The elephant in the Senate session hall named Aquino


MANY Filipinos’ minds are hopelessly perverted by their loyalty to their notion of belonging to the exalted Yellow Army that has the scent of righteousness exuded by its sainted founder, the late reluctant president, Cory Aquino. But many adherents of the Yellow Horde who once gave the beloved Cory’s son their love, respect and trust have been turned off by his hypocrisy, inveterate egoism, untruthfulness and total lack of remorse for the tragedies caused by his incompetence and distorted sense of values.

The latest tragic disaster that the PCOS-created president, Benigno Simeon Aquino 3rd, has had a hand in, is the slaughter by the armies of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front of the heroic 44 Philippine National Police-Special Action Force commandos in Mamasapano, Maguindanao.

In yesterday’s Senate hearing chaired by Senator Grace Poe on the Mamasapano Massacre there was a stinking elephant at the Senate session hall

whose name was hardly mentioned and whose presence everyone sensed but pretended not to. And that elephant’s name is President BS Aquino.

Sympathetic and most credible of all the witnesses during yesterday’s hearing is dismissed former Special Action Force (SAF) Chief Getulio Napeñas. This is the man who has become the fall guy in the bizarre, cruel and selfish machinations of the elephant and most possibly his rider, suspended and recently resigned PNP Chief Alan Purisima, who, in Mr. Aquino’s own words, is one of his closest friends.

The most telling moment in yesterday’s Senate hearing was that one when Police Director Napeñas revealed that he decided to follow the “advice” given by Purisima not to tell his immediate bosses, officer-in-charge Chief of PNP Leonardo Espina and DILG Secretary Mar Roxas.

In Mr. Napeñas’s words: “On January 09, 2015, we (PDG PURISIMA, myself and PSSUPT MENDEZ) went to Malacañang and met His Excellency at the Bahay Pangarap for mission update and the new concept of operations. We named this operation as ‘0plan Exodus.’

“Under Oplan Exodus, coordination with the AFP will be time-on­ target, in order to avoid another compromise.

“His Excellency cited about the coordination with the AFP that he earlier stated in his press statement.

“After the update, PSSUPT MENDEZ and myself went out while PDG PURISIMA stayed behind. It was when he came out that PDG PURISIMA stated ‘Huwag mo munang sabihan yong dalawa, saka na pag nandun na. Ako ang bahala kay Gen. Catapang.’

This was 16 days before the implementation of Oplan Exodus. Several updates before that Mr. Napeñas had also seen that his Commander in Chief, President BS Aquino, was treating Purisima as his key man for this very important anti-terrorism mission.

In Mr. Napeñas own words, “General Purisima is the focal person who is constantly being asked by the President as to the mission. This was manifested by the fact that when we were presenting the mission update, he’s being constantly consulted by the President.”

Purisima was already the suspended Chief of PNP on January 9 but President BS Aquino was still treating him as his focal person in the mission to arrest the Osama bin Laden of Asia, the Malaysian globally known to police as “Marwan.” And on January 19, a week before the actual PNP-SAF move to get Marwan, Purisima sent Mr. Napeñas a text message asking “What is your plan?” Can Mr. Napeñas be faulted for thinking that whatever Purisima said or did was the Commander in Chief’s bidding?

Nevertheless, Mr. Napeñas has honorably owned up the entire responsibility of ignoring the chain of command by not letting his immediate bosses the OIC Chief of PNP and the Secretary of the DILG.

What was Purisima’s motive for telling Mr. Napeñas not to inform Sec. Roxas and PNP Chief Espina, right after the last update with Commander in Chief BS Aquino?, Senator Teofisto Guingona 3rd asked the resigned PNP chief. “No motive,” Purisima replied, he was just giving Mr. Napeñas advice. But why did he also give that assurance—“Ako na ang bahala kay Catapang” —for Mr. Napeñas not to worry about the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, Gen. Gregorio Catapang? This sounds to us like the unmotivated instruction—advice?—came from the elephant in the room spoken by its rider.


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  1. Since Marcos dictatorship…lahat naman ng nagiging presidente ng pilipinas ay palaging pinag-raralyhan…pinapababa sa pwesto tuwing may national issue….kumbaga kahit si Jesus Christ pa ang maging Presidente na Pilipinas…ay sinisiguro ko sa inyo…sya rin ay…sigurado pababain sa pwesto kahit d pa tapos term nya. Pag si NogNog ang naging Presidente…naku diyos ko…ano kaya magiging banat sa kanya palagi ng mga taga Manila Times? Pero kung gagayahin ni nognog si PGMA…na pati mga obispo sinalaksakan ang mga bunganga ng mamahaling sasakyan…sigurado..magiging mabait kay nognog mga taga Manila Times.

  2. Someone will write a great book about Aquino some day. I think a good title could be ” The Aquino Style – Doing It The Wrong Way”.

  3. Makulot-of-Cuenca, Batangas on

    To the Editor,

    Have pity on elephants. Please don’t use this animal to describe the miscarriage policy & plans of Pinoy. Have respect on elephants, they’re loving animals with excellent memory, hardworking, playful & can even paint on canvas, lastly it’s the Republican mascot that guided the US of A to prosperity. Chickens, I doubt it because they wake up us early in the morning to remind us it’s time for work or announce when to take a nap in the afternoon. Do not consider too the Parrot, even though they talk too much, what they’re saying make sense. The Pigs, it’s a no no, pigs are fast learner, comprehend on instructions & can extend human lives by donating their heart valve that are compatible with human being…..Maybe a rat is more appropriate, hide in the dungeon when confronted, sleazy, and doesn’t think of anything except for food & carry bubonic plague that can exterminate a village in an instant attack. They stinks & live in sewers.