The do-it-yourself dream closet


Pride and satisfaction can come from designing and installing your own custom closet.

MANY people may be surprised to learn how simple it can be to design a closet system that works beautifully with their unique space.

A few basic ideas can help.

• Create a wish list. Decide what’s not working with your existing space, then list your needs and desires for the new closet. Browse photos of closets in newspapers, magazines and online for inspiration. Consider features, accessories and aesthetics, including colors, hardware and drawer and door styles.

• Get complimentary design service. These days, homeowners are discovering the convenience of do-it-yourself closet systems available online from companies that offer free design services and free shipping. Leading home organization companies often give you the option to design your closet yourself or receive complimentary professional design services, should you prefer a greater level of assistance or reassurance.

• Design for functionality first. The layout of your closet should allow for convenient access to items that are used frequently. “The goal is to serve your daily needs,” says Scott Rifflard, a closet design specialist at EasyClosets. His advice: “Situate the shelves, hanging rods and drawers so it’s easy to get to items that are worn most often. Use the top shelves to stow seldom-used items such as dress shoes, hats, seasonal apparel and extra blankets.”

• Use every square inch. Tap into all the available vertical area by filling the full height of the closet wall with tall storage systems. Make the most of every nook and cranny with adjustable shelving and hanging rods that are custom built to fit the closet’s exact dimensions. Precut, customized components help streamline the installation process.

• Plan for the future. The closet should be versatile, so it serves you well now and accommodates your changing needs. Whether you’re planning to downsize, eliminate bedroom furniture, expand an existing space or adapt over time for a growing child, the ability to add to or rearrange your closet system is a wonderful benefit.

Rifflard suggests you “start with the essential storage features using hanging rods and shelves, then add to or refine your closet when the time is right.”

• Personalize your closet. Take your closet from baseline to brilliant with a design that’s personalized to work with your space, lifestyle and budget. The experts at EasyClosets, a leading online provider of home storage and organization solutions, suggest you include accents and accessories that add style and efficiency while making it easier to maintain an organized closet. Pull-out pant racks, wardrobe valet rods, jewelry trays and baskets as well as racks for belts, ties and scarves are just some of the many options available. You can also choose a color and a style that blend beautifully with your home and add decorative molding to create a finished, built-in look.


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