The fight is now between Aquino and the Filipino people


Incredible turnout
Amid the clear violations of the automated election law, and widespread fear of massive electoral fraud, the May 9 presidential polls reported an incredible turnout of 81 percent, and gave PDP presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte a roaring landslide, which President B.S. Aquino 3rd and the other presidential candidates will be hard put to challenge, even if they should want to.

But they obviously do not want to. Contrary to our earlier fears that none of the losing presidential candidates would recognize the winner, none of them have questioned the apparent landslide of Mayor Duterte. Sen. Grace Poe Llamanzares, whose doubtful natural-born Filipino citizenship has sown doubts and confusion upon the entire presidential process, was the first to concede defeat after Duterte posted 14.4 million votes out of 41 million votes reportedly cast and 37 million counted.

Roxas followed suit on Tuesday afternoon, after the unofficial quick count gave Duterte 15,245,930 votes, Liberal Party standard-bearer Mar Roxas 9,183,938 votes, and Mrs. Llamanzares 8,542,159 votes.

But trouble could be brewing in the vice-presidential race.

Saved from Grace
Many found Duterte the most dangerous man to put in high office. For this reason, they hoped UNA’s Vice President Jejomar C. Binay would perform a miracle, or that the LP standard-bearer Mar Roxas could catch up. But even those who did not vote for him are now genuinely grateful that he made sure that a former American citizen with a natural-born American husband and of no known biological parentage would be sitting as our President just because nine Supreme Court Justices had decided, against the clear language and spirit of the Constitution, that Mrs. Llamanzares was “qualified” to run for President.

That Supreme Court ruling destroyed the Constitution, the Court itself and the presidential system, which requires a president to be, among other things, a natural-born citizen who has lived in the country for at least 10 years immediately preceding the elections. I didn’t think I could, as lead petitioner before the Commission on Elections and the Supreme Court against the Llamanzares candidacy, live with that. I worried more about having someone of questionable citizenship in the presidency than having someone who had killed criminals in his war against crime.

My young daughter had warned me, “If Grace Poe wins, you’ll have to look for another country, Dad.” And she may not even want to join me. The trouble is, I am too old and too set in my ways to think of joining so many disgruntled American migrants to Canada. But while I thought I had every reason to be concerned about the kind of language I was hearing from the macho candidate, I could not help but suspect he was doing it all or effect. He knew the crowd loved it and the media lapped it up, and he played to the media and the crowd. And he didn’t have to burn hundreds of millions of pesos on TV ads.

But I had very little doubt that should he win the presidency, he would quickly discover that the office has its own rules, norms and discourse, which he would be compelled to recognize and accept, regardless of his own unique style of leadership. We shall see what happens when Duterte takes power after June 30.

Meanwhile, the electoral battle has shifted to the vice presidency. In that race, Independent vice presidential candidate Sen. Ferdinand (Bongbong) Marcos, Jr. had been leading LP’s Leni Robredo all day of Monday by as much as close to a million votes. All internal exit polls showed the same results; even the notorious Social Weather Stations, which managed to fudge the exit poll in 2004, showed Marcos ahead with 34.9 percent against Robredo’s 32.5 percent.

But by 4 a.m. of Tuesday, with some 4 million votes of the reported turnout unaccounted for, Robredo suddenly overtook Marcos. At press time Tuesday, she had 13,740,668 votes against Marcos’s 13,551,082 votes.

The tally is unofficial, and does not identify the specific sources of the votes. The Marcos camp has called for a stop to the unofficial quick count, and asked those reporting the votes to specifically identify the places they are coming from. This is a valid request since the Official Count has already begun, but someone at the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting insists on continuing with the unofficial count. Sounds fishy to a lot of people.

Sources at the Duterte camp suggest that Robredo’s votes have been padded to a significant extent at this point, and that Sen. Francis Escudero, who has been trailing Bongbong and Leni from the very start, may have agreed to transfer some of his votes to Robredo. This speculation appears to find support in one so-called “honest mistake” where 36,422 votes were removed from Escudero and 35,668 votes added to Robredo in the unofficial count. This was reported by GMA-7 and CNN. GMA said it committed a mistake, but the fact that another network carried the same “mistake” meant that the “error” occurred at the source—the Comelec—rather than at the reporting outlets.

Rear-guard action
What is happening in this race appears to confirm everything that has been reported about Aquino’s plan to prevent Marcos from becoming the Vice President. In a meeting before the election, LP top dogs and Aquino’s principal advisers were reported to have agreed that Roxas had lost the fight, and that their best shot would be to fight rear guard action in the vice presidential race. Everything had to be done to make Robredo the Vice President so she could succeed Duterte after he is removed by impeachment.

This meant that some 3 million “floating ballots” allegedly reserved for Roxas’ special operations, if Duterte’s edge was smaller than 3 million, should be diverted to Robredo so she could prevail over Bongbong as a first step in ousting Duterte after June 30. This was the same plan the Roxas camp had in 2010 when Mar Roxas slid down to the position of vice presidential candidate. His advisers were confident that the LP could impeach and remove PNoy after a few months, and put his VP in office, but some of PNoy’s relatives got wind of it, and supported Jojo Binay instead.

This also explains the reported unprecedented turnout of 81 percent. The usual average is 65 percent. By inflating the “number of voters who voted,” it becomes easier to play around with the votes of the candidates. This is an old malpractice, which some operatives tried to inflict on the 1995 midterm elections, purposely to shut me out and a few others from the senatorial race. Luckily, I got wind of it and was able to stop it.

A few days before the election, I met PNoy’s political secretary by chance and he admitted that Sen. Antonio Trilllanes IV’s demolition effort against Duterte had failed, and that the tough-talking mayor had become unstoppable. Aquino needed to adopt a different approach.

PNoy had thrown almost every resource into the campaign to make sure that the next president would protect him from any legal harm. He even mobilized his youngest sister Kris, the country’s No. 1 product TV endorser, to appear in Roxas’s and Robredo’s TV commercials to boost their propaganda ratings. This apparently did not help much.

INC humiliation
Most embarrassing of all, PNoy tried to bamboozle the politically influential Iglesia ni Cristo, whose more than 2 million members normally vote as a bloc, into supporting Roxas and Robredo, only to be spurned by the sect that had supported him enthusiastically in 2010. At one point, the INC leadership reportedly even considered supporting UNA’s Vice President Jejomar Binay, but never Aquino’s recommendees.

He also warned voters openly about the dangers of having a “dictator Duterte.” But more than that, he threatened to lead a “people power revolt” should the son and namesake of the late former President Ferdinand Marcos win. That carried the risk of a lameduck president calling for a march against a popular vice-president-elect, without anyone heeding his call. So he apparently decided to do everything to try to prevent Bongbong from winning. Leni Robredo may not even be aware of what Malacañang is doing to use her for its plans.

Avoiding prison
Aquino cannot afford to fail. His main concern is how to escape imprisonment should the incoming President decide to treat him in the same manner as he had treated his immediate predecessor Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, and the three opposition senators who had helped him to convict Corona at his Senate impeachment trial. He has jailed Arroyo, and Senators Jinggoy Estrada, Ramon Revilla, Jr. and Juan Ponce Enrile on non-bailable offenses, except that the court has recently allowed Enrile to post bail for reasons of health and age.

His treatment of Arroyo is in utter contrast to the humanitarian treatment his father, the late former Senator “Ninoy” Aquino, Jr., got from Marcos during his imprisonment. Although Ninoy had been sentenced to death by a military tribunal for his crimes, Marcos gave him a medical furlough so he could undergo a heart surgery in Boston, Massachusetts, where he stayed for three years.

As for the opposition senators, they remain under prosecution while Janet Lim Napoles, the alleged mastermind of the so-called “P10-billion pork barrel scam,” remains virtually untouched; she had been detained for “serious illegal detention” of a former employee and whistleblower, but she was recently allowed to post bail. And not a single big fish is in jail for the misuse of the P150-billion Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) funds, which the Supreme Court has declared unconstitutional, and its manipulation and misuse, criminal.

Killing all criminals
Duterte has captured the voters’ popular imagination for his promise to end corruption and crime by “killing all criminals.” This obviously compelled Malacañang and his rivals not to fool around with him. They were also put on notice that aside from retired military officers in his camp, some leftist groups had threatened to march with Duterte if he was cheated in this election.

But Aquino probably believes that in a fight with the Marcoses, the population will side with him, and that he could easily take down Bongbong. This could be a terrible miscalculation. Wherever one went, and whoever one asked before the election, one was told they were voting for Bongbong. Now everyone is asking, what happened to their votes? This is no longer a fight between the Aquinos and the Marcoses. This is now a fight between Aquino and the Filipino people.


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  1. Takbo na Noynoy. Magtago ka na lang dahilan sa marami ang hahangting sa iyo. Magtago ka na sa Hawaii tutal nauna na si Kris doon. Iwanan mo na sina Abad. Bahala na sila sa buhay nila. Dahilan sina Abad ay sa kulungan pupulutin. Isa pang maari mong puntahan at hingan ng asylum ay Venezuela yung tagagawa ng Smartmatic machine na nakapandaya kaya ka naging presidente.

  2. evangeline sinsay on

    well said mr. kit, though there are some who can’t and refuse to admit the truth, majority of the filipino people prefers marcos than d aquinos!

  3. Sir, with all due respect, I think you’ve seen too much movies, you have shown your flair as a sci-fi writer, so I guess you’re better off in Hollywood.

  4. I can share with you guys how cheating could be dine vis-vis garbage in garbage out principle on computerized systems.

  5. Mike_Realism on

    Its all now making sense why Pnoy doesnt want BBM to win as VP. Its not because the later is a threat to Phil Democracy but rather the late Sen. Ninoy suicidal propaganda will all be put to waste. Pnoy cant and wont accept the fact that the late Senator gave his life for nothing. That is why the late Pres Cory Aquino were so vindictive and against any of Pres Marcos projects to be carried on her term. They purposely want the Filipino to suffer and hate the Marcosses so that the people will never vote for them in power. Until the last stretch, the yellow are making sure they never go down busted. Brilliantly evil but really everything was dubiously plan, thanks to their BIG blubber mouth its all making sense.

    • evangeline sinsay on

      thank you for publishing the truth, and i pray that whoever reads this, may enlighten their ill-thoughts to the marcoses! i really do believe, that truth en justice always prevail, it’s just a matter of tym to wait, even if it means for ages…

  6. Mas masarap matulog na kahit natalo ka sa election ay at least alam mong hindi ka nandaya.

  7. Bong Marcos should just move on and remain as a senator. Accept defeat and be a gentleman and continue as a senator and help rebuild the country. All this division and whining will lead to nowhere. If these warring groups will not stop pres duterte can declare martial law and send u all in exile. U people are lucky to be able to return and run for office. In many countries they get exiled forever and got executed. So don’t push it folks. Just move on or pres duterte will get u.

  8. The election of Aquino’s loyal henchmen in the senate such as Drilon & de Lima & other LPs, together with the vice president Robredo could be part of Aquino’s plot to save himself from any legal harm.

    • yes the boss are pilipinos people papayag ba kayong people boss na lagi na lang maydayaan ang ection sa pinas kong pababayan ninyo na magtagumpay ang aquino culabulator father madaya ule lagi nalang ganon ang mangyayari ang bansa natin ganon nagganon palagi
      kong gusto ninyo mabago wag pumayag na magtagumpay ang aquino plan thruth will; reveal(IT EXPERT HELP BONGBONG )

  9. romy vidana on

    As it is futile for man to succeed without God, so let’s pray unceasingly and cry to God for His Sovereign intervention on this not just small nor simple VP race issues but a very important cream to our political governance. Let the real winner, whom God has elected will set to do the duties, responsibilities and work of a Vice President of the Philippines. O, Dear God our Father please stretch out Thy loving hands and please bring to the best condition the situation of our electoral process which is now in the stage of counting the ballots. LET THE TRUTH PREVAIL. YOU ARE THE TRUTH O, LORD JESUS CHRIST. AMEN.

  10. Mr. Tatad’s expertise in this kind pf politics is enlightening…ever since the Aquino’s took over the Philippine politics, The Padre Damasos, the Oligrachs, the hypocrite elites controlled these God-forsaken country. Now is the time to move forward since our Dear Mayor Digong will be there to step in come June 30th.
    Let us all have the CHANGE that we MUST!!!

  11. Thank you Mr. Tatad for a very bold and courageous article. We need honest and fearless writer as you so stay the course and don’t mind the bashers as these are yellowtards who have lost in the battle of opinion. The proof is that majority of the Filipinos now welcome back the Marcoses hence BBM is winning however PNoy and the Liberal Party are taking extreme steps now to rig the election. Whether BBM wins in the end or not as rigging is going on, you can be assured that majority of Filipinos now are against the Liberal Party, yellow fanatics and the red fanatics. The Marcoses are back and the people will fight for it. Please write more and investigate more about this rigging so the Liberal Party and the greedy section of the elite in our society can not rule anymore. In fact, they cannot rule anymore as they clearly lost their grip on the people. Mga yellowtard na lang naniniwala at mga nalipasan nang Pulaan.

  12. Eleanor Carbary on

    Filipino people are devastated on the outcome of the Aquino administration, both the mother and son didn’t do anything significant for the country. After EDSA revolution, Filipinos had high expectations of change in the country putting all their faith in the Aquinos’ administration. How wrong were they, trillions of pesos are wasted on what? Nothing! Out of frustration, they voted on a vigilante that will kill all criminals and corrupts. Well let’s see how long he’ll stay in office til his impeachment.

  13. Hindi kayang dayain si Duterte sa mga Yellow army dahil may rebolusyon pag-madaya. VP downwards, votes na-program na. Very very clear kasi majority sa Yellow senatorials kahit hindi binoto ay nananalo pa rin. #1MarcosTrueVP

  14. Very well written Mr. Tatad. This is an eye opener to us.
    BBM should be the next VP !

  15. I hope Leni will not want to be part of this supposed cheating. May she live by the principles her husband left behind.

  16. Dream on, Marcos loyalists. Leni Robredo is the winner of this election and there is nothing you can do about it. Nothing that one-sided columns can do about it. Move on. Afterall Bongbong lost the Senatorial race in his first try. Maybe he can run in 2058 or 2064.

  17. Thank you senator kit for the brilliant analysis. The filipino people is already pissed off by this government. We must put an end to this govt’s “god complex”. If they wont allow manual counting or wont let bbm to take his vp post if he truly wins. Maybe the next scenario will be ugly.

  18. Antay antay lang muna ang LP sa tabi tabi at niluluto na tamang recipe for disaster para dito sa Plan B. Konting timpla na lang…

  19. Tom Llavedra Sullivan on

    I am very disturbed with what is going on. While I am not a hundred per cent convinced that there is massive electoral fraud, your arguments and points in this article make logical sense. I am not a fan of Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. and I still do not truly comprehend what catapulted him to number 1 in the VP race. However, I still would rather have him win the vice-presidency rather than have somebody sit as VP whose victory was made through cheating.

    • Yu Beng Chua on

      Very true sir. When the process of election is doubtful, the will of the people is undermined. I do hope that Leni will win, but I don’t think she herself would want to win the position by cheating. Therefore, the ballots have to be recounted.

  20. Clearly, Senator Marcos was unquestionably leading in the Vice Predidential race. The sudden surge of voting results in favor of Mrs. Robredo can only be surmised as purely borne out of sheer manipulation. In the end, the will and choice of the national electorate will prevail. Senator Marcos will be Vice Predident to President Duterte.

    No doubt, what President Pnoy Aquino did to President Gloria Arroyo is what the Filipino People will chose for him.

  21. You said in your previous articles that Comelec is not capable in running this election. You are wrong again. When are you to be right? Every thing you wrote is wrong. It comes down to maturity. At your age, you are acting like a 5 year old pampered, immature and stupid person. Where did you go to school? I will have to talk to your previous professors because they are at fault too not able to teach knowledge because what is in your mind is pure garbage.

  22. Déjà vu

    a Marcos vs a widow in yellow
    Déjà vu in Reverse (30yrs past)

    Déjà vu, from French, literally “already seen”, is the phenomenon of having the strong sensation that an event or experience currently being experienced has already been experienced in the past.


    Philippines can’t move forward because Filipinos cannot get over Aquino vs. Marcos craze. And it seem imprinted in our mind that there is no AQUINO w/out MARCOS.

    Like there is :
    no light w/out dark,
    no day w/out night,
    no heaven w/out hell,
    no good w/out evil,
    no male w/out female,
    no right w/out wrong….
    It means that nothing can exist if it’s direct opposite does not also exist.

    The sole achievement of Aquino/Conjuanco is highlighting the Dirts/Failures of MARCOS and pretended to be MARCOS complete opposite, in order to make themselves our Hero/Light/Good.

    In the last 30yrs (or more) Aquino/Conjuanco took advantage & benefitted greatly from this gimmick of DUALITIES or personification of

    HORUS vs. SET
    Day vs. Night
    Light vs. Dark
    Good vs. Evil

    It’s a ubiquitous & mythological dualities that still expressed on many levels especially in Philippine Society & Politics:

    Ninoy vs. Marcos
    Cory vs. Marcos
    Cory/Noynoy vs. GMA
    Noynoy vs. BBMarcos
    Daang Matuwid vs. Martial Law

    Hero vs. Villains
    Poor vs Rich
    Manny vs. Floyd

    Aquino/Conjuanco destroyed the name MARCOS and made it synonymous with Bad/Evil/Dirty, Corrupt/Plunderer/Ill-gotten wealth, torture, extra-judicial killings, human rights abuse during Martial Law, etc. While exerting full effort to project an image or paint their name Aquino/Conjuanco of being (only a facade) Clean/Good, Holy, Godly/Saintly, Heroes/Martyrs and played the victim card to get Filipino sympathy & love.

    This Gimmick served a good purpose 30yrs ago of uniting all Filipino. Since Marcos was already too old, sick/dying, very weak to hold on to power and Filipinos needs a new ruler. But if we repeatedly/continue to use politics of dualities (Aquino vs. Marcos) this will no longer be beneficial and serves only to divide us more.This Gimmick is already overused (GASGAS na GASGAS na), now ineffective and obviously back-firing or has a reverse effect now on PNoy.

  23. arthur a. servillon on

    i think Mr. Kit Tatad, being a well-mannered journalist and commentator, just expressed in writing what many Filipinos are thinking today of the current vice-presidential race. Though how many times that the HEPATITIS PEOPLE RIDING IN A YELLOW SUBMARINE WITH A YELLOW RIBBON TIED IN THEIR NUTHEAD would deny their cheating, it is still obvious in the way the votes for VP are counted. With all their resources, their dirty and obvious tactis, and with their OWN PCOS MACHINATION, they would do the BE(A)ST they can to hold on to their power so as to escape imprisonment for all the HARM they do unto all the Filipino people. This is the time to remember SAF44, YOLANDA, hacienda LUISITA, etcetera.

  24. Samuel Santos on

    Kitang-kita naman kasi sa mga mata ni ma’am Leni Robredo na gustung-gusto nyang maging Pangulo ng Rupublika ng Pilipinas.

  25. pag naipasa ni President Duterte Ang Death Penalty e palagay ko maraming masasalang dyan. Marami Na kasing naghaharian harian Sa atin. Nung kalakasan ng PDAF at DAP e Meron nagsabi dyan “What Constitution”? “it’s just a piece of paper”! Meron din nagsabi “Hindi nyo Kami Kaya”. O hayan dinelever Na ni God si Duterte Sa atin at dyan nyo ipakita Ang tigas nyo!

  26. Tatad is better seen than heard or read.. After kissing the ass of his boss FM, he is now kissing the ass of the heir.

  27. While it is a fact that Pnoy will do everything to prevent BBM win, dayaan is not in the character of Pnoy

  28. Dinia Santod on

    You are a brilliant writer, Mr. Kit Tatad. You haven’t lost your analytical mind and flair for writing. I agree with everything you said, sir. Keep on writing.

  29. Richard Providon on

    Please help the Filipino voters know the truth and ensure that we do not allow Comelec and Aquino to play dirty games. I believe The 2016 election is a protest vote, kaya nga wala. Silang pakialam kung anuman ang paninira kay Duterte at anuman ang mga ginagawa nitong pagmumura o pagbabanta maging sa harap ng TV o sa harap ng tao.

    Wag nyo pong pabayaan ang mga mahirap at mga nagsisikap baguhin ang kanilang buhay sa pamamagitan ni Pres. Duterte at VP Marcos dahil maraming nagpapatunay na sawa na sila sa Aquino way of doing things, ang kawalan nito ng pake sa sa mga mahirap na tao.

    Sana po ay samahan nyo kami dahil mawawalan ng saysay ang aming laban kung wala ang mga tulad nyo, Mr. Tatad. Tulungan nyo kaming malaman ang katotohanan para makaupo si Bongbong na syang tunay na halal ng tao.

    Maraming salamat po.

  30. Chico Ibarra on

    Pnoy promised to do all he can to prevent a BBM win. See what extreme hatred could bring. With all these allegations of fraud in the counting, Leni and Pnoy are now in deep manure. Truly, Pnoy is looking at disgrace.

    • The weeping widow has turned into a BLACK WIDOW …… when the air smell of bovine ordure ….. the yellow horde is not far behind …..

    • I have said this from the beginning after witnessing some discrepancies in the vote count for VP and thank GOD somebody else picked up on it. There is no way in the world they can cheat Duterte so they have directed those fraudulous resources to prop up their next and probably only chance in Robredo. No wonder the whole world rated the Philippines as one of the most corrupt countries in the world. A handful of power hungry kalabaw(s) behind all this non sense yet it has affected the whole country. Thank GOD the majority of the Filipino people have made their feelings known.

    • CRISTY David on

      Please dnt insult the Karabaos. Kidding aside I am glad Filipinos are now ready to stand for what they believe. In contrast to 1986 Edsa1. That’s because people are better informed thru the Social Media

    • when will this end????? a question so many poor Pilipinos like me often ask,, the administration of the Aquino only favored the rich and leave the poor people to become more poorer and even use the taxpayer money for their convenience ,,, the only hope we have as of now is prayer that God will vindicate our cause,,, but marching on the street is the best way to voice out grievances against the administration,,, let them see the voice of majority because they do not want to hear them.. praying for God’s protection among those who will march out, His guidance and leading will be our shield …we have to stop this kind of government,, corrupt and evil…

  31. Truth Seeker on

    100% na nadaya at dinadaya pa hanggang ngayon sa ibang precincts si BBM! Ganito ang pamilyang Aquino at LP: GARAPAL!!!

  32. John Lecturno on

    Mr Tatad. Why are you still around? Shouldn’t you be in prison for your part in the ruthless Marcos regime? I suspect that you are waiting for the incoming president to declare Martial Law so you can read it and become the only person to announce the declaration of Martial Law twice. Mr Roxas and Miss Poe are the only qualified candidates in this field but your biased commentaries and ridiculous claims have already done their damage. Please retire now. Your work and achievements have more than surpassed your actual intelligence and abilities.

    • Naku Mr. John, this is supposed to be a democratic country where anyone can speak whatever is in one’s mind. Naghahanapbuhay lang si Kit. Then, if you want your voice to reach a bigger audience, you may apply as a Columnist in any of the broadsheet or tabloid where you can digress about the past era in our country’s history. Unfortunately, Mr. Kit is just telling what is on his mind and he has all the right to say and write so. Your view may be contrary to his but you just have to respect that.

      By the way, no amount of legalese can bend the truth as what the Korte Sampera did but the truth remains that Ms. Susan can never give birth so it is impossible for Ms. greys to claim to have been born from Ms. Susan just as the truth that she just abandoned aremican citizenship only after 2010 which is never ten years before her filing of candidacy. Similarly, any country in a more mature society could have jailed Ms. greys for espionage due to her relationship with a contractor for an intelligence agency of a foreign power.

    • kit was just a scribe. writing for the history book what was going on during that time. thats what I know. the only bad thing that happen during martial law, ninoy was not executed for treason.

    • Bakit ginawang AFP Chief at Defense secretary ni Cory si FVR? Bakit sinuportahan ng mga Aquino si FVR sa pagkapangulo noong 1992 elections? Di ba dapat ipina kulong sya dahil siya ang pinuno ng kinatatakutang Philippine Constabulary na pangunahing anti-subversive arm ng Martial Law na humuli at promotor ng lahat ng pagpapahirap sa mga kalaban daw ng gobyerno? Dahil ba tinalikuran nya si Marcos ay abswelto na sya? Hindi ba ito napakalaking insulto sa mga sinasabing biktima ng Martial Law? Bakit si G. Tatad ang pinagdidiskitahan mo na Information Secretary/Minister lamang sa pamahalaang Marcos, at hindi si Cory na pikit matang niyakap si FVR – Chief Executor ng Martial Law?

    • John Lecturno, we need these enlightenments for whoever there ‘s a truth. The Filipinos were amazed from obvious expectations towards obvious result but non sequitur has saddened them. Otherwise you are not seeking the truth. Filipinos were widely awakened and not just contented into blindness. These are the things that you shall do: Speak the truth to one another; render in your gates judgments that are true and make for peace; (Zechariah 8:16).

    • taga marilao on

      lol.. dude you’re still living in the past.. move on and while doing that read and learn a little bit of history.. you should look at the merit of the article not attack the writer just because you don’t like what you read..

    • Jake Panganiban on

      Why do you think Ms. Poe is qualified? She has not even reached or established the 10 year residency.

      I suspect you are one of those people who merely get to see other Philippines places when having a vacation and spending time in a resort or some posh place you can afford, if you travel and can afford posh vacation at all.

      Live, and I mean really live away from where you are now and see the countryside, and tell us if most of the People in Executive, Judiciary, and Law-Making body actually proved that they have the country well. By live away, I mean stay there for more than one year, and live like most people.

      Mr. Tatad’s article is not about himself. While he may some things to answer for. The article is about the dissatisfaction of the Filipino people with the people in government who are supposed to serve them and the their interest.

      Stop promoting your oh so sheltered Roxas and Poe. Your statements only show how narrow you view is about the Philippines. And I mean the entire Philippines – Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

  33. Kit your daughter is right, better leave the country. Go to Canada and write more memoirs of the golden age when you are Information Minister of the martial law years.Write about the elections during your stint inside malacanang. Kung baga sa basketbol si Marcos ang may ari ng court siya pa ang referee,he,he.

    • truth hurts but knowing the truth always give you peace of mind and joyful spirit,,,, thank u Kit Tatad for standing on what is right and let the truth prevail not for the sake of few but for the many….God bless u and give you more wisdom to share …

  34. The people have painted a target on Duterte’s back.

    They elected the same yellow senators and once they lock up the VP slot they will take on Duterte.
    Once the Liberal Party and their allies get rid of Duterte they will have virtually the same government that looted and trashed the country the past 6 years. The Liberal Party still control every agency in the country and all that stands in their way is one man.

    If the elections were fair why would the people vote to surround Duterte with Aquino’s inner circle. If the people had any sense at all they would have voted every yellow Liberal Party politician out of the government and let Duterte have his chance to clean it up.

    One guy with a giant target on his back.

    • Indeed, the people should never accept the count that showed those re-electionist senators from the LP. With their majority vote for Mr. Dee Gong, they have repudiated beneegno which means that they could not have voted for any LP re-electionist senator. Is that the reason why beneegno is telling the people that we have to respect the results of the election? The fight is not over yet and the people need not be complacent. They have to reject the bogus unofficial count which already indicates a patter of vote-padding. Surely, patriotic military men will never allow another six years of inanity, corruption and stew-feeditty.

  35. A Duterte win necessitates a Marcos win. As in a chess game, although the Queen is the most important piece in the chessboard, she still must be protected by the other officers in the court so she won’t be vulnerable to an attack from the opposite/rival camp. Marcos must win as an important shield to Duterte. The people must not allow Marcos to fall. To preserve Duterte, Marcos must win. The people must go out into the streets if need be to thwart all cheating machinations against Marcos. Joma Sison’s forces must be called in against Aquino and Comelec.

    • We agree in your opinion Sir. People must go out and help BBM watch the counts and votes. Pag hindi another 6 years na paghihirap na naman ng sambayanang pilipino. Bagong team bagong pagasa. Kahit na sabihin natin na halos pare pareho lang silang lahat..wala taung itulak kabigin ..importante makita sa kanila na gagawin nila lahat para magkaroon ng pagbabago at ipakita ng mga leaders – lahat sila na uupo na meron tlaga silang magagawa na kakaiba compare sa mga nakaraang administrasyon. GoodLuck sa lahat ng mananalo at sa ating mga pilipino!

  36. P.Akialamiro on

    My worst nightmare is over; the half-baked Filipino candidate lost! While many electors believed her, they just didn’t see the legal implications of her winning the Presidency. There would be more questions to be settled and more problems which will hamper the operation of the government.

    When the counting of votes for the VP will be done as requested by BBM, he will, most likely. be the winner The lameduck President, who seems to be “mapag-tanim” at “vengativo”, doesn’t have much choice but to go with the people who have spoken.

    After these elections, I hope that the politics as usual in the country will change — for the better!

    • Andres Luna on

      I most certainly join you in rejoicing that PULOT GRACE POE lost!
      That “trash of an alien” has caused confusion in the country, even bastardizing the Constitution!
      I am anticipating her disqualification and be be removed from the SeNate soon!

  37. BBMarcos along with the Filipino people shall lead the fight against PeeNuts Aquino.

  38. maria isabel bacay on

    Great piece of writing as usual. We need more of these!. Mabuhay po kayo.