The Duterte juggernaut just scares


Into the final stretch of the presidential campaign, the entire monstrosity of the Duterte terror finally unravels.

Even seasoned politicians, like Vice President Jejomar C. Binay who is not known to engage in dirty gimmickry, lies and subterfuge but rather in principled, straightforward ventilation of legitimate issues, can take a good schooling from Duterte on the art of fooling the people en masse and even get adulated for it. The seemingly aimless meandering course embarked on by Duterte on the way to his current determined push to win the presidency betrays the political genius of a man rivaled only by Ninoy Aquino on the local scene and by Hitler in world history.

It was Ninoy who achieved the impeccable talent of keeping the people in tow on a mass scale so that when, for instance, he commanded them to jump from a building, the question they would ask was not why but from which floor. On the other hand, Adolf Hitler, who strode the streets of Germany as a vagabond in the depression era of the 30s, was a gifted public speaker so that when he coined the phrase “superiority of the Aryan race” and peddled it to all Germany, he got the whole Aryan people, who were the Germans, enraptured by his magic spell, pushing him to the pinnacle of Germany’s political power. Of course, we know it was Hitler’s handiwork to gas up to 6 million Jews in World War II, the worst ever in human history so that you would think it was already the Awful Horror described in the Revelation.

As the Holocaust was a staple to Hitler in his time, or grenade blasts, like the Plaza Miranda bombing, to Ninoy during the anti-dictatorship struggle, killing for Duterte is as staple as peanuts for beer drinkers, or for that matter Duterte himself chewing gum during interviews.

Crafting the Duterte icon for the presidency has been a brilliant maneuver through and through. Early on he announces his intention to run for President. And then abruptly he declares he is withdrawing from the race. And he has his legions of followers – at one time, estimated at 50,000 massed at the Quirino Grandstand – pleading for him not to withdraw, continue the fight.

In what evidently was an orchestrated campaign in the social media, the nation was treated to a spectacle in which his daughter Sarah, now having substituted for him as mayoral candidate of Davao City, had her head shaven completely in purported protest of her daddy’s withdrawal from the presidential contest.

Still Duterte remained steadfast in his declared desire to stay out of the race.

When pressed on by his people, he told them, “Sabi nang ayaw ko. Ang tigas ng ulo nyo.”

What followed was an episode that even saw the Davao City bully filing his certificate of candidacy for mayor of Davao City. In the stretch of the election period, this event was a far prelude to Duterte’s finally filing a substitution plea for PDP-Laban presidential candidate Dino, who had withdrawn from the contest.

A number of legal questions attended the issue. One, Dino had already withdrawn when Duterte filed the substitution plea. Duterte could, thus, not substitute for the candidacy of somebody who was not a candidate – being no longer one actually. One other legal question, and this is what makes these entire proceedings laughable, was the fact that reflected on the certificate of candidacy of Dino filed with the Comelec central office is the post of Mayor of Pasay City as the one he was running for. From both legal angles, Duterte was substituting for a non-existent presidential candidate. Ergo, Duterte is a non-presidential candidate.

But as in all travesties of the country’s constitutional and legal processes, this Duterte comic extravaganza had come to caricaturize how easily malleable our democracy is in the hands of the unscrupulous and vicious. It became immaterial whether Dino was still a candidate or not, hence, legally replaceable according to constitutional mandate. As to the infirmity of his certificate of candidate, i.e., actually declared as candidate for Mayor of Pasay City, the Comelec ruled that it was an honest mistake.

That was the labyrinth of maneuvers Duterte traversed on the way to the climax of the presidential race. It was a convoluted saga characterized by intrigues and machinations, punctuated with sudden twists and turns that at each juncture had the nation guessing: is he or is he not? While at the outset I already pictured a grim scenario of the nation if it came under the rule of Duterte, some colleagues had a mindset of the Davao butcher as just being the opposition attack dog against Mar Roxas. True enough, Duterte’s worming into the limelight of the presidential fight had him spewing insults against the Liberal Party standard-bearer. To Duterte’s dare for him to engage in a slap match, Roxas got hooked into making his own kanto boy stance: “Bakit sampalan pa, suntukan na lang.”

For one who has been steeped in bourgeois upbringing, that pretense was pretty incredible, as was his quite-too-obvious hypocrisy of shoveling earth like a construction peon or lugging on his shoulders cargo only market kargadors would. Duterte had a heyday making fun of Roxas, now calling him “supot” (uncircumscised), now branding him a faggot, now casting ill aspersion on his economics mettle by exposing his Wharton diploma as fake

By the time the Philippine Presidential Debate unwrapped in Cagayan de Oro, Duterte had gotten ingrained into the people’s psyche as one possessed of the comic expertise of Comedy King Dolphy (witness how his fingers twiddle on his chin) or Action King FPJ with his consistent brandishing of his exploits with the criminals of Davao. Unlike FPJ, however, who never picked small guys for foes (that is, except for the late Franklin Cabaluna and the little crew of FPJ Productions), Duterte is on record of having pounced on petty lawbreakers like small-time illegal drug runners and even minor children, all of poor families. And not just beating them to pulp like FPJ did of his enemies in movies but also shooting them dead through the infamous DDS (reading it Davao Death Squad or Duterte Death Squad makes no difference). In Davao City, calling by any other name summary execution, extra-judicial killing, or riding in tandem horror would stink as Duterte.

The period of the debate saw Duterte’s numbers soaring in surveys. Previous to the event, Duterte had been consistent on the third spot, below Grace Liamanzares and Jojo Binay statistically tied on first. After the debate, Duterte catapulted to second, above Binay and already threatening Grace. Roxas kept the fourth spot then as now.

When the second debate came, that must have been the moment Duterte planned for his coup de grace. He truly hogged the limelight. The more than one-hour delay of entrance of Vice President Binay gave Duterte every opportunity to steal the scene. It was a virtual stand-up comedy act, with Grace and Roxas as his sidekicks – quite effective for the roles – providing the leads for his crispy remarks which thrilled an audience that dote on sanguine machismo and naughtiness bordering on porn lewdness.

That second debate must already carry the scary message of Duterte unleashing his unstoppable juggernaut, like Hitler in his conquest of the whole of Europe in World War II, or Ninoy returning home on Aug. 21, 1983 – the date of the infamous Plaza Miranda Bombing – to execute the greatest political sleight of the hand, the exquisite genius of getting himself killed in order to bring about the ascension of Cory to Malacañang.

If Hitler’s holocaust or Ninoy’s gory homecoming scares, then cringe from what scarier demonic deeds Duterte is out to commit once he becomes President. People have been so conditioned to accepting for good his many twists and turns, his evidently irrational indecisiveness, fickle-mindedness and frivolity that as President whatever he does goes. That’s the ultimate disaster for our country.


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  1. Sir you just lost the argument when you mentioned Hitler. Check out Godwin’s law and your argument is a classic example of Reductio ad Absurdum!!!!

  2. The Filipinos in all walks of life have seen a great light in Mr. Rody Duterte! But, why are people like Mr. Mauro Gia Samonte so jittery of the light? Why did people in Alabang Filinvest City waited past 10:00 PM for Duterte to speak, and mind you, the wait was 6 hours and yet people kept coming to listen to the light. MGS, the piece you wrote could be protecting some drug lords or crooked politicians? Let the light shine!

    • I agree. Why just Duterte and his weaknesses? What about his strengths and accomplishments? This is just too one-sided of a story and poor analysis. A wholistic one woul be acceptable.

  3. I am a lawyer. Before i dnt like duterte but since he is d only one who couldbeat that fake pinoy and liar Grace Poe, i would rather vote for duterte so that Grace will not win. D bale nang may pagkatopak at least trullypinoy at hindi nag renounce ng filipino citizenship

  4. armando astudillo on

    I’m sorry to say that you just wasted so much time writing that article in English. The people do not read so much, let alone in English, nowadays because elections and campaigns are more of paid write ups and propaganda with personal agenda. If a candidate gets the heart and mind, that’s it. That’s what made Duterte tick to the masses which constitute the majority vote. The more Duterte is maligned, the more his lead intensifies!

  5. Mauro Gia Samonte dont be afraid of Duterte only the criminals,drug lords and the corrupt goverment officials he is after for ,but if yuo are one of them sorry you wil be the target.

    • ArnelMasikip on

      what if you start protesting in the streets for some policy you don’t agree with, and Duterte conveniently brands you as ‘criminals’?

  6. Daniel B. Laurente on

    Duterte;s rise to number one has attracted more bad adjectives from your side even comaparing him to Hitler, never mind about the comparison to Ninoy because he was your former idol. But why you did it now? something smelly about it. Did you realize that suitors to gain the attention of woman’s heart do sometimes apply some convincing and romantic phrases to capture the intended of one desires? Dutertenknow where to struct the people’s heart. Their needs of the hour is safety of the every member of a family even during late hours of night. and his position to gather all people of different political dimension to join the government so that peace can be achieved and thereby improved the Philippines economy thru the influx of foreign investors ultimately will result to more jobs for poor people.

  7. Teddy Sevilla on

    Binay underestimated Duterte, and he is now running scared. Ilang buwan na ang campaign period, buddies pa sila. Nung debate, ayaw magtanong ni Binay kay Duterte kasi wala siyang masabi. Talaga daw magaling at qualified si Digong.

    Ngayon, ano na? Tiglao and this clueless writer, Samonte, are now shifting gears after Digong overtook their man in the polls. Writng desperate columns demonizing Duterte. These two, along with Kit Tatad, espouse a deceitful style of journalism – conspiracy theories, distortion of facts if not outright lying. For what? To advance their candidates – Binay and Marcos – who, otherwise, cannot survive on a campaign of truth and transparency.

    Masakit ba Binay na ma double cross? What did they say about making deals with the devil?

  8. justatourist on

    Please, you got to be kidding. Introducing Hitler as a reference for Mr. Duterte cannot be serious.
    And as a first step Mr. Siamonte, may I encourage you to study a bit more the details of history. Your write-up is not worthy of a bad amateur.

  9. juan delacruz on

    Wala ng mapagpilian ang mga tao si ROXAS wala incompetent,BINAY the thief,Grace Llamanzares inexperience,Merriam health problem. May bagong salta puno ng pag-asa ang dala niya para sa mamayang matagal ng sawa sa mga kalukuhan ng mga politikung hinayupak na mga ito.Duterte change is coming.

  10. Probably you all ought to be reminded, Duterte is a lawyer and he knows what he is doing. He is like Ramon Magsaysay to the common tao of Davao City. WELL LOVED AND RESPECTED.

  11. I believe there should be changes and the law shoiuld be implemented. But i think rather than resorting to extrjudicial killing or salvage, we should implement the death penalty, one, two, three or whatever number of criminals executed a day is alright so long as there is due process. It is quite surprising why the catholic church or any christian religion that is opposed to the death penalty for the longest time is so silent on this issue unless they prefer extrajudicial killings better. I think more than ever, christian churches should be concerned why filipinos are starting to have a mindset that welcomes extrajudicial killings as a means to change society. Even if no extrajudicial killings will ever take place, our moral fiber has been damaged already since we displayed our predisposition to the younger generation and to the civilized world that its alright to kill without due process. But if its alright for those who wants a duterte style of change, then they should understand that every criminal killed or worse, an innocent person killed, by accident since no trial to determine his innocence took place or by design as being planted with evidence or framed up, cannot escape the fact that they will have blood in their hands. After all, duterte is just implementing what he has been voted for, he is merely a tool to do what his masters voted him for.

  12. Alexander F. Pena on

    The mindset of the Filipinos now is “The Rich are getting Richer and The Poor is getting Poorer”. And we believe that no traditional politicians like the Roxases, Aquinos, Marcoses and the Estradas care about the poor. The Filipinos are tired of waiting for a leader that will give them a radical change…until Duterte, who comes from a city which is the envy of all the cities in the Philippines, where peace and order abides, where poor people are protected from criminals, where you can walk in the street in the middle of the night gadgets in hand knowing that there is no snatchers, holduppers that will prey on you, where quick and fast health emergency service (911 ambulances) are free of charge, where you will be taken care of in 3 days time if you apply for licenses and permits, where the markets and stalls are very clean, where the Taxi Drivers has only 2 sentences to say when you flag them ” Good Morning, Sir” and Where are we going?” I used to be from Manila and I never experience this kind of treatment, where the politicians never care for the poor. Now asked me if I will vote for Duterte? It will be a betrayal if I will not vote for him.

  13. Duterte only scares the corript and the criminals. are you one of them?he really scares you Mr samonte.why are you so afraid of him you’re afraid because if Binay loses you will lose your post that he promised to you?goodness gracious you are so imaginative you are such great schemers that a novice would believe what you write. but guess what? we are soooo tired of people pretending to be nice, dont curse, dont like women, godly. but inwardly. they only think of their iwn benefits, the money they can amass if their candidate wins. we get nothing if duterte wins, but the country will change, more justice to the poor, less crime, less drugs, etc. seems like you are afraid of change and you like the status quo of corruption. hmmm, we know why! binay is telling lies about du30, and you don’t know the man! you really don’t know him so before you open your mouth or ink your pen, do an honest research because thousands who are credible professionals can attest to him being kind hearted and always leaning towards helping the poor. binay has the rich makati with no 911? IT IS THAT SIMPLE, PEOPLE WANT CHANGE.

  14. It is hard to understand why people would root for the duterte style of change. Are we going back to the old times when due process of law does not exist. Last I check we are the only dominant christian country in asia, why is it other asian countries has due process even China which prohibits any religion. Maybe instead of subscribing to killing criminals extrajudicially we should first implement the death penalty at least there is trial before execution. Otherwise we should not complain to other countries if our OFWs will be executed since they are better off there since they underwent trial before execution. Lest we forget even our Lord Jesus Christ was given due process before he was sentenced to die in the cross just like the thief and murderer beside him. Are we conceding that we are a failed Christian nation? I hope not.

  15. KARMA!
    kakarmahin rin si Duterte AT ang Pilipinas
    Six months after failing to rid the Philippines of crime.
    Duterte will die. KARMA for all the deaths he’s responsible for.
    kakarmahin rin ang Pilipinas.
    Si Bongbong ang magiging presidente.

  16. Mr Samonte,
    I noticed in your column that you are anti duterte. Are you afraid of duterte? If you are afraid I do hope you may change your perception. For information, I used to ask taxi drivers in metro manila who is their presidentiable? Point blank answered me, duterte. Out of ten taxi drivers only one for binay but still he not sure, may be I will shift to duterte. As journalist you are afraid of duterte but taxi drivers favors duterte. Most probably you have personal reasons why you are attacking duterte. Hopefully this coming May 9 you may change your mind and shift to duterte for a change.

  17. I believe that Duterte has good points that is why I do not go against his candidacy. But nonetheless, I believe that Miriam Santiago is still the best among the 5 presidential candidates. I am an OFW and I voted for her and Marcos as well last Saturday, 16 April 2016. Miriam for one has never been tainted of corruption and a fearless and intelligent woman. Although she’s not soaring on SWS and Pulse Asia Survey which I strongly believe as biased and manipulated; she is popular among students, a reckoning force in our society. Win or lost, she deserves my respect and my vote!

  18. How much? Was it Nognog or Marimar? Your used your articulate writing skill for the right price!!!! Was it in $$$ or Peso? kasi si Nognog meron mga Canadian dollars, Si Marimar naman meron Yolanda fund.

  19. I’m from Davao. Hindi po kami takot kay Duterte, siya po ay mahal at nirerespeto namin. We are thankful to God for giving us mayor like him who protected us from harm. By God’s grace, Ang mga anak ko ay umuuwi ng madaling araw due to work schedules but no harm was done to them.

    In Davao if you are law abiding citizen wala kang kaba or katatakutan. Sinabi ko ito hindi dahil maka-Duterte ako kundi para malaman ng lahat na totoo ang sinasabing “CRIME FREE ang DAVAO” (in the area kung saan kami nakatira). Sa pangkalahantan po ay peaceful talaga ang Davao.

  20. Who is the author supporting for president? He should come clean so that the readers will understand better his biases.

  21. “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results” – Einstein

    Filipinos deserve true change and Mayor Duterte gives that option, regardless whether as a monster or as a saint. It is relative, really. Filipinos are tired of the same government leadership, over and over again. Crime rates are at an all-time high and mind-boggling. I’d rather choose for the press to be scared BUT also the criminals rather than none of them are.

    If Mayor Duterte wins, we’ll cross the bridge when we get there on all the speculations and fear beset on him. If he turns out to be the monster he is being painted, I know I can always rely on the strength of the Filipino people. 2 presidents were toppled by our unified strength. Let him not be the 3rd. If he can scare, he might well know that he should be scared from the Filipino people.

    But for now, I’ll welcome the change.

    • Sally Cristobal on

      There is a time for everything (Ecclesiastes 3:1) and a season for everything in heaven: a time to be born and time to die, a time to kill and a time to heal. Duterte’s juggernaut has arrived . There is no stopping the inevitable. Beware the tsunami surge. Mabuhay ka Duterte!

    • Let as qualify the word change. Not all changes are good for us. Make sure that there will be a good change and not a bad change. Also , do not rely on people power because this practice is unconstitutional. Vote for a person with a good track record and a person that follows the rule of law. Let us pray that our Good God will guide us in choosing the right person.

  22. Ken, USA FLORIDA on

    This article is very superficial. Clearly, did not went into deeper issues and deeper facts. This is the first time I come around Manila Times website. I read a couple or two articles. But I do not or will NOT TRUST this author/reporter.

  23. lt really shows how scared you are, Mr. Samonte, of Duterte rule. Bakit? Pusher ka ba? Pusher of Lies!

  24. Dr. Vic Sanchez on

    Mau has a lot to learn being a journalist. Duterte is a kind man to every peace-loving citizen in Davao City, but cruel only to criminals.

  25. Do not blame Duterte. There are many Dutertes in our streets and corners. Many con men, rapist , adulterers, drive by assassins. Blame the low I Q Filipinos for giving Duterte the adulation and respect. This guy is an ordinary con man prying on stupid Filipinos and there are thousands if not million STUPID Filipinos.

    • ernie del rosario on

      Why don’t you leave this country of stupid millions. We will not miss you. Sige na ! Go !

  26. Pag mahirap ka at nagkamali ka sa mga impormasyon ibinibigay mo sa iyong bio-data, resume o application sasabihin “Tanga ka bakit hindi mo binasa bago mo pinirmahan”, pero kapag mayaman ka at kilala o sikat ” Wala yan sabihin mo lang Honest Mistake”.

  27. Relieved to see someone else equating him to the little Hitler he really is. They said “never again” but the stupid of this country can shock the world with his return. I can’t stop pondering the fact of his birth exactly one month after Hitlers death, like some ominous incarnation of evil destined to live on.

    As his numbers rise and time shortens one can just sense most journalists choosing their words carefully now. They suspect possible retribution in the back of their minds so really the curtailment of free speech has already begun as God prepares to desert this country.

    In the battle of good and evil the Philippines may choose the later. Our long standing moral compass, the church, is strangely quiet at this time offering no opinion or guidance when we need them most. The church knows the truth….

    That Adolf Hitler was born Catholic, started off with summary executions of pretty criminals then moved on to the handicapped, then any religion including Catholics, then finally the Jews. Total body count 50 million by wars end.

    The anti-Christ has come to the Philippines and is being welcomed. The church cowers as the cowards they are….

    • comparing Hitler with Duterte? the next anti christ ? ARE YOU HIGH ON DRUGS JOE? i hope you dont live in Davao for your own good….

    • another saviour of the philippines- duterte is coming. he will run the country like hell as marcos did to impose national discipline and peace and order.. Duterte will be a hard guy like marcos minus martial law. Dictatorship for duterte? yes as marcos did governing by presidential decrees. his many decrees are still in effect because they are all legally and morally effective otherwise the aquino regimes and the supreme court could have declared it unconstitutional or illegal.

  28. duterte’s final decision to run was when he said, he don’t want an american to be president. that is poe. however, duterte is also a race-horse entry of pnoy. he was pushed to run by koko of pdp-laban created by his father nene. who is nene? a creation of cory (remember he is the interior & local gov’t. head who appointed the gov., mayor, etc. with a fee except binay)

    binay is also a creation of the yellow. therefore, all the four are marked yellow. the only true color of the opposition is mirriam, who is excluded by the bogus survey firms from the selection.

    • If we follow your argument, your Miriam assumption will fall flat on the ground. Who is Miriam in politics before the yellows came in? Nothing! And then the yellow Cory came in and took her from being a judge and gave her a cabinet post (DAR). The rest is history, but that appointment brought her to the limelight which she later used to catapult herself into Philippine politics.

    • what is dar? department of agrarian reform. what happened to hacienda luisita? what catapulted/limelight?

    • @berto you mean to say that Senator Santiago is not qualified to be President of the Philippines? Gee I was expecting a Logical explanation but what you said is pure discrimination…There are too much Tongresman and Senatongs that you still vote that are twisting our Constitution but still you said Who is Mirriam D.Santiago? I guest I don’t need to explain who she is because of all these Presidentiables only She Sen,Santiago is really Qualified to Run our Country as President..Sawang sawa na kami sa mga Politiko na kilala lamang ang mga Botante kapag Eleksyon na at gusto nilang manatili sa kapangyarihan..Kung di manalo si senator Santiago sa pagka Pangulo ay 2 kamay kong tatangapin si Digong Duterte na maging Presidente kesa sa 3 Tuta ng Yellow Zombies na ang plataporma ay Trabaho para sa istambay…Pagkain para sa mga patay gutom at Libreng Paospital para sa may Taning na ang buhay..Yan ang Plataporma ng mga Yellow Zombies Presidentiable..Di sya nag iissa 3 sila….

  29. Binay and Roxas will now fight for third place. Filipinos are tired of corrupt politicians like Binay. Duterte will be the next President of the Philippines! Change is coming!

    • Lol lol it’s so laughable because blinded Dudirtybots doesn’t seem to care for the country and its people. No matter how honest Dudirty says about killing suspected criminals without due process! Luring or prying young women as Geisha. Having kids with probably many of them ( madaling mabulag ang mga kabataang babae lalo na kung pakitaan ng salapi dahil sa hirap ng buhay). At kung maiboto si Dudirty, titira sa Malacanang Palace, at gagawing brother na siguro. Maaring dozens of young women will be going in and out sa Palasyo.Siguradong bababuyin ni Beloved Dudirty mo na pala mura ang palasyo. Tuliro or fools lang mabola ni Dudirty na mapupuksa ang criminals sa buong Pilipinas, Laughing stock,Banana Republic at worst than B.S. Aquino

  30. Real and Ultimate Change is what makes pinoys to choose Duterte with Cayetano…Look, what we are really now as Pinoys are much worst than the Marcos Era after 30 years the politicians still blame him….CORRUPTION?, this bacteria tenfold or hundredfold or thousandfold or whatever is the main cause why we believe this simple manDUTERTE which has no record of corruption so far in his most fascinating and significant accomplishment in Davao…No matter how other politicians or pinoys made statements about Davao, the fact of the matter is that what is davao now is being recognize all over the world and that means Duterte’s legacy….that’s the way it is guys….DUTERTE FOR PRESIDENT by 2916…..from ecjr.

  31. No matter what you say now against Duterte, his supporters will never change their minds. He is the one needed by the Filipinos, somebody who is tough, unafraid to die for the welfare of the oppressed. Everybody wants for a change in the running of our govt. Everybody is fed up with the present system where majority suffers continuosly. And here comes Duterte without funding and machinery coming out bold in his statements of eliminating criminality and corruption and for federalism. All those who heard him talk about his programof government believe him. The upsurge of supporters is electrifying, non stop. Both poor and rich believe and support him. And now, that we are reaching the finish line no amount of your black propaganda can alter the course of the stormsurge, that is Duterte. Everybody is moving ahead with him, kn full throttle. You better join us Mr Samonte. Idol pa naman sana kita.

    • rudpas, sawang sawa na ang mga tao sa mga politkong pulpol. magaling lang magsalita at kunwari napakalinis ng budhi. marami ang tumatakbong pangulo at vp at senador ang kunwari mo napakalinis ng budhi pero TINGNAN MO ANG LISTAHAN NG DAP recipients at kasama sila. hindi ba lumabas sa dyaryo ng listahan ng binigyan ni benito at abadingding ng DAP para patalsikin si corona. to name a few, drion (P100M pero padining ni osmena ay P1B daw inabot), escudero (P98M), sotto, osmena, guingona, pangilinan, recto, honasan (tig P50M) at iba pa.

  32. In the final stretch of campaign,some journalists can be paid to attack one’s opponent and sow fear.

  33. it seems that most columnist of this medium are orchestrated anti duterte, little did they know that their attacks are useless and futile, why dont they ask their own drivers, yayas, labanderas, cooks, ofw, vendors, taxi drivers, students and SEE FOR THEMSELVES the REAL CLAMOR FOR CHANGE! Sure, hes not perfect, but by God HE IS THE CHOSEN ONE…….

    • Amusing,lol lol lol, mga blinded na followers na Dudirty,mamamatay tao, malaswa at palamura,babaero na mga bata pang tinitirada niya. Bababuyin lang ni Dudirty ang Palasyo, pangakong pupuksain criminals for just 3-6 months baliw at utak talangka ang maniniwala!

    • yechezchial garcia on

      i agree that he is all of what you say. but im happy to have a leader like that than steal from us. he drives a taxi at night to survey our city. he doesnt have a fancy car or haciendas or houses. he eats at a restaurant normal people can afford. people from the north really dont want change, its the thing i dont get. if digong wont win, i know one day people from visayas and mindanao will get tired of luzon and we will fight to have our own country separate from luzon.

  34. yechezchial garcia on

    your from luzon. youre not from davao thats why you are against duterte. you people think that people from davao are afraid of duterte but it is not the case. crimininals big or small, poor or rich are afraid of duterte. every sunday during his gikan sa masa program it is the same if you want to commit crime do it outside davao. your risk your life if you do it here in davao. now law abiding citizen in davao are with duterte cause we feel safe here. we love it here. duterte is not hitler who kills without any reason, he told every criminal leave davao or die. some stayed thats why they are dead. when duterte puts them down they stay down. you were given the chance to stop and get out but you didnt thats why they are dead. are law abiding citizens in davao against the killings? no we are not. extra judicial or not we dont care. as long as they are dead and don commit those crime again we are good with it. now if you think that davao in like martial law you people from the north are wrong. davao is the safest city if you are a law abiding citizen. but if your are not it is hell for you.

  35. Mariano Patalinjug on

    Yonkers, New York
    16 April 2016

    It seems that at this point which is just a few more weeks to the election, what columnist Mauro Gia Samonte describes as the “Duterte juggernaut” is already unstoppable!

    So, the Filipino people had better get used to the [scary?] idea that Rody Duterte who has not built a solid reputation as a kind an gentle Mayor of Davao City, will not be a kind and gentle President of the Philippines.

    But those who fear him need to ask this question: Why, in spite of the macho [or criminal?] baggage that he lugs around with him, is he now the front-runner among the presidential candidates?

    Is it not obvious that given what appears to be the country’s desperate problems, only desperate solutions will do? And that it is only Rody Duterte who convinces them that he is the only one who is in a position to deliver those “desperate” solutions?

    That’s not hard to figure out, or is it?


    • mariano patalinjug of new york, the other candidates did not get what the populace was clamoring for?? they were talking of investments, job creation, etc. they did not hear that people wanted run away criminality mostly due to illegal drugs to be controlled. it was only du30 who espoused this issue. now the other candidates are also talking of eradicating crime and drug menace. kung baga they did not get what the populace wants urgently.

  36. I dont understand what you mean by Duterte terror. He has been very clear from the start what he would like to do as president. If you are a drug lord, a thief, or a criminal, then you ought to be horrified. If are a paid hack trying to protect vested interests, or is trying to clutch on to the estabished order, you are just wasting your time. There is no stopping the inevitable. The tsunami has already started overseas and will reach philippine shores on may 9.

    Please, please don’t insult the intelligence of the ABCDE class who have gotten sick and tired of the status quo. Drastic changes are required to whip this sick country into action. Those who are content with the prevailing situation will be swept aside by the tide of change. People are mad for change.

    Stop na. It a waste of time.

  37. The gas Hitler used to exterminate Jews was made in the USA by DuPont chemical company. Hitler’s Nazi was co-financed by Prescott Bush. Nazi’s trucks and tanks engine were Ford.

  38. The propaganda against Rody Duterte, as expected by him is getting bigger and bolder. His opponents are really scared because they never expected that Duterte is the most qualified person as Presidential candidate. Why because he is the only candidate who has the credibility, the knowledge and experience. He is the only candidate who is not mouthing motherhood statements and promises which the people are fed up. The crooks and criminals are so scared of Duterte. The tradpols and corrupt politicians and government workers are so scared they will try to do anything to derail his winning.