• The ‘Cory’s ghost’ argument for DAP


    Arguments to justify President Aquino’s hijacking of taxpayers’ money through his unconstitutional Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) have become stupider and sillier.

    Those espousing these recent arguments are caught up in their own crackpot’s world in which they seem to believe that former president Cory Aquino’s ghost had gifted them with such esoteric legal insight that would prevent her son from going to jail. It is the height of megalomania, though, for them to believe they can outthink the 14 Supreme Court justices and a phalanx of lawyers involved in the case.

    The dingbats’ argument is that Section 49* of the Administrative Code issued by Cory in 1987 as Executive Order No. 292 gives her son the power to use the budget as he wants, or at least for certain purposes listed in that section. That would be practically anything under the sun, as the ninth purpose listed is for “priority activities that will promote the economic well-being of the nation.”

    Aquino apologist Elfren Cruz, Cory’s Presidential Management Staff head from 1986 to 1991, made this argument in the Philippine Star recently: “The President, under Section 49 of the Administrative Code, has the authority to use savings in the appropriations for 13 specific purposes.”

    Together with Aquino’s spokesman Edwin Lacierda and other yellow loonies, they are claiming that under Section 49 therefore, Aquino’s DAP complies with the laws.

    In their delirium, their eyes read “funds” instead of “savings.”

    Section 49, indeed, gives a president much flexibility in spending state funds, but not just any government fund, but only savings that are generated after assiduously implementing each year’s budget laws.

    The Supreme Court pointed out in much detail that there were no such savings to speak of that Aquino could have used. This isn’t really unusual. What government agency wouldn’t use up all its funds, which it always complains are so little? The last time I’d bet there were really government savings from the annual budget was during the Commonwealth period.

    Aquino didn’t use savings to put into his DAP kitty, the High Court concluded. He, instead, hijacked allocations ordered by the budget laws of 2011 to 2013.

    Downright illegal
    That is not just unconstitutional but downright illegal, involving very serious cases of malversation of funds or falsification of public documents. That could be 117 criminal cases, or the number of projects Aquino and Abad claimed were funded by their DAP. (Article 217 of the Revised Penal Code imposes a penalty of reclusion perpetua if the amount involved is over P250,000 plus the return of the funds illegally appropriated. Multiply those penalties by 117, and that’s what Aquino’s and Abad’s jail time would be if they were found guilty.)

    Cruz, in the sentence I quoted above, shows he didn’t even read the Supreme Court decision and its five concurring opinions. “The President … has the authority to use savings….” But Cruz doesn’t seem to know the meaning of the word – it is vastly different from just “government funds.”

    Probably half of the 44,000-word Supreme Court decision penned by Justice Lucas Bersamin and the five separate opinions actually dealt with the issue of whether there were savings or not, which Abad claimed were put into the DAP pool.

    They all concluded: There were actually no savings that Aquino could use to set up his P144 billion DAP. Abad pretended – or lied – that there were.

    The Administrative Code itself and the annual budget laws were very strict in defining what “savings” are in order to guard against unscrupulous budget secretaries and presidents who would abuse that provision to throw to the dustbin the annual budget laws.

    The definition of “savings” in these laws hews to only one of the ordinary usages of the term, as the “left-over” money: Savings are those funds authorized by the budget laws but which are unused after such projects and programs are implemented.

    Funds for a program authorized by the budget law that are aborted or delayed beyond the fiscal year are not savings. They are either used within the next two years or reverted back to the national treasury.

    Bad faith by Abad and Aquino was evident in the fact that they declared as savings the funds which did not qualify as savings as defined by law, just so they could play around with the people’s money.

    Abad, for instance, decreed that funds unused by end-June of 2011 and 2012 were savings, contrary to even common sense that budgets are programmed to be used in 12 months, not six months.

    He declared as savings certain funds allocated by the budget laws which weren’t yet used and obligated, never mind if the government entity didn’t yet need to actually release the money, but had programs for their use.

    No analysis, no criteria
    Abad decreed that certain projects were “slow moving,” without any actual analysis of the projects or even criteria to determine which of these were slow moving and which were fast.

    “Unprogrammed Funds” were declared as savings, even if these were funds to be used for certain projects, especially priority infrastructure determined in the budget laws, only when total government revenues exceeded targets – which these never did.

    Department secretaries in the next administration will most probably expose how Abad and Aquino aborted crucial programs approved by Congress – for health, education, and infrastructure – so that the “savings” generated were put into DAP kitty to bribe the Congress to remove Corona, or to build up support among local politicians for the 2016 elections.

    It is hilarious how Lacierda and other yellow apologists are trying to evoke an air of mysterious revelation over Section 49. Lacierda says Cory issued the administrative code just two days before Congress convened, and therefore, was a law.

    Wow, Tita Cory reaches out through space and time to prevent his son from going to jail. Or maybe her spirit traveled to the future and saw that her son would be jailed after his term, so she went back to her present to issue the Code that would save her son?

    The Supreme Court ruling that DAP was unconstitutional was based on three pillars, most important being its conclusion there were no “savings” that Aquino could use for his DAP.

    The other two pillars were that Abad transferred funds of the Executive Branch to the other two branches of government, and that funds were used for projects not authorized by the budget laws. But these two points border on being superfluous since there were no funds – no savings – that could be transferred or used.

    That crackpot ideas challenging the Supreme Court would be even disseminated in media highlights our nation’s lack of respect for institutions.

    We have a Constitution that must be respected by all. We also have a Supreme Court, which as the Constitution specifies, is the final interpreter of that basic law of the land.

    But no, in this yellow cult, any mad-hatter can insist on his or her own interpretation of the law, and Palace media operators would disseminate such views.

    Disrespect for institutions
    President Aquino is leading the way for this disrespect of our country’s cherished institutions. He bribes Congress to assault the Supreme Court by taking out its chief justice, even mobilizing the (previously independent) Commission on Audit and the Ombudsman for such a vile project.

    Now, he has unleashed his lapdogs in media to denigrate the Supreme Court’s adverse decision on his DAP, which even his appointees Chief Justice Lourdes Sereno, as well as justices Bienvenido Reyes and Marivic Leonen had agreed with.

    He is the first Philippine President in memory who has refused to publicly accept the decision of the Supreme Court.

    A respectable, principled president would have declared: “We bow to the decision of the Supreme Court, and more than any other person in this land, I have the sacred duty to defend the Constitution, which the Court is the only entity that interprets what it means.”

    Instead, what he practically has been saying is: “Screw the Court, especially you ingrates Sereno, Reyes, and Leonen. I won’t give up Abad. And just try impeaching me.”

    (*The provision reads: “Savings in the appropriations provided in the General Appropriations Act may be used for the settlement of the following obligations incurred during a current fiscal year or previous fiscal years as may be approved by the Secretary in accordance with rules and procedures as may be approved by the President.)

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    1. Grabe 70 million pesos ginamit sa stem cell research galing sa DAP. Ano ba yan?Nakatulong ba yan sa ekonomya?Pondo din sa DAP binigay sa MILF at Cordillera Liberation Front?Totoo ba yan?

    2. Mr. Dune:

      I quote what you said in my comment below: “Malamang yang DAP at PDAF na yan sulsol yan nung mga nakapalibot kay late Pres. Cory. Ehehehe”. unqoute!

      Now your using your brain to analyze the situation! My question is… Who are those surrounding late Pres. Cory Aquino???

      No other Enrile and Ramos! Hindi ko na maalala ang iba kasi bata pa ako noon. Kaya nga ilang dekada tayong niloko na mga ito! Gumising ka sa katutuhanan. Bakit mo pa kinakampihan ang nasa bilangguan at akusahan si Pnoy na gumagawa ng kabutihan para sa Inang Bayan!

      You have no difference to people shouting to crucify Christ and free the criminal… Barrabas! Pathetic…

    3. The seeds of EDSA Revolution has finally bloom. I hope it rots quickly before its too late.

    4. Bantay Kurapsyon Koalisyon on

      It is time to put the law in our hands. We suffered great already the previous years because of these politicians masquerading as God fearing, and messiah kinds but they are snakes that wrap their bodies on us. Hand in hand we will go to the seat of government and remove them from their seats. If we will not do this, your children, our children, the next generation will suffer more than what we are suffering now. Let’s end the treason of these government.

    5. Bantay Kurapsyon Koalisyon on

      You have our support Mr. Tiglao, continue the crusade to expose the corruption of Aquino, Abad, Belmonte, and all their cohorts in Congress (Senate/House). Let’s join Mr. Tiglao in his effort to bring justice to all Filipinos suffering from hunger, discrimination, lost opportunities, because of Aquino, Abad et al.

    6. The greatest mistake of the Filipino people is “cory” and the EDSA (the worst humiliating event in Philippine history) Other people are laughing at us. Instead of surging ahead after EDSA, We lost instead because of cory and the yellow people. Mga gahaman at mga magnanakaw rin kasi.

    7. Ha ha ha ha ha ha haha !

      What a bunch of mindless and ignorant people. You all deserve these government
      officials whom you elected to office.

      And now you want Abunda as a Senator. ! ! !

      Stupid….. Stupid …Stupid ……Stupid Filipino Nation ! !

    8. Member of the Middle Class on

      Bravo, Ambassador Tiglao! Bravo! Your eloquence in bringing out the detailed facts give our countrymen great hope in the struggle against yellow zombies, their lies and innuendos.

    9. holDAPerpanagutin on

      The yellow tribe of Malacanang is simply trying to spin things around to confuse the public, but in their process of spinning the story they themselves got confused that they believe their own lies. If they think they can fool the people again this time, they are wrong. The parrots of Malacanang (Lacierda, Coloma, Valte, etc.) can no longer force the people to eat the words they are pushing into the mouth of the public.

      No matter what Penoy would say today, he can no longer hide behind excuses of “good faith” to escape liability. He cannot mount a credible defense against his and Abad’s illegal and patently unconstitutional DAP. Soon, he will go down.

      “You can fool some people some time, but you can’t fool all the people all the time.” – Bob Marley

    10. Mr. Hik-Hik:

      I may qoute what you said: “It might be a stretch,but I believe that the economic windfall we are enjoying today may have started during GMA’s time. Pnoy maybe riding maybe the wave created by GMA” unqoute!

      Very clear that you are against progress and indirectly admit that there is indeed progress! If Pnoy is riding the waves created by GMA… I don’t see a reason why we should not support Pnoy for progress.. Open up your mind please!

      Mr. Jimmy Perez:

      I qoute what you said.. “Kung walang kurap, walang mahirap!

      Kaya nga pinapakulong niya ang 3 senatongs et al.. para wala ng maghihirap! Mahirap ba intindihin ito o ayaw nyo lang intindihin… Siya lang ang nakapagpakulong ng senatong dahil sa pagiging gahaman sa pagkain ng Pork Barrel! Bilang epekto dinapuan na sila ng napakaraming sakit at magsisipagtakbuhan na sa likod ng “Magic Wheelchair” para magkubli sa pinakaasam-asam na hustisya ng mga mamamayang Filipino!

      • Very clearly, Ms. Juliet (if at all this is your real name), gusto mo lang makita yung ika nga ay mga “trees”, but refuses to see the “forest”.

        The “forest” is the whole political system, whether they be the Liberal Party and its allies and the opposition. They are all corrupt.

        The plunder cases of the three opposition senators very clearly cannot be called a successful anti-corruption campaign. What about the allies of the administration? There cannot be a selective prosecution.

        If you will refresh your mind, the public was told of a Php10 billion PDAF scam. But, records with the Ombudsman on the plunder cases of the three opposition senators will reveal that the Napoles NGOs did not get all that Php10 billion.

        Who got the balance? Why are the other non-Napoles NGOs not being investigated? Is its because if these non-Napoles NGOs be investigated, the investigation will lead to the names of the administration allies.

        Let us look at the big ;picture, please!

      • Mr. Jimmy Perez:

        I’m not into figures! Even they just steal 1 peso of the people’s money… it is no difference of stealing billions. Whether they are administration or not.. I don’t care. As long as there will be somebody who will be punished.. that will be the triumph of Filipino people. With all the corruption from the previous administrations no corrupt congressmen and senators were ever convicted. If you felt this is unfair why only opposition senators…? I don’t care because this accused were also unfair to the poor whom they deprived their lives to improve and paid their taxes properly.

      • hindi natin ma scale kung progress nga.. saka Cosntitutional Law should always be implemented no matter what….. its the basic rule of the land that binds and governs us all. miss juliet… baka naman ang sinasabi mong progress ay for aristocratic yellows: include ba you? hehehehe

        Sana para sa lahat ang Cosntitutional Law. sabi nga eh pag lumabag, kulong. yung iba nga eh di lang alam ang law kulong na, yun pa kayang alam na mali eh ginawa pa rin.. lalo dapat parusahan at take note! karampatang parusa ha? hindi yung bineneybi, or baka later pati sya hospital arrest ha? huh! pinay nga naman…..

      • You already have been deceived already by the yellow cult Ma’am. Kay Cory lang naman nagsimula yang DAP at PDAF na yan eh. Patakbuhin ba naman sa pwesto isang housewife, wala namang alam sa politics. Sino sa tingin mo nagpapatakbo ng bansa yung nakaupo o yung nakapalibot sa kanya. T_T. Malamang yang DAP at PDAF na yan sulsol yan nung mga nakapalibot kay late Pres. Cory. ehehehe.


      This Juliet does not know what she is talking about. What tiger of asia you are
      talking. During the time of Marcos, the Philippines was respected internationally.
      Thailand used to send their students to study in Los Banos about rice production.
      Now Thailand is major rice exporter while the Philippine is still a major importer
      of rice. Look what happen in Tacloban during Yolanda. What did CNN Anderson
      Cooper and Christianna Amanpour said, there was government in the Yolanda
      stricken area. Incompentent president. What did they do to Corona? Have you
      seen a president before that bought or bribed these crocodiles in congress to
      impeach a sitting chief justice? Have you seen a president before who disrespect
      the Supreme Court? What accomplishment did your president abnoy has done
      so far? Illegaly disbursed taxpayers money. What did the Supreme Court
      declared? What this abnoy and abad did was unconstitutional. So, it is clear as
      day that they violated the constitution period. If you still do know it, read the decision
      of the supreme court in its entirety. Baka sakali maintindihan mo.

    12. If the DAP is unconstitutional, then it is a crime, if it is a crime, then their must be a criminal. Can the criminal argue, “I have done it in good faith?” Kaya sorry na lang kayo mga tax payer maganda naman ang intention ko….

    13. Alejo Rosete on

      Ambassador Tiglao – your expose’ are worth reading and you are exceptional Journalist.
      More Power to you Ambassador. Just be careful, someone might hit you at the back to stop you from exposing all these corruptions.

      Of all the Columnist – you got the most response, which means very credible and worth reading. However I am tired making my comments posted – naka panic attack ang ginagawa ng mga taong ito. They deserved to be kicked out off Malacanang – like what the people did to Marcos in 1986.

      Continue the good work, Ambassador.

      Mabuhay ang “Manila Times”.

    14. Below is the full text of Section 49 of the Administrative Code and take note that this section used the word “Savings”:

      SECTION 49. Authority to Use Savings for Certain Purposes.—Savings in the appropriations provided in the General Appropriations Act may be used for the settlement of the following obligations incurred during a current fiscal year or previous fiscal years as may be approved by the Secretary in accordance with rules and procedures as may be approved by the President:

      (1) Claims of officials, employees and laborers who died or were injured in line of duty, including burial expenses as authorized under existing law;

      (2) Commutation of terminal leaves of employees due to retirement, resignation or separation from the service through no fault of their own in accordance with the provisions of existing law, including unpaid claims for commutation of maternity leave of absence;

      (3) Payment of retirement gratuities or separation pay of employees separated from the service due to government reorganization;

      (4) Payment of salaries of employees who have been suspended or dismissed as a result of administrative or disciplinary action, or separated from the service through no fault of their own and who have been subsequently exonerated and reinstated by virtue of decisions of competent authority;

      (5) Cash awards to deserving officials and employees in accordance with civil service law;

      (6) Salary adjustments of officials and employees as a result of classification action under, and implementation of, the provisions of the Compensation and Position Classification Act, including positions embraced under the Career Executive Service;

      (7) Peso support to any undertaking that may be entered into by the government with international organizations, including administrative and other incidental expenses;

      (8) Covering any deficiency in peso counterpart fund commitments for foreign-assisted projects, as may be approved by the President;

      (9) Priority activities that will promote the economic well-being of the nation, including food production, agrarian reform, energy development, disaster relief, and rehabilitation.

      (10) Repair, improvement and renovation of government buildings and infrastructure and other capital assets damaged by natural calamities;

      (11) Expenses in connection with official participation in trade fairs, civic parades, celebrations, athletic competitions and cultural activities, and payment of expenses for the celebration of regular or special official holidays;

      (12) Payment of obligations of the government or any of its departments or agencies as a result of final judgment of the Courts; and

      (13) Payment of valid prior year’s obligations of government agencies with any other government office or agency, including government-owned or controlled corporations.

      Very clearly, the operative word is “Savings” and the Supreme Court had already rules that there no savings in the first place.

    15. If this DAP was done in good faith, why this administration was not transparent on such program if it is for the good of the country. They keep this secret for a long time, if not for Senator Jinggoy exposing it. This administration has been fooling us for a long time now.How? Pnoy has been calling us his “boss” and yet it is other way around. And now he will go on a national broadcast again making deceptions.Where are nationalist in the military, lead the revolt now.

    16. armando flores on

      Aquino, abad and the rest of the yellows were former allies of gma and tiglao. Together they benefited from gma with the use of pdaf and other pork barrel at the expense of the people. Aquino and his band turned against gma during the garci wiretap scandal and attempted to oust gma at the time, but they failed. Hence, now that the aquino and the yellows are in power, gma is being jailed on charges of plunder, a crime they are doing now. Hope that they would join gma in jail and pay for their crimes against the people.

    17. President Aquino said that there is no issue of THIEF with regards to DAP money. He is totally right, but he falled to mention that this issue is higher than thief, it is PLUNDER.

    18. If Cory’s ghost was to manifest itself, it would be a hideous one, it must look something that would resemble Davy Jones.

      It must be hoped that the next administration should vanquish this ghost (1987 Constitution) once and for all as it has become a vain for Philippines, and had only been used to continue to suppress the rights of the (struggling) Filipinos, the next congress should amend the constitution and implement just a two party system, then if not to change the form of government from presidential to parliamentarian – to put a stop on turncoats.


      I salute Mr. Tiglao for being objective in his reporting. He is the kind of reporter
      that filipinos need at this time where there is an unprecedented anomaly in
      government. Please do not listen to this Juliet who comented in this column that
      the DAP was used in good faith. This Juliet does not what she is talking. She is
      like the Japanese named Onuda who in the middle of 1960’s was found still
      hiding in the mountains of Mindoro because he did not yet know that World
      II was not yet over. Uninformed? Or maybe you one of abnoy’s fanatics who have
      eyes that refused to see. Is bribing these crocodile senators and congressmen
      good faith, t…o? (the last word borders on profanity whether you are referring to the partner of the Lone Ranger or the Spanish term – admin)

      • Maybe you are the one blinded defending your former bosses. Maybe you are the one that refuses to see the cause of poverty! No other PDAF! When Marcos stepped down, PDAF immediately created.. Open your eyes where are we now after 25 years… Full of corruption and deeply in poverty. Does PDAF done something good in our economy for 25 years? Look what happened when DAP was created by Pnoy.. Within 4 years we are the next Rising Tiger Economy of Asia… Please open up your eyes! My judgment is based from the facts and history. Not just hearsay with malice intention with yours! I feel no difficulty in defending Pnoy because I know He is a just Man. I don’t want this country will be ruin again by evil!

    20. edgardogonzales on

      criminal minds concoct ideas to go around the law or give semblance of legality to illegal acts to perpetuate a crime. the planning is deliberate and the intent is very evil or malicious though candy coated or masked with goodness to consummate the crime.

    21. Mr. Tiglao Please stop talking non-sense against Pnoy. Pnoy is not an economist but did your former boss PGMA got a comment from international community such as: Philippines: Asias New Tiger Economy. (http://www.asiancenturyinstitute.com/development/149-philippines-asia-s-new-tiger-economy). Philippine is Asias Rising Tiger: (http://www.philstar.com/headlines/2013/02/06/905371/philippines-asias-rising-tiger-world-bank), Asia’s Next Tiger (http://www.foreignpolicy.com/articles/2012/06/19/asias_next_tiger) and lot more… This is where the DAP went!!! Haven’t you read all of this??? This is what we call DAP used in good faith!

      • See the queue at the North Ave MRT Station every morning, rising prices of rice and garlic, the homeless the wrecked people of easter visayas…it only takes someone to keep quiet for evil to prosper.

      • Hay juliet….puede ba huwag mo na ipagtanggol ang masamang DAP na yan! either bobo ka talaga or isa ka sa mga internet trolls ni lacierda or FANatic ka ni kris! at the very least kung objective ang isip mo ay PUMAYAG KA NA ILABAS ANG LISTAHAN kung saan napunta ang DAP! para malaman na kung nakatulong nga sa ekonomya yan O hinde!!!!!

      • In copy ko lang…

        During GMA’s term, our GDP rose to around 170 Billion USD from a mere 71 Billion USD when she took over. She also managed to bring down our Debt-GDP Ratio to 44% from a high 63% when she first held office. She even managed to improve our exchange rate a little bit. It might be a stretch, but I believe that the economic windfall we are enjoying today may have started during GMA’s time. P-Noy may be riding a wave created by GMA.


      • You have been talking of the performance of this administration.

        To me, the performance of this administration can be measured, among other things, on the mantras that the president himself stated, as follows:

        1. “Kayo ang boss ko”

        2. “Kung walang kurap, walang mahirap”

        “Kayo ang boss ko”: What happened to his bosses who were the victims of the Yolanda super-typhoon and the Zamboanga siege by the MNLF. To this date, these bosses have not been uplifted from their miseries. What about the continuing rising food prices? Had this administration listened to the bosses on the their plight against rising food prices?

        “Kung walang kurap, walang mahirap”: Corruption is very much present in this administration. Even third party organization the world over are mentioning that corruption is still very much rampant in this administration. Incidence of poverty has dramatically grown, as mentioned even by the survey firms who are the most ardent supporters of this administration

        To me then, the very clear conclusion is that this administration is non-performing.

      • Oscar Rodriguez, an allie of Pnoy and Abad was a recipient of the DAP funds during the last local elections of 2013. Such funds were used to buy votes. See the 2013 audit report of COA. Aside from him being in the napoles list, Rodriguez also was an instrument of the Pnoy administration in the use of this illegal DAP in the city of San Fernando and Pampanga. So, how could you dare say that such DAP funds were used to propel projects for the good of the poor people or stimulate infra projects?

      • will you just please shut up miss juliet? lalo mo lang pinasiklab ang damdamin ng mga taong niloko nila pnoy at abad. quite obviously you are a fanatic of the nonoy. . . sana huwag ka na lang magkalat dito.

      • Bahala ka! pera mo din ang nilulustay “in good faith”, hurrah ka pa ng hurrah! Alam mo ba yung naglalakad na may ipot sa ulo pero hindi niya alam?
        The least you can do as a believer is ask your idols to submit themselves to a fair and honest investigation, present facts, not fairy tales!

    22. Jose A. Oliveros on

      According to Lacierda and his fellow “yellow loonies”, Sec. 49 of the new Administrative Code (Executive Order No. 292, series of 1987) was not repealed by the 1987 Constitution because under Article XVIII, Sec. 3 (Transitory Provisions) of the 1987 Constitution “all existing laws, decrees, executive orders, proclamations, letters of instructions and other executive issuances inconsistent with this Constitution shall remain operative until amended, repealed or revoked.”
      But the SC decision and the concurring opinions, notably by Justices Carpio and Brion, are clear and explicit that the four acts enumerated in the dispositive portion of the decision are unconstitutiona, consequently Sec. 49 of EO 292 is inconsistent with Art. VI, Sec. 29 (1) and (3) of the 1987 Constitution.
      Despite the SC ruling, PeNoy and A BAD continuously insist on the constitutionality and legality of their acts. In the case of the late Pres. Corazon Cojuangco-Aquino, she had always accepted an adverse Supreme Court decision with “becoming grace”, in the elegant prose of the late Justice Isagani A. Cruz.

      • I do not contest that Admin Code is part of them laws of land. They just don’t understand sec 49, it refers to use of “savings” which SC nga said were not the funds DAP used and therefore illegal. (see verbatim sec 49 at end of piece)

        Analogy to make it easier to understand:
        You ask your driver to buy tires you were told after calling the tory would cost P15,000. But driver tumawad and got P14,500. The extra P500 is savings, and if that driver was my driver, I’ll tell him to treat himself to whatever he wants, as sec 49 is saying.

        In Abad and Aquino’s case, what these “driver” did is NOT to use the P15,000 to buy tires but to buy a DVD player for the car to entertain himself while waiting. Worse, you find out later that the video player just cost P13,000, and he pocketed the P2,000!

        Driver would say though, in good faith naman a. Nasa kotse naman dvd player!

        Wouldn’t you fire him?

    23. Johnny Ramos on

      Pnoy can weather these Dap fund mess because majority of our people are hungry and they are more busy finding ways to find food for the table each day. Pnoy made it sure that there will more poor so any uprising will be impossible.

    24. Pnoy is a drowning man and a drowning man clutches on to a floating straw. Anything he can grasp to save his life, he would But the straw cannot hold his lies and the straw cannot hold the weight of his misdeeds. And his cronies are delirious. I just can imagine them huddled sweating in closed doors talking to each other how they can save themselves. Ahh, the pinoys are soft hearted, they will forgive. and oh, pinoys are religious, if you make them believe you are repentant and don’t forget! use the name of god, people will forgive. Then you can shed those crocodile tears of regret, people will be crying too with you. That is what they are counting on. Because after all the brain storming and calculations and research they did, they know they are in deep shit! And we PINOYS? DO NOT BE BLINDED BY THE AGE OLD ACTING OF THESE PEOPLE. REPENTANT OR NOT, THEY HAVE TO ANSWER TO THE PEOPLE AND THEY HAVE TO SUBJECT TO THE LEGAL LAWS OF THE LAND. WE MUST BE STRONG HEARTED, DONT LET EMPATHY AND EMOTIONS BRING US DOWN. WHAT IS RIGHT IS RIGHT AND WHOEVER DID WRONG MUST SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES OF THEIR ACTIONS.

    25. As Cory’s ghost propelled her son to the presidency, now her son wish her ghost save him from being impelled. Today, the conscience of our people will be put to test as we will see and listen Cory’s son on primetime TV.

    26. Aquino’s cohorts should start thinking. No matter how much they are being paid now, they and the members of their family and their future generation are and will always be taxpayers. Unless they do something to put a stop to this insane, brazen, lying thieves in government, their future generation will continue to suffer. The rotten system will just go on and on. This is their chance to turn around.

      There are a few principled men among the Hyatt 10 (well, maybe one?). I hope they will stand up for something again. I hope those who have seen the sufferings of the Yolanda victims, the children who commit suicide because they can’t pay for their tuition, the million out of school youth, the hungry…and consider the laborers who pay tax, even the middle class people who strive hard to provide for their family, the many families that are broken because one parent has to work abroad…some of them are even members of their own family. Please consider, they were roobed of their hard earned money. And yet, you in Malacanang and even media, would like to deny this?
      Nasaan ang puso niyo? Nasaan ang consciencia niyo. Kung si Pnoy, walang consciencia, kayo ba? Kung siya hindi tinuruan nang kabutihang asal, kayo ba? Kung siya, walang kamag anak na mahirap, kayo ba?

      Tama na ang kanya kanya! Tama na ang palakasan, ang padrino system. Tama na ang pagka makasarili. Tama na ang pagka myopic ng tingin niyo. Isipin niyo ang tunay na magandang kinabukasan. Hindi yang mga story tellin a lie na yan, na pilit niyong pinagaganda ang buhay! Tumingin nga kayo sa kapaligiran? Can you honesly say you are doing good to your country. Sabihin niyo nga yan sa Dyos?

      Hindi tayo aahon. Lulubog pa…at katulong kayo sa paglubog nang ating bayan! Sana tablan kayo nang kahihiyan, kahit man lang konte katulad ni Angelo Reyes? Sana din, tablan kayo nag takot sa Dyos! May Dyos, alam niyo? Mas nakakataas siya kay Pnoy!


      This a government of lies and full of crooks. These thick faces like ngoyngoy and
      abad keep insisting that what they did in the DAP were in good faith. What do you
      call these fund that they use to buy and bribe these crocodiles in congress to
      impeach corona? Are these good faith? Funds used to influence these impeachment
      votes whether given before or after the fact (impeachment) consititute bribery.
      Besides no less than the Supreme Court declared it as unconstitutional. Does this administration and the house of representatives too still have any respect for the
      Supreme Court? The house of repsentatives principles this asshole and bs tupas
      is bent on probing the JDF obviously in retaliation to Supreme Court’s decision.
      What a heck. What do you understand about the fiscal autonomy of Supreme Court?

    28. Fe Sta. Romana Macapili on

      I had the jitters when I read about that law that could free Pnoy from being sued. But today after reading your column,I got back my hope for justice to prevail. I always find your column enlightening. God Bless.

    29. Either Coloma, Laciarda, Valte, Raisa Robles, Elfren Cruz are so dumb they cannot distinguish the meanings of “funds” and “savings.” Or they are just trying their darn best to push “funds” to the issue to be believable. What I am very surprised is how Raisa Robles failed to see the big difference of the meanings of the two words being kuno a Harvard scholar. Or is she just following the line of the thinking of the yellows to continue lying and fooling the Filipino people. I recall during the Arroyo administration, at one instant she formally instructed all government units to report their “savings” immediately after the fiscal year and return them to the Treasury for further and other purposes. PNoy and Abad should have done this gesture but these thieves are so busy bribing legislators and government executives to do their bidding. Thanks again Mr. Tiglao for clearing the air of the hypocrisy of this administration.

    30. it’s surprising to note that most of the department heads including some in the cabinet of Pnoy are lawyers and yet none of them can comprehend the law. the lawyers themselves dont understand the law and the non lawyers themselves are playing wanna be lawyers, the president included. how can these lawyers and wanna be lawyers claim to be right when the whole supreme court says otherwise? am i or the filipino people missing something? no wonder the government is in such a mess.

    31. Pres. B.S. Aquino is really a “Man of Still”: still to admit mistakes, still to believe in the Supreme Court, still to say sorry (someone has to say for him in Hong Kong), and much to prove that the ‘daang matuwid’ is “still” there to follow. Lest, “mas marami ang mahirap, dahil mas marami pa ang korap”!

    32. Migs Doromal on

      BTW, if COA Chair Grace Pulido-Tan gets the next Supreme Court seat courtesy of her prostituting her office to BS Aquino, her obvious replacement as COA Chair is Deputy Commissioner Heidi Mendoza who as well all know is BFF to Mr. Palengke Mar Roxas.

      Heidi’s imminent appointment will spell trouble to VP Jojo Binay who has been anticipating an all-out smear campaign against him to be led by no less than Mar’s BFF, Heidi Mendoza.

    33. Migs Doromal on

      The Gang of Four of the Liberal Party:

      BS Aquino
      Mar Roxas
      Butch Abad
      Frank Drilon

      Great read, RT. Well-argued! Keep it up!

      • Dionisio R. Luna on

        I find your comments very clear but we have a President who is stubborn and hardheaded as if he is above the Supreme Court who knows how to interpret the provisions in our Phil. Constitution. He should respect the decision of the highest Court of the Land. His minions are always saying including the President himself that they did not commit any wrong, that what they did about DAP is in good faith.