insist s’ya although alam nya in the first place na hindi sya qualified to run. If she only follow what is in the Constitution this could have been avoided and not become a legal issue. Hindi makapag-antay kaya yon naging problema tuloy.

    16. Catalino Generillo on

      Based on RULE OF MAJORITY, Grace Poe is disqualified to run for president. Six (6) members of SC pkus five (5) members of the Comelec, or a total of ELEVEN (11) who voted so, outnumber nine (9) members of SC and one (1) member of Comelec, or a total of TEN who opined otherwise.
      That’s plain common sense. Ergo, Comelec can rightfully delist Poe.

    17. While the ruling may still be out by Saturday, my post-mortem indicates that the petitioners lost the case on tactics. When the dissenting opinion came out that there was no majority, which in essence means that the Comelec disqualification ruling stands, the petitioners should have filed a motion to compel Comelec to issue a Cease and Desist Order on the Lying Grace to stop her from campaigning or the Comelec on its own initiative would have done its rule in calling the military to enforce its ruling. Summarily, the Comelec should never have included the Lying Grace in the Second Zarzuela. Naturally, with the CDO, the battle will shift on the TRO against the CDO which will buy time and derail the campaign of the Lying Grace. Sometimes, it is just a matter of brinkmanship – who blinks, loses.

    18. Amnata Pundit on

      Since you bring the Church up in this article, let me say this. This is not the first time a supreme law is trashed. God’s Ten Commandments are His Most Supreme Law, as He gave these Himself to Moses in Mt. Sinai, yet what did the Church do with the first two commandments, Thou shalt not worship other gods before me and Thou shalt not worship GRAVEN IMAGES? The answer stares down at you every time you enter a church of worship. There will probably be hell to pay for what the SC is doing in Grace Poe’s case today, but in the meantime what we are going through is now is the payment for the hell that was the Church-led EDSA in 1986. What’s in store for those that twisted the Ten Commandments? Read the Revelations in the bible about the one referred to as the whore.

      • A nation’s constitution is man-made. The Ten Commandments are not. This is not to say that something man-made should be changed by a ponencia based on probability. This is to say that the Constitution is like oranges and the Ten Commandments are apples.

        If you make the prohibition of graven images as the second commandment, then every sentence in Exodus 20 would count as a commandment. And you would end up with way more than ten!

        If you equate Ceasar’s Rome with the Christianized Rome, then your sense of historical time is out of whack. You cannot possibly ascribe Christianized Rome to Revelation’s Rome as “whore” if you have the historical sense of time.

        Acts 15:28 “The Holy Spirit and we have decided…” that Moses’s law of circumcision no longer applied to the gentile converts. The Church changed things obviously….what’s your basis for objecting when you are not a member of the Church anyway? You have made it crystal clear in previous comments that you adhere to the INC.

    19. There is One smooth Operator within, to aver the 70 billion return of the Coconut tree. To insist on the Power they long held in their hands. Wala na ang magagawa mga Stupidong Filipino, Panay Lang yan salita, from up down to the rivers they will make Us a Woman President. Submissive to the whims and caprice of the shadow government. Jac.

    20. Well well if that rumors is true dont worry Sir peoples justice will still be there as you have said in your article…hope the lightning from above will not strike them anytime…

    21. Yolanda V. Encarnacion on

      You are a briliant writer Mr. Tatad. You explained it very well. Hopefully those who has no common sense will be awakened to stop, read and listen to their consciences, if they have any. There is no question as to how the numbers will finally come out in favor of Senator Poe – just look at the personalities behind her candidacy all of them have vested interests to protect, with the likes of ; Danding Cojuangco – Coco Levy Fund, the Revillas of Cavite – for Bong Revilla to be able to escape prosecution so with the Estradas obviously for Jinggoy. I never thought for a moment that the previous decision will be reversed for the alleged pay out will be hard to resist. However I know there are about three or four among the Magistrates who are still honest and will remain so up to their last breath. The others who made a mockery of our Constitution bastardized it. I imagine how hard would it be for poor Filipinos to receive justice with this kind of environment in our justice system. Good luck to all of us come May 9, 2016 or I should say bad luck if Senator Poe is elected president – God forbid!

    22. What ever it maybe, there will be No revolution at this point of election time a month away. The disrespected citizen’s rage will be on Poe. Voters will impose the Constitution by Not voting for Poe. If the citizens are ultimately disrespected by PCOS magic declaring Poe as winner president. Hordes of citizens will follow a leader who will lead the charge to defend the Constitution. It will be a mess created by the bribed SC justices. Poe will fall along with the bribed justices of Sereno appointed by BS Aquino. Who is that leader to become hero of Filipino Renaissance? Anyone who wants to become hero must now organize and draft an action plan. First thing to do now is information dissemination in social media…… A revolution will be mounted, all patriotic men and women be ready with your bows and arrows.

    23. Grabe talaga the Sereno court! We Filipinos whose patriotism & nationalism soars to the highest human level should pray that team GP will not win & does not prevail in this coming election.

    24. Yang Command on

      So this is Women Empowerment- You place Women as leaders and the whole shall be ruined….help me find that in the Old Testament!

    25. Just1patriot on

      What is unjust about ruling foundlings as natural-born? Only if you’re paid to say so. As it is, this precedent, goes a long way in dispensing justice to less-than-blessed foundlings. The benefit to them far outweighs Mr Tatad’s “I’ll hold my breath till I get my way.” sore loser “amor-propio.”
      Mr Tatad and Mr Tiglao have ceased being impartial (as they should be guardians of the media) and have counter-advocated against the front runner, which means their candidate Binay will go to prison not-soon-enough.

    26. Mariano Patalinjug on

      Yonkers, New York
      07 April 2016

      What former Senator and now Manila Times columnist FRANCISCO S. TATAD exposes here about the present Supreme Court is nothing less than a tragedy of major dimensions, nothing less than the death [by “beheading?”] of the Constitution by the Supreme Court, the very organ of Government which is supposed to be the first and last defender of the Constitution..

      If the Integrated Bar of the Philippines and the Philippine Bar Association are critical of the decision of the Supreme Court allowing Grace Poe Llamanzares to be a candidate for President, even knowing that its decision effectively shreds the Constitution, and with a questionable “Majority,”then this is a decision that makes those justices who are behind the faulty decision guilty of “a grave of abuse of discretion,” and perhaps even “of deliberately and feloniously legislating from the bench, vulnerable to being impeached!

      I would suggest that President Aquino take the initiative of asking the House of Representatives to seriously study the possibility of doing just that and, if the House of Representative should find that a credible case could be made for impeaching those Justices, it should then draw up the Articles of Impeachment–and let those justices defend themselves before the Senate acting as an Impeachment Court.


    27. This is a democratic country where the majority wins and minority loses. In poe’s case, the majority sided with her so the petitioners should accept the decision eventhough its not favorable to them.

      • No,

        The government dictates to the Supreme court.
        The government exists to funnel 60% of all the money to the dynasty families.

    28. Seriously, the pinoys should be in the streets after Saturday’s announcement – if, indeed, the ‘expected’ decision would eventually be the ‘real’ one. If nothing like an edsa gathering (against the supreme court!) would happen, it would sadly be symptom of a population that’s been rendered zombie-like by such things as religion, noon-time entertainments or, whatever. People should act; they cannot just be told or be contented that “god will take care of it”. This is downright suppression and oppression – starting on a higher level: rendering people legally impotent.
      To the streets!

    29. Nakakaawa ka naman Tatad ikaw ang hindi kumikilala sa batas supreme court na ang nagdecision ayaw mo pa rin tumigil.bat di ka kumandidatong presidente para malaman mo kung may naniniwala sa iyo ni senador nga natalo ka baka kahit barangay tanod di ka manalo.yung bata mo si Binay kulelat sa survey.ang gawin mo pag nag oath taking si Sen.Poe as President elect ay magtago kana dahil sa kalaboso kayo pupulutin ni binay.

    30. The people allowed scandal after scandal until they lost the will to hold the government accountable for anything.

      One thing is clear, The Philippines is not a democracy. Every agency, court, law enforcement are subservient to the ruling party.

      Uneducated and hungry people are easier to control which seems to be the policy of whatever passes for a government in the Philippines.

    31. Ang siyam na justices ay hindi na SC justices, sila ay corporate attorneys ng San Miguel Corporation.

    32. We still have hope Sir Tatad..that is NOT to vote for this American Citizen Llamanzares on May 9. She does not even have a concrete platform of governance pag nangampanya..Througout the campaign season eh puros issue na lang ng citizenship at residency ang pinag usapan tungkol sa kanya…Plataporma de gobYerno nangongopya lang sa iba!Puros pangako eh ala pa ngang nagawa.

    33. Jeric Kagaoan on

      ..never mind sir.,we can always resort to the ballot against the favored candidate of the SC…As for these ‘bright’ justices, methinks that impeachment is the only recourse for Culpable Violation of the Constitution & Betrayal of Public Trust..

    34. The Integrated Bar of the Philippines should stage a Black Friday like the lawyers did in Pakistan to protest their government. For love of country and its constitution they must show their contempt for the slaughter of our constitution.

    35. The IBP members are all over the country (and foreign countries}; in every town, city and even villages. I hope that EVERONE of them, as I do, should campaign AGAINST the election of Poe-lamanzares to ASSURE that this half-baked Filipino citizen, supported by OLIGARCHS, will NEVER win. This is the BEST move to show that the Sereno SC’s ruling is ‘ABSURD’.

      I am not particular of any political party; right is right. I am ashame.

      May God save the Republicof the Philippines!

      • correct ka jan… balik na lnang siya sa TATE.. hindi naman niya naramdaman an pahihirap ng mga pinoy samanatala siya ay nagpkasarap sa ibnag bansa…you shut up P……E