• The country according to Duterte


    “In War: Resolution, In Defeat: Defiance, In Victory: Magnanimity, In Peace: Good will.”
    -Winston S. Churchill

    ONE thing is certain: Duterte is no Winston Churchill. He may be Winston cigarettes but he can never be Churchill even if he lives a hundred lifetimes. The closest he can be to Churchill is to look at the dirt in his fingernails.

    This is putting it mildly without invoking the stink in Duterte’s language.

    Definition of terms
    In Duterte’s world, one must be familiar with definitions of his language and behavior otherwise you are likely to misinterpret him. Nothing is more damaging to anyone than misinterpret the boy-man Duterte, who shoots through his mouth and by the hip. So I have decided to exercise extra care in discerning his language and his now familiar behavior by resorting to accurate definitions.

    Policy – a pronouncement that is serious, if it works; it is a joke if it does not.

    Colors – it is white if it is black, it is black if it is white, depending on what Duterte tells us just like Big Brother in George Orwell’s famous novel, 1984, who calls white black and black white at his whim.

    Cursing – it is part of the language of the masses, thus should be the model for speaking, public or private, the moment Duterte takes his oath of office as President.

    Killing – is the model for now and always. Kill the criminals based on mere suspicion. Call the police if you see a criminal. If police do not immediately respond, kill the criminal yourself, if you have the means to do it. You kill not only for bounty but you also get a medal from god-man Duterte himself.

    Kill the media, too. – The god-man has defined the media into tree categories—the ones who write the truth, the spinners who represented vested interests or persons with interest and more often distort the truth, and the plain simple ac/dc practitioners—attack and collect as well as defend and collect together with the panhandlers who ask for money from politicians, businessmen and other perceivably moneyed personalities.

    Don’t mess with me. – You either obey him right or wrong, or you disappear immediately, the Duterte or Ampatuan way. Choose your wild or choose your formula. Take it or leave it.

    Due process means give the criminal the process due him—meaning kill him before he kills you. The judicial process takes too long and is habitually cumbersome so kill, kill, kill with the Duterte and Ampatuan delight, and with the smile to boot. Don’t worry! Duterte will support you!

    Servant of the people – means everybody should obey him. Duterte is the State and the government as well as the law and god. So how can anybody defy him when he is three institutions rolled into one? Smart this god-man Duterte, he looks like the king of the Lower Kingdom. Hail Duterte!

    Biology – means every beautiful or attractive or sexy woman must go to bed with him. He is always hot and so are the women, especially the socialites in every city in this country who love a thrashing in bed—Duterte and Davao City style.

    Go to Hell – for everyone who does not agree with him from the Catholic bishops to the Philippine media to the United Nations.

    Courage means – inability to get out of your house without a bunch of burly and mindless bodyguards.

    Idiotic – means it is the conduct of the Commission on Human Rights not knowing what human rights and law mean.

    The new characteristics of political genius—insanity, frothing in the mouth and love of Viagra or Kris-Aquino effect.

    Philippines – a country with 100 million cowards and one son of a bitch reminiscent of the old days of martial law, when an American senator defined the Philippines as a nation of 65 million cowards and one son of a bitch.

    Change is coming
    Indeed, change is coming. Now, we can all become criminals by killing criminals. Hooray for serial killers! You will finally become the new gods of this country with the support of god-man Duterte! The leaders of the Catholic Church as well as most members of media should follow the sound of the Duterte flute and drown happily in the Mindanao Deep, in Surigao, for their pure love of Duterte—just like the lemmings in the story of the Pied Piper of Hammelin. And I will be cheering Duterte from the sidelines like the idolaters of Nero, who was fiddling when Rome was burning. I will be delighted to see the leaders of the Church and the members of media drowning in the Mindanao Deep, helping in cleansing this country from abuse, corruption and criminality. Besides, they will fatten the tuna in the tuna highway that ends in Surigao and end up as sashimi on the table of the Superclass or as kinilaw on the table of the country’s poor or professional drunkards.

    Hail Duterte the great leader like the undisputed leaders of the denizens of the National Center for Mental Health in Mandaluyong. Not even Miriam can match him on this regard.

    Isn’t this change? Isn’t this great change? Well, it is! It is a great departure from the past. Now Duterte will rule as the King of the masses, just like the heron who devoured all the frogs that asked for a king. Wow! This should be welcome! After all god-man Duterte got the overwhelming vote of the frogs in this country, excuse my mistake, I mean the delighted voters of this country—these bloody democrats who do not have an inkling of the true meaning of democracy.

    My definitions and contractions
    I am beginning to love the expletives and verbalisms of Duterte. His colorful language is creating a new linguistic culture for the Superclass derived from the vulgar, indecent and ignorant linguistic culture of the masses. It is about time the remnants of the Kastilaloys get a dose of their own medicine. Is it not that if a poor girl asks for money to have sex because of poverty she is called a prostitute? If you are an upper-class woman who jumps from bed to bed for the love of sex you are called a socialite or a dancing queen or Kris of a personality? The Duterte linguistic sexual revolution has finally brought equality to these libidinous creatures. Viva Duterte! Let’s go to the contractions while you guess their definitions—sob, fy, pim, ba, bb, tm, lk, btg, bsob, pk, bLl, and bc, tm. This is known as the Duterte guessing game. If you are a Duterte admirer or idolater, it would not be difficult to decipher the meanings of these contractions or abbreviations.

    In the good old days, these words were banned in media except if quoted from the books of Henry Miller, D.H. Lawrence, or the columns of H.L. Mencken, or from the lips of that great patriot, Speaker Jose B. “Pepito” Laurel, Jr. I suppose they are no longer banned these days since the PED (abbreviation of President-elect Duterte) uses these words habitually to the applause of the people transcending all classes—from the upper class to the middle class and, finally, to the lower class. What an admirably cheering crowd—all of them with no exception—should be the proper object of the preceding abbreviations.

    Why the contractions or abbreviations? I hate myself if I say them in full in public. I feel like demeaning myself and the human race. I was educated with the values leading to human decency and civility. Thus, the contractions or abbreviations! It has no taint of intellectual pretense; it is a matter of principle and education with me. So in my column, the abbreviations and contractions will be used to spare myself the feeling that I am such a ba or a bsob.

    The Duterte logic or philosophy
    Now back to PED, the bsob, to search for the appropriate meaning of his logic. He advocates the killing of criminals—even by private citizens. So we will have criminals killed by emerging criminals. As soon as you kill criminals without the necessary elements of self-defense or defense of stranger, you become a criminal yourself. The criminals under the Duterte logic or philosophy will grow into hundreds of thousands. In effect, the Philippines will become a Duterte criminal country where lawlessness rules the day. The rule of law becomes a thing of the past. The Duterte rule of low will start operating. Hooray for the great god-man Duterte! Congratulations to the equally great king of the Lower Kingdom, the inimitable great Luci, whose surname is Fer and his gift to the Filipino people, the bb PED!

    What is the implication of this Duterte logic or philosophy on Duterte’s person? Considering he has publicly admitted in the course of the campaign that his death squads have killed no less than 1,700 people and the general perception is that he is the mastermind or leader of the death squads, what does that make of the PED? He is principal by inducement if not principal by direct participation, since he has openly admitted he had personally killed some of the criminals himself—not by self-defense or defense of stranger but for the love of it? By admission, he is the greatest sk of this country. In so doing, he places himself at the wrong end of the gun, since under his logic or philosophy even private citizens can kill him summarily without any liability or culpability.

    This is the result of the big mouth of the PED that opens without thinking! So his logic or philosophy will save this country from a looming dictatorship and negates the overwhelming mandate given him by the people. What a tragedy of sorts. Or would it be a blessing? Ask retired Bishop Cruz who may be cheering at the thought of this possibility.

    The elimination of criminals
    The quantum of evidence required under the PED’s rule of low is guilt by suspicion. It is not even probable cause. It can never be guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. The judge to determine guilt by suspicion is every Filipino—rich or poor, fat or thin, tall or short, brilliant or idiotic, Muslim or Christian, etcetera, etcetera, as Yul Brynner puts it in the King and I. PED will improve the record of Pol Pot of Kampuchea in making Kampuchea, now Cambodia, the killing fields. He will improve the record of Nero in the slaughter of Christians at the Coliseum; Hitler in Germany; the ISIS and ISIL in the Middle East. Well, we should be proud as Filipinos for us having as our leader Duterte as the lead man in The Guinness Book of World Records. Hail Duterte our great god-man leader!

    The full implementation of this criminal philosophy of Duterte should begin in the highest levels on the issue of graft and corruption. Duterte should start with the incumbent President who has a pending accusation at the Ombudsman and the suspicion that he is the criminal initiator of the DAP, together with his Budget Secretary Butch Abad. Noynoy has many Cabinet secretaries who are also suspected of wrongdoing, from Secretary Purisima to Secretary Abaya, from Secretary Soliman to Secretary Paje. So the elimination, if Duterte is to be consistent.

    On the executive level, he should not forget Vice President Binay, his son Junjun, the wife of the VP since they are facing criminal charges. So they satisfy the quantum of evidence of Duterte—guilt by suspicion. It should be true to many governors, city mayors, municipal mayors and other government officials who have plunder or graft cases or any other kind of criminal case. That would be welcome to see. The bullies in the barangays, nightclubs, gambling dens, beer gardens should be part of the cleansing process, without forgetting the reckless drivers of cars, buses, taxis, jeeps, motorelas and tricycles as well as motorcycle drivers.

    Duterte should have as another top priority—the elimination of crooked prosecutors as they are on epidemic proportions. He should stop the continuing practice of justice for sale.

    On the legislative level, he should terminate those involved in the DAP, PDAF and other legislative projects, which are attended to with graft and corruption.

    On the judiciary, he should eliminate judicial officers from justices of the Supreme Court to the judges of the municipal courts. There are many rogues in judicial robes. This should be one of the priorities of Duterte since injustice fuels assassinations and revolutions.

    Moves deserving of congratulations
    Duterte’s denunciation of media has been long in coming. Eighty percent of media practitioners are perceived to be crooked. There are many media panhandlers even in the cities outside Metro Manila. These nefarious personalities should really be put in their right places. They are as harmful to the people as most of the politicians.

    The move to stop news conferences and interviews is about the best that the group of the PED has done. Duterte’s kind of personality is unfit for these activities. He is just a small-town boy who finally found himself in an entirely different environment. He has to learn a lot before he goes into the uncharted waters of a news conference or a media interview. The PED is onion-skinned and intolerant. These characteristics are not attuned to the national or international media environment. He has a lot of learning to do and, the presidency, like life, is a learning process.

    PED’s denunciation and warning to PNP generals who are involved in drugs hanky-panky is just right. There are many scalawags in the PNP organization as in the military. The warning is just appropriate. Duterte should rid the PNP and the AFP of scalawags. It is about time that somebody does it.

    To dismiss the officials and employees in the BIR, Bureau of Customs and LTO should be a good beginning. There are many other bureaus where the employees should be dismissed without batting an eyelash.

    Duterte needs a revolutionary govt
    All these moves cannot be done by Duterte without declaring a revolutionary government. At the rate he has been making all these declarations, he is sounding hallucinatory or insane if he thinks he can accomplish these moves within the system. He cannot do it within his six-year term. The system would not allow it. The impediments are insurmountable—the Constitution, the institutions within it and the barnacled vested interest organizations. If he thinks he can do it without a revolutionary government, he is likely to be a candidate for the nuthouse.


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    1. Think_Dynamic on

      Well done Mr. Adaza and thank for sharing us your wishful thinking and facts about the incoming president. You have said all prons and cons in mind.

    2. rajah mindanao on

      As mayor, Davao became the 4th safest city in the world. The economy is flourishing by leaps and bounds.

      Above all, he was elected president by 16 million Filipinos.

      Duterte brings along CHANGE during his term.

      How about you, Mr. Adaza? What milestone achievement, if any, you have done to Misamis Oriental when you were governor and assemblyman?

      You are already a political has been, losing twice as congressman in a small island like Camiguin, losing thrice for the senate.

      You are an oppositionist during Marcos, Cory, Erap, GMA, PNoy Abnoy and now you trained your guns against a fellow Mindanaon, Duterte.

      An old man like you should change your ways. You can never be a president as you keep harping in your column. Don’t be envious of the country’s presidents. Your non-stop criticisms will only push you to the grave of trapos.

      In your sunset, it is much better if you spend the rest of your life LOVING your family. This is the best contribution that you can do in your lifetime. Please give yourself a BREAK!

    3. Is Duterte good for our corrupt drug craze nation or not ? Too early to make any conclusion. During Marcos time, is Martial LAw good for our radical nation or not. In the first year of Martial Law, criminality went down. Why ? Curfew at 12 00 and no gun ownership or right to carry guns. A Chinese drug dealer was sentenced death by firing squad. A rape of a movie actress , rpist sentenced to death. All of the rapist died. There is this so called Zoning where specific areas are targeted to be search. You see, Duterte is slowly but surely following Marcos style.

    4. rajah mindanao on

      The Bible says that person has to remove the speck in his eyes before he points the speck of other people’s eyes.

      During the campaign, President-Elect Rodrigo Duterte was honest having girlfriends.

      Then, Mr. Adaza in his previous columns, accused Duterte as self-confessed adulterer, womanizer.

      How about you, Mr. Adaza, can you confess in public how many concubines you have? Who is your present girlfriend? Is your womanizing not insulting to your wife and family?

      • Mr Adaza is not the President of the Philippines. You do not even pay for his salary as a columnist. He can do whatever he wants because we do not pay him, he is not a public servant and Pilipinos do not care if Adaza is a womanizer or a dug dealer because his only purpose is to write this column. If you do not like him , do not read his column. I do not like Kit Tatad. I do not read his column as simple as that.

    5. i almost forgot that bono, tha failed revolutionary is also from that obscure island off northern mindanao. i am not surprised at all after knowing what the people in that doomed volcano island did to the Du30 team during the campaign there. Antay ka lang bono, weather weather lang yan. you will get what you deserve for sure.

    6. A government that rules in a climate of fear does not make the place safer for its citizens. It only makes the citizens weaker before the government. dUTERTE IS KING OF FLIP FLOP.. HOW CAN WE TRUST HIM..

    7. Your comment is awaiting moderation BY Manila Times10,000,000. Only in the Philippines this is “FREEDOM OF PRESS”.

    8. Druglord#1: 20,000 for this writing , Druglord#2: make it 30,000, Druglord#3: I raise to 40,000, Druglord#4: I raise to 50,000 any writing aginst Duterte! any more takers? sold for 50,000 a piece.

      Money is the god of the Philippine press full stop!

    9. These are your own personal views of Duterte.
      P*tang*na. Rhetorics and good manners cannot dicipline and unruly Filipinos.
      It takes a Duterte to teach them a lesson.

    10. jose b. taganahan on

      I beg to dis-agree on the definition of the Philippines. There are at least 5 public figures who are not cowards that can stand up against Duterte. They are Atty. Homobono Adazq, Ping Lacson, Leila de Lima, Sen. Trillanes and the incumbent PNP Chief among others.

      Otherwise, I fully agree on the other contents of this article written by Atty. Adaza.

      • Mr Adaza, since your column is published every day, you are in a better position to bring the best and the worst of various personalities. But I doubt if you are brave enough to criticize this guy because it appears that he do not take criticisms lightly. Pikon po siya. The problem is if it is true that he killed a lot of people.

    11. So Mr Adaza you have decided after all which stand to take. It would have been good for your health had you decided to take the option you wrote in an earlier column about you going somewhere else. Just a concerned reader. Digong really brings out the worst in people who don’t like him. As of now, I seem to have an idea what will be coming next in this space.

    12. Rudi Miranda on

      Thank you, but why does a Duterte gets the worse in you? What is the objective of the pot shots for? Perhaps, Duterte is the first President elect who has generated much talk, before taking the oath of office. What gets people to take pot shots at him, and others parry these feeble pebbles. Cheers!

    13. Atty Adaza is a lawyer-poet. A painter, too. His painting of his subject within the environ including his cannot be NOT SEEN by a reader’s eyes and spirit as well. Only Adaza (and are there some few of his kind out there?) QUALIFIES to conduct an interview with Du31. He can write Duterte’s mind quite well, too. Because Du31’s verbalized acts cannot with ordinary and neophyte press people make logic. May the incoming president see the genius in the good lawyer-columnist and make a good sense out of it.

    14. There are 2 choices in our nation future, First our people will change their ways drastically. , Second, if there is no change, Duterte will not be able to complete his 6 year term.

    15. Very well written Sir Homobono Adaza. I like every word you used as if I am looking at a story in picture form. Vivid from beginning to end…so I kept on thinking what in the world shall we expect for our country? Will it be for better or for worse? I feel stuck and suspended on a balance to wait and see what lies ahead. SUSPENSE… Araaaay God bless the Philippines……

    16. Mariano Patalinjug on

      Yonkers, New York
      15 June 2016

      Who is to stop upcoming Der Fuhrer Rodrigo Duterte from deciding that Manila Times columnist HOMOBONO ADAZA, based on this lengthy column which is far from heaping kudos on Mr. Duterte, comes within his personal definition of a “CORRUPT” journalist and deserves thus to be ASSASSINATED?

      And a President Duterte may just set Homobono Adaza up as an example, do him in personally, and further do the dirty job of dumping his carcass in the Manila Bay to start fattening the sharks there.

      Is there anybody who would dare to stop Der Fuhrer Rodrigo Duterte?

      I do not think so.

      That should send shivers up and down the spine of those “corrupt” journalists. For sure!